[PS4] Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - $14 @ Harvey Norman


In store pick up only, delivery not an option. Seems to be plenty of stock around though from some of the searches I tried. Hopefully Amazon will price match at some point today.

Historic low I believe.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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    Thanks for posting. Almost bought it then checked the pile of shame and there it was, still wrapped in plastic.


      haha pile of shame, I hate that, i think I'm close to my third copy of Marfia 3 because someone once told it me was good and I see the deal.

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      Hahaha. It's still in my pile of shame from when it was 2 for $40 from JBHiFi. It's next on my list after I finish FC5 though.


      It’s a great game and reasonably short.

      Like you I have a pile of shame but still picked it up a couple weeks ago and finished in two weeks without having to rush. I think it took me only 15 hours or less to finish on Hard Difficulty setting.

      Sold it on eBay for $17 last week so at this price you can’t go wrong.

      I highly recommend it if you played Uncharted before and liked the series.


        Moved this game out of my pile of shame last week (still in plastic also).

        Loving it, worth unwrapping!

        I've started a system of I need to finish 3 of my already owned games, before buying a new one.

        All this so I can justify buying Days Gone.

        I've got one more game to go to buy this game!

        Finished Wolfenstein New Order
        Playing Uncharted: Lost Legacy
        3rd game I've been playing is Dead By Daylight which was a ps plus game anyway and never really ends. So need to pick something else out of my library…


    Hoping to get EB or JB to price match, but it will be OZB'ed before I have a chance to do so.


    EB Games said they won't match it because its Clearance. Oh well, guess I won't buy from them then. In a few years time they'll complain that online companies put them out of business.


    Got price match at JB Artarmon


    I'd like to grab this but I still haven't even finished 4. Or 2 for that matter…

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    Asked Amazon to price match and the support gave me a $5 promo discount on it at checkout to match the HN price

    Worth a shot if you want to speak to them via Live Chat and get extra cashback via Shopback/Cashrewards


      I contacted Amazon and asked them to price match, no dice. I said my friend got a $5 promo discount and he said 'no such thing', can't help me. I guess it depends who you get on support.