expired 8% off Dashcams @ Sports GPS


SportGPS is having a flash Easter Sale exclusive to all OzBargain readers only. Get 8% off all Dashcams in our store for a limited time (ends Friday 26th April). Get an extra 8% off our already competitive prices during the promotion. Discount Code is : OZBDASH0419

https://www.sportgps.com.au/dash-cams.html (offer valid on all items in our dashcam category only)

Popular Brands include : Blackvue, Thinkware, Viofo, Vicovation, Garmin, DOD , Lukas.

Offer is exclusive to OzBargain readers only. Hurry while stocks last.

Contact us if you have any questions : https://www.sportgps.com.au/contact 1300 799 588

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SportGPS Australia


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    8%? Who do you think we are?!

  • +4 votes

    Already competitive prices? Did I log into OzCompetitive today by accident?


    Any deals?

  • +2 votes

    We'll need at least one example of a good price.

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    Hi Guys,

    Doing the best we can at the moment with our first offer so please be kind :) .

    Australian Authorized Dealers prices aren't as good as many people think they are so we are actually trying to offer a competitive offer here not just a token post for the sake of it.

    We are a local Australian Store and and offer 100% Australian Warranty, Service and Support. All product are genuine Australian Stock and we are authorized dealers for all the stock we sell.

    Apologies if we have offended you but compared to deals from other local Aussie Authorized Dealers right now we've tried to offer a bigger discount as part of our first offer.

    Happy to try and offer the best deal possible for Australian Stock so feel free to contact us and we'll do all we can to assist and see if we can accommodate.

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      compared to deals from other local Aussie Authorized Dealers right now we've tried to offer a bigger discount

      That's great, but give us some proof to backup these claims. Provide specifics in the deal description (links to competitors, price comparisons)

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    Good work OP, it's a tough crowd here but best of luck.

    After a few searches of the going rate of Blackvue cameras, the ones I searched here were all the same price as Catch.com.au before I added the discount code, so this promo is a straight up $40 or more saving on most cameras here I'd say.

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    Appreciate your feedback mate. Means alot as this is our first offer and I thought for a while here we "screwed the pooch" here.

    Didn't expect the feedback we got so far but still trying our best to offer some value here regardless.

    If anyone is interested in any item on offer here, please feel free to contact us and we'll give you an honest answer as to whether or not we can let the item go for the price you are willing to pay.

    I trust you all understand, we cant offload items at a loss. But we'll do all we can to give you the best deal possible on official Australian stock from local Australian dealers.

    Steep learning curve no doubt but happy to learn what it takes here.

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      List some examples of bargains, even some price comparisons to other stores and its likely you'll get more positive attention.


    Not much of a deal on a big ticket item, can you do a bit more? Or maybe offer a bigger discount on a specific dashcam?

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