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[PC] Free Game - World of Goo @ Epic Games


The next freebie from Epic Games is the multi-award winning indie game World of Goo from 2008. World of Goo is still magnificent 10 years on, according to PC Gamer.

Currently AU $12.69 on GOG / US $20.00 on 2D Boy

Beautiful and surprising, the millions of Goo Balls who live in the World of Goo are curious to explore - but they don't know that they are in a game, or that they are extremely delicious.

Welcome to the multiple "Game of The Year" award-winning puzzle game - World of Goo. Drag and drop living globs of goo to build structures, bridges, cannonballs, zeppelins, and giant tongues.

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  • Epic game.
    (pun intended)
    Level design, music, gameplay, and story, all works.

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  • Always upvote free games from epic. People say they are anti-consumer but giving away a decent game every two weeks for a year says otherwise.

      • +13 votes

        Ubisoft literally admits to sharing (potentially selling) your data (including PERSONAL INFORMATION) to third parties, but let's not talk about that. I used to shit on the epic store too but this bandwagoning has just gotten absurd.
        Besides, when you think about it, Valve as developers are pretty shit and have shat several times on their CS:GO and TF2 fanbase by providing no communication and when they do update their games for their loyal fanbases, it's just more cosmetics instead of fixing game breaking issues or providing any new content.
        I mean, they are one of the biggest if not the biggest contributor to the cosmetics & lootbox trend ever since they launched their 'market'. They were profiting happily from children gambling their parent's money on betting sites (which they profited from since the items could only be obtained through lootboxes that cost $2.5 each and people would sell these gambled items on the market, giving them a commission) until someone had to force their hand.

        Have people forgotten this already? it's literally at the bottom of the steam store page to remind you about what angels valve are…

        TL;DR - Gaming industry is shit, and in my eyes, other companies have done much worse than what EPIC's doing now.

        • Gaming industry is shit, and in my eyes, other companies have done much worse than what EPIC's doing now.

          Because it's biggest market are people with no life experience, no money and generally punish their keyboards if things don't go their way.

          • @tshow: The biggest market is the people with no money?

            Can you try to make sense when you're making stuff up please.

        • TL;DR the above post can be considered a case of latent whataboutism when Steam nor Valve was not ever brought up. You haven't managed to rebut a single point about why no-one wants anything to do with Epic anymore.

          Perhaps no one cares whether Valve or Ubisoft have any of our personal information because they're American companies. They're not 40% owned by Tencent and have two Tencent members on their board. It's just a coincidence that steamcommunity.com is banned in China & epicgames.com isn't. Not at all dissimilar to the situation of Whatsapp, Viber, Line, Telegram & Facebook Messenger being blocked and, coincidentally, of course, WeChat (owned by Tencent) isn't blocked. Really makes you think. It's almost like the CPC aids its domestic mega-conglomerates like Tencent by banning foreign competition for their own domestic services to flourish in their absence. Surely nothing shady going on there. Surely Tencent isn't interested in the long term to eventually buy out Sweeney's remaining share.

          It doesn't matter if Epic reaches feature parity with Steam in the future to many of us, now. Maybe some of us felt that way after the first 2 or 3 games were announced as being exclusives but since then Epic, so far, has bought exclusive rights to 32 games with the sole purpose driving users away from Steam and strong-arming them onto their store. They haven't brought any new innovation or fresh features, not to the consumer at least. Publishers sure aren't voluntarily removing their titles from Steam and onto Epic Games based on the 88% cut. Sweeney had to buy up a significant volume of licenses commensurate with what they'd forecast to have sold on Steam, because of both he and the publishers know they'd sell enough on steam to make Epic's extra 18% redundant. Publishers can't even sell DLCs because DLCs don't exist on Epic lol.

          No one in the PC gaming market has ever bought up rights to games that were previously advertised on a competing store/launcher and had them removed for preorder. Using another retailer's store & platform to advertise your title and then move it elsewhere? Are you kidding me?

          So, no, no companies have done much worse than what Epic is doing now: bringing the console exclusive wars to PC.

          • @daitro: Hi diatro, I haven't negged you but I disagree with some of your points . I really like steam and have a library of 200 games and don't want my games split into a fourth store which is missing all the features I love. The only surprising thing about the epic games situation is it hasn't been done before now. Companies are coming across voluntarily because epic is offering lots of cash. Customers are coming voluntarily because they want the games and can't wait for the steam release. I have no problem voting with my wallet and waiting for metro exodus to be released on steam. What epic is doing is less annoying than origin store where new ea games will never come to steam. If you really don't like epic vote with your wallet.

            • @Fornax:

              I haven't negged you but I disagree with some of your points

              Which ones?

              What epic is doing is less annoying than origin store where new ea games will never come to steam

              Those are first-party EA titles, however, and yes, it's annoying they'll never come to Steam. In contrast to Ubisoft who, at least until recently, would still offer their games for sale on Steam. I still disagree that what Epic is doing is less annoying, because EA's titles could still be considered quite niche. If you're not into BF or SWBF it's very easy to simply ignore Origin. Epic has bought up exclusivity to 32 third-party titles and many of those simply cannot be ignored like EA's offerings.

              Companies coming across voluntarily for the $ are thinking short-term and ignorant of gamer's capacity for holding long-term grudges. Gabe has acknowledged this in the past.

          • @daitro: Your TL;DR was TL;DR.

        • Your Steam complaint has nothing to do with the actual platform, and is aimed as specific game issues, which were not vast issues. As a platform it has been a game changer for non computer literate people to be able to get into PC gaming.

        • +3 votes

          Sometimes free - comes with a price.


          As for why Epic Games is considered the worst offender in PC Gaming currently:

          Consumers generally don't enjoy choice being taken away from them - which Epic Games has done through outright buying off developers or previously funded games, snatching up the rights and making them completely exclusive or timed exclusive. (Metro,ProjectPhoenix etc)

          However… most PC Gamers generally are most dissapointed in Epic games by how they have changing the landscape of PC gaming by fragmenting released 3rd party software / games by being the first ever company to introduce "Timed Exclusives" in over 40 years of PC gaming history…

          3rd party games being seized from consumers who are previously used to having more choices of where to buy and play 3rd party games from different platforms (including DRM free options such as GoG etc + Linux/OSX support etc). ( EA,Ubi,Steam,Windows - have never restricted 3rd party developed games prior to Epic games).

          Combine that with the previously mentioned serious Security issues / breaches and data harvesting & some regional pricing + lockout issues - and it means a lot of gamers are either priced unfairly in their region - or in some cases games are missing entirely.

          Hope that helps people understand :)

          Also Epic's TOS gives them the right to monetize or use any piece of media involving any game on the Epic store. Meaning they can steal monetization of any let's play, download your clips/screenshots and use them for advertising, or decide to start selling the mods you made for any game on their store, without even having to credit you.

      • As per Lolno234 post below, It's not correct that EPIC is a botnet… not sure why that post is still around, the real issue in today's world is the amount of 'fake news'…

    • Seriously? Are you aware of what you just said?

      Epic have bad business practices and are anti consumer.

      They throw money at gamers, and now all of a sudden they are not anti consumer?

      That is the definition of a sheep who allows companies with money to control what they like. Your opinion has been bribed.

      Have you thought about having an opinion that isn't "purchased" or bribed?

      I guess you would probably vote for Pauline Hansen in the election if she gave everyone a tax refund?

      • I guess you would probably vote for Pauline Hansen in the election if she gave everyone a tax refund?

        You're on ozbargain. Of course they would, lol.

        The sentiment on Epic here is very interesting. It's far more positive than reddit on average.

        • just a difference in the user base. ozbargain is all about people who value freebies and deals.

          Reddit has a lot more gamers who understand Epic's marketing strategy and how its already having a negative impact on gamer culture.

          by releasing free games, Epic artificially boosting its numbers to claim a bigger user base. because realistically, most people that have not played "world of goo" by 2019 are not going to suddenly pay the $100 for the next AAA game Epic releases.

  • Awesome game. AAA indie title if I may mix my categories.

  • Had this on the Nintendo Wii. Such a great title =]

  • not on Steam…. NEXT!!

  • Got with in steam with a huge humble bundle. Totally forgot i had it until now lol

    Want nothing to with Epic

  • If anyone is concerned about where their data is going, then just block the sites that are trying to access it. Learn about:

    I've got a couple of shortcuts on my taskbar that run batch files to copy my 'blocked' hosts file (the one with my lists of blocked sites in it) to my standard hosts file, and vice versa. That way, I can block and unblock these sites with a click.

    Just a way to get free stuff but not give any data away at the same time.

  • Scraping the barrel already?

  • Come on, lol, who doesn't have this game???

  • Thanks alvian. Reminded me to grab Transistor.

  • This game is a winner.

  • The Android version has been free a couple of times a year in the past, and seems to get OK reviews if you are into this sort of thing.

  • Epic is awful, praise geraldo

  • Oh man, good old days.

  • too many DRMs on the pc market. why cant they all merge into one

    • Commie! Why can't we all just have one car on the market? One PC brand? One phone company? One political party? Why can't they all merge into one? Things would be so much easier!

    • Companies rather take all the revenue for themselves than pay a third party market a cut. When it's a digital download you don't have to worry so much about distribution logistics, just create a basic login client and then pay a cloud provider to host the files and away you go.

    • If MS can’t do it even though they controlled the OS, and they barely even tried, then no one can do it.

  • Takes me back, one of my earliest purchases on Steam

  • It is a good game, but I would bet most of us have already played it.

  • Interesting article on the Epic vs Steam DRM history for the uneducated like myself: