Blitzwolf Lightning Cable MF10 - Genuine or Fake?

hi everyone, i recently bought a blitzwolf lightning cable from banggood, received the good pretty quick, around 2-3 weeks.

just a bit concerned with the item, whether it is genuine or not. i had purchased a few mf10 in the past, and always received it in a box, but today the one i received from banggood is in plastic packaging.

the product itself seems very solid as the old one i had, but the prints on usb head as well as the lightning head is different with the old ones i have got

furthermore the logo itself seems like printed cheaply on the usb head and velcro. the logo of bear paw on the O letter of had been replaced with a "lightning flash" symbol.

has anyone experience this as well, any comments if this is fake or genuine?

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  • When I checked six months ago on the apple website the mf10 actually wasn’t apple certified. Only the earlier models were. Not sure if anything has changed.

    On the other hand it works perfectly though

  • Banggood and BlitzWolf are the exact same company so they'd never be selling fakes. They've probably mass produced the next batch without packaging to save costs and maximise profits.

    The important question is does it work?

    • It works and is one of the prettiest cables I have ever had. Everything fits perfectly ports wise and it charges as you would expect. If it's a fake (I don't think it is), they make them better than Blitzwolf!

    • Thank you buddy for the info, at least i feel relieved now after hearing your comment :)

      appreciate it