Coca-Cola 36 Cans 375ml (Classic, No Sugar, Diet) $23.99 + Delivery (Free w/ Prime or $49 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Coles and WOW only have 30 Cans pack as a max on multipacks . Standard price for 30 Cans is $38.05.

Further savings with 12% cashback from shopback ( until 11.59 pm AEST today) or 5% from cash rewards.


No Sugar

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    Coles has a 24 pack for $15. That comes to 62.5 cents per can.


    yeah 62 beats 66 if you dont use shopback

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    Ignoring cashbacks this is $1.78/litre .. sales in colesworth regularly under $1.70/l and if you're lucky under $1.60/l

    With 6% cashbacks this is $1.67/l .. and of course it is delivered (though you have to dispose of the cardboard!)

    Note this was $21.60 at Amazon in November.

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    Spud Shed in Western Australia currently has 24 pack of Cokes, Sprite, Lift & Fanta for $12.99 per 24 pack. Works out to be $0.54125 per can. Even though only the Coke is in the catalogue, I picked up a Sprite and Coke today and saw the others at Spud Shed Innaloo


    This isn't a deal.
    It's always that price.
    I'm only buying at 21.xx or so the 20.xx likes it being in the past.

    Are coke sponsoring the women's world cup?
    Would get a promotion then.


    Coke at the 2 supermarkets virtually every second week.on rotation is 60 to 62c straight off the shelf!

    No deal
    And that's without cashback


    $23.99 standard Amazon price… Far from a bargain…


    Don't normally like to neg, but this is Amazon's normal price for these - as others have said, they've been cheaper from Amazon before. I ordered some this morning as they're typically cheaper than what we can get down here in SA thanks to the 10c deposit charge … then after discovered that Drake's are selling 24x packs for $15 each = $0.625 per can :(

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    The best we get from Coles and Woolies is about $2/litre on special, so this is a better deal at just over $1.77/litre if you have Prime - and it is delivered to your door.


    Check your local Aldi. The ones around me have the 36 packs for $20.99.


      Cool. That was the normal price for Amazon when they started pushing the product. Hopefully that might put some pressure back onto the pricing.


    Seems to be the normal price now, with the occasional $21.99.

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