[PS4] Horizon Zero Dawn $19 C&C @ JB Hi-Fi ($19 + Delivery @ Amazon AU)


Cheapest price for a great game on physical copy!

Amazon for $19

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    I recommend trying to get the Frozen Wild DLC inc for a similar price if you are in no rush.

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    The complete edition currently $45.95. that might be a while before that get $20 price.
    I want this game but have lots to play already. Will wait till end of year.


    The way the prices are going, complete game will be $20 in no time.


    I paid $36 for the complete edition on PSN store. Plus being digital is more convenient

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      Convenient sure but problem is you can't sell it when you're done.

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        Yeah, although some people don’t bother about selling their used copies


        I don't have a PS4.
        If I bought the Complete edition, does it come with a serial key like Steam to unlock DLC, and tie to your PSN? Or does it automatically load it when you put the disc in, and the DLC follows the disc around?


          How will you play if you don't have have PS4?

          Are you buying as a gift?

          The DLC is on the disc no downloads, serials or ties to PSN required.


            @prxy: I'm just saying I don't have a PS4 so that I can convey to you that I know almost nothing about how the Playstation ecosystem works lol

            I just ordered ps4 from the cashrewards promo though, and was thinking about getting this game as well, or waiting for the complete edition to drop in price.


              @Blitzfx: Sony days of play sale is only a couple of months away and I have a huge backlog of games so i'm going to wait.

              From what i've read the Frozen Wilds DLC contained on the complete edition is really worth it.

              If you get the complete edition for $20 you could probably sell it for more than you paid.

              Last year many stores had it at the $20-$25 mark ie Amazon, Target, BigW, JB etc