KFC KSP (Kentucky Snack Pack) - $4.95 [Secret Menu]


Looks like there is a new item on the Secret Menu. A Kentucky Snack Pack for $4.95

Its a box of chips covered with popcorn and supercharged sauce.
"The new meal includes the famous golden fries, topped with its iconic Popcorn Chicken and drizzled with fiery supercharged sauce to give you a spicy kick."

Seen Here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/food/article-6923033/KFC-...

How to access the KFC 'secret menu'

Download the KFC App

Navigate to the Order screen with the food categories (you will need to select a store first)

Pull down until the Colonel appears

Hold for 11 seconds until the Secret Menu pops up

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    can we add cheese? snack pack is not legit without cheese :(


    Thanks, upvoted for explaining how to get the secret menu! Can you verbally order off the secret menu (Rather than using the app)? And can orders be customised? So much supercharged sauce in the secret menu :(

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      Nope, its a secret menu for a reason. They also cant be customised, because of how little that are sold it would confuse staff.

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        That's real handy when the app frequently decides to shit itself and not accept orders.


    Shit value compared to last time's Original + tender, chip, bun & potato gravy for $4.95

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    Sounds complicated! Why can't they just be basic like mcdonalds. Im a simple man, and just want my $4.95 chicken.

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    I'm having it rn. 100% worth every cent, this thing is monstrous in size and I'm having a hard time finishing!
    Deffs a deal worth $5, this can be your lunch and breakfast together

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    Just had it, very filling, absolutely terrible for your health but I loved every second.


      How’s it absolutely terrible for health? I know it’s not healthy as fruits and vegatables, but the only bad thing is the oil they fry the stuff in and the ingredients in the sauce?

      Compared to a regular snack pack it’s not loaded with salt atleast


    My wife just opened her app on her phone and clicked on the secret menu. It shows about 5 secret things. No need to hold or click anything special.

    Did kfc change the app to make it easier?


    I ordered it tonight.

    Staff had no idea what it was.

    Manager came and said she was briefed vaguely about it earlier in the day but nothing more.

    To her credit I told her it was like a HSP and she understood and asked for more details and an image from me and it was made.

    Secret menu is secret.

    Good value for $5.

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      It's the easiest thing so far on the secret menu - chuck large chips in a nugget box, cover with regular popcorn, squirt sauce liberally.

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      You have to dodge through their terrible customer service first tho

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    Ordered it today. Submitted order and walked up, girl said something that sounded like my name but she was speaking way too quiet to hear. Some guy standing there says 'yep that's me' and takes it (girl doesn't check I'D), then comes back 30s later and says it's not his, so the girl throws it straight into the bin and gives him a different package. I'm standing wondering if that was or wasn't my order so I ask and so she pretends they forgot to make it and it's back to square one.

    Why are they so bad at customer service? Haven't they heard of checking IDs?

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