3 Traditional or Value Range Pizzas $24 Delivered, 2 Sides for $7 @ Domino's


Time for another set of codes as the old ones have expired.

Possibly targeted to VIC only, just used at Fairfield. 3 Traditional/Value pizzas delivered for $24 and 2 sides for $7.


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    just ordered they hit you with a public Holiday charge $3.44


      Yes I was a bit surprised that today was a public holiday but at least this code takes the edge of the extra cost. :D

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        Wouldn’t pay more then $8 for dominos we’ll except today with the bs holiday charge.. just me or are these large size shrinking a little since they brought out the xtra large option

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          The pizzas are around 30% smaller than a year or two ago. I had some last night and their "large" is only a fraction bigger than those personal sized pizzas.

          This is also reflected in the calorie count. They're around 30% lower, as well.

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    I stopped ordering at Domino's when we last ordered (at least two years ago). At some point, they became crappy & really SMALL. So little toppings that I took photos & put it on their Facebook. Gave the details (my name & shop). They replied I should ring the shop. No, I don't think so. Why should I have to confront the manager of a shop where three, different workers "see" these pizzas before they leave the shop. Literally, bare dough on over half of each pizza. Nearly no toppings to be seen. Three people passed them along. We threw them out. Never again.

    I've worked in CS for many years. What they should have said was, "we're very sorry". They then should have had that shop send out replacements, made right. If they had, I'd have given another chance. And no, this was not a busy time or crazy special.

    Since then, we tried Pizza Hut, but they also became expensive, tiny, & no toppings.

    Now? We buy the 5 pack of flatbread at Woolies (5 for 99 cents) as crusts and make our own. Quick, easy, and ALWAYS delish.

    Fast-food "used to" be an inexpensive option and possibly worth it. Now? Not at all. I can make pizzas quickly and cheaper even when buying pre-cut/sliced meats from the deli.

    One person's experience, only. :)

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      They were crap and small 18 years ago when I delivered them. No one is buying dominos for the great value or high quality, it's because they're cheap and lazy.

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        My point is that when they first started, their quality was decent for a take-out.


        No. No way would I order from Dominos. Expensive and sh*t quality.

        Honestly- I know people will whinge about "made at home", but really….buy everything sliced at the deli. Use spagbog sauce + paste as a base. Season as YOU like it.

        Eating mine as I type— OMG! Soooo delish!


    Scab > "well that's my grocery shopping sorted"


    not accepted at my store (ramsgate NSW)

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    seems you may have been right about VIC only, neither are working in SEQ.


    Thx OP, dinner sorted. Did 3 sides for $9.95 (no coupon)


    Yer doesn’t work in the act


    Deals for these are always VIC only, I dont know why but only VIC gets the good deals.

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