This was posted 3 years 3 months 28 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Somersby Cider (10 Pack) $15.00 + Free Pair of Happy Socks @ BWS


Coupon to claim deal as described in title for the first 1000 only.
Found the bargain whilst scrolling on Facebook, seems like a good deal.

EDIT EDIT: apparently there are still sock emails, my bad

EDIT EDIT EDIT: no more socks, but cider is still 10 for $15 - 440mL or 375mL

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    Great deal, but it kinda sucks that you won't know until after purchase if you will get the free socks as you have to wait for them to email you to tell you if you were one of the first 1000. Happy Socks make a good gift.

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    Bought and received my free socks email almost instantly. You can only choose from the S/M striped or M/L dots.

    • Did you buy in store or online?

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        in store

  • +1

    I’m coming now

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    Signed up, got coupon. Walked to bws and got a pack.

    Guy said he hadn't heard of the promo.

    Got an email straight away saying to reply to it with delivery info.
    Currently walking home with a 10 pack.

    $15 for some lolly water and some programming socks, wonderful!

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      Guy in the BWS(me) sold a six pack of Somersby Cider for like $18 this arvo.

      I didnt know about the promo either.

      To be fair though I'm just a bar guy covering the BWS guy's toilet break for five minutes.

      Now I feel bad.

  • Got email for socks! Thanks OP.

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    Don't forget to pay by discounted eGift for extra savings!

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    Just got my 10 pack - still got the email for socks so they’re not out of stock yet :)

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    Just got my Pack and Socks email, Also the Promo is for "375ML" but i grabbed a pack of 440ML Cans and it ran through at 15$ still YMMF though.

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    Neat. Got my coupon. Will give it a go tomorrow because I can't be arsed waddling over there after 10 hours on me bloody feet.

    Will try the 440ml cans the above poster managed to get for even better value. (Plus rewards and discounted egift card, wahey.)

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    440ml Cans work. Ty OP for posting.

  • Thanks OP :D

  • Thanks - just got the socks email

  • Does the $15 automatically come up or do staff need to override it,?

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      You need to scan the barcode that comes with the email.

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    When I clicked redeem coupon, I received the email about claiming my happy socks immediately (even before purchasing).

    To be on the safe (and honest) side I bought the discounted cider.

    But I wonder if there is any check to make sure I bought cider before sending me socks?

    • Same.
      I didn't spend long enough looking at the voucher/barcode to see if they were numbered or anything that could be referenced back to your email.

    • I'm pretty sure there's a voucher number/code that would probably link back to your email

  • Which is the easiest drinking for a cider newbie apple or pear?

    • Pear. Pear is delicious. Apple is just bleh.

    • Both are easy. Pear is usually slightly sweeter.

    • Do you like apples or pears more?

      Pick which one is the answer.

      • +2

        Will go pear thanks

    • +2

      Try the pear if you like drinking flavoured sugar. I find it too sweet, the apple one is sweet enough.

    • +5

      The apple one pretty much tastes like apple juice.

  • I’m going to a store now! Haha

    • I got the pear too the shop assistant suggested it :D

  • How does happy socks sizing work. What size corresponds to medium and large

    • My guess M/L are sizes 8-11

  • good deal but not willing to take the gable at this time (would be getting close to the expiry)

    • When you hit redeem, the email comes straight away. So you would know before you purchase.

  • awesome, my teenage son will love the socks.

    • +4

      10-pack doesn't mean any 10

  • Got one thanks

  • Just got a 440ml pack for $15. Chick behind the counter said thats a bloody good deal. Said sure is :)

  • 440ml worked for me.

  • worked for me at 8pm. Cheers OP

  • Got one five minutes ago. Thanks!

  • Does anyone else find the wording of available sizes / patterns ummm… confusing?

    • Yes, my interpretation is that:
      S/M=stripe only
      M/L=big dot/green multi only.

      • I'm sure you could've gotten S/M in big dot or M/L in stripe…

        • You're probably right, but based on the wording it may not be. Hence the confusion…. :o)

  • +1

    Offer not available in NT…
    as usual…

  • +2

    Over 3500 clicked through to Coupon for 1000 socks… Local BWS closed early.
    I'll have to make do with my existing socks & alcohol.

    • 4.5k more now

  • Sick, and I just picked up 3 packs for the same price with Coles receipts the other day like a chump.

  • Purchased 10pm. Free socks email received. Purchased the 440mL cans - register girl wanted me to swap for smaller cans and was surprised to see it work on the larger ones too.

    • DAMMIT
      I thought of trying that but didnt :( should hand in my ozb licence

  • +1

    Remember to use Woolworths egiftcards to bring the price down another 5%

  • so good. got the 440ml and the email about the socks

  • -1

    Shame. I wish I could buy 10 cans of real cider and get a pair of happy socks.

  • Just worked for 10x440ml and still free socks available.

  • got the 440ml cans @ Weston @ ACT as well :-)

  • no sock email for me :-(

    • Did you check your junk/promo folder? That’s where mine was

      • My husband and I both went and bought a pack. found his email in his junk folder but I didn't get one.

  • They were $20 per 10 pack at Ringwood Eastland BWS. the lady said they had never been $15

    • I thought the link was just to get the socks. I take it you need to fill that out to get the extra $5 off with a digital coupon thingy. Doh. bought 3 x 10 anyway. $20 seemed ok.

  • Redeemed my code and got an email about the socks instantly, exactly 30 minutes ago. Thanks OP!

  • Registered online beforehand then activated the deal in-store: the redemption web-page specifically says 10 x 375ml varieties, so I couldn't get the 440ml cans - I wonder if they've just realised the deal didn't previously mention the size?

    The sock email then came through pretty much straight after purchase.

  • Got a pair thanks for posting.

  • Worked on 10x440 ml. The coupon said 10x 375ml and she was going to scan those in but I asked her to try the 440 and it worked. Also got the socks. Only had the 440ml in apple though. Wondered if I should’ve gone for the 375 in pear instead.

    • +1

      I had a couple of the apples today and they were sweet enough for me. I don't think I'd enjoy the pear as they are meant to be even sweeter. YMMV though.

    • Only had the 440ml in apple though

      Yeah my 3 locals only had apple in 440ml (maybe it doesn't come in pear?). Confirmed voucher works. Got socks email straight away and replied with pattern/size.

      This was a mins ago.

  • Just got mine about 30 mins ago. Shows up as $20 on the register because it's their price but after you scan the barcode from the coupon it will be $15 and got the socks Email instantly.

    Thanks OP for posting the deal

  • Free socks still available.

  • Scored one. Thanks OP!

  • Just bought 440ml cans. still got socks email. Thanks op and others who let us know 440ml cans work

    • Just bought this also 440ml cans, got socks email straight away.

  • Bought the 440 ml cans at 5:40pm EST and got socks email. Thanks to all for sharing that it works for the larger size. In Toowoomba, the 375 ml pack was ticketed $22 (on special) and the 440 ml cans were ticketed $29 (also on special). Damn good bargain even without socks!

  • Bought at 6:33pm AEST, no socks email.

    Anyone that has received the email but don't want the socks, please send it my way. TIA.

    • Still no email? Was about to get it :(

    • +1

      I just bought 440ml pack and received email straight away. 8:19pm AEST.

    • My apologies, found the email.

  • Bought 8:06PM AEST got socks email straight away. Remember to click done after cashier scans barcode.

  • Bought around 8:30pm and got socks email straight away too.

  • Bought this evening and got the email shortly after at 8.53pm

  • Has anyone tried today with success? I'm considering buying more tonight, like a true ozbargainer.

    • Bought this morning around 10:30am, no email yet - might have missed out?

  • Im happy i qualified for the free sock but not sure if im happy with the process of just replying to the email with my contact details(again) in order to claim it! No comfirmation they have received my reply or when it will be shipped to me? Really hope i dont get a response saying you waited too long to reply or even worse, just dont hear from them at all. There really should be a link to claim instead but hey if it works and they sent it out in time this will just be a rant…

    • I didn't even realise you had to reply to the email before I read your post. thanks

      • Anyone else receive any update on these socks?

  • +1

    Just bought 15 mins ago, still no email re: 🧦 socks, may be expired from that perspective

  • No email socks for me. Bought 20mins ago

    • Same - think this should be marked as expired.

  • Just redeemed for the 440ml cans in Brisbane, can confirm socks seem to be gone but $15 for 10 X 440ml is great:

  • Anyone received a confirmation or word on whereabouts of their socks?

    • +2

      no not yet. better not be a giant scam haha.

      • Hrmm maybe that explains why I received a SMS today about my Suncorp bank account I don't have…

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