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[NSW] Smash Room/Break Room Experience - Single Session $30, Double Sessions $50, 4-Way Session $98 @ SmashLAB Wollongong


A deal just for you OzBargainers, stressful week at work, boss driving you crazy? Stressed that you've had no luck at the OzBargain Easter Treasure Hunt? Well if so, keep reading.

Come visit beautiful Wollongong and have a smashing time while you are here, literally.

Single session for one person $30, normally $45 - 33% Saving.
Double session for two people $50, normally $85 - 41% Saving.
4 Way session for four people $98, normally $165 - 41% Saving.

What is SmashLAB?:

SmashLAB is a a smash room, also known as a break room, anger room or rage room and they are part of a new emerging trend where you enter a room wearing safety equipment, smash an array of items and let off some steam. Think of it as a therapy session!

Is it safe?:

We make it as safe as we possibly can. We supply you with overalls, gloves and face protection, all we ask is that you wear fully enclosed shoes. A First Aid Kit is on hand if it is needed. We are fully insured.

What age do you have to be to smash things?:

You must be over the age of 15 to smash things. Under 18's require a parent or guardian to attend and sign.

What do I smash?:

You get to smash a range of items like; dinner plates, bowls, cups, mugs, flower vases, beer & wine bottles, ornaments and even items like washing machines, printers and other appliances. Items will change vary from time to time, depending on what we can get.

Can I bring my own things to smash?:
Of course! It must be approved by a staff member before you take it into the SmashLAB Room. Some items we suggest are old present from the ex, a picture of them or the old office printer that has been giving you hell for so long!

Prohibited items include, but are not limited to; light bulbs, liquids, paint/aerosol cans or any items that contain poisonous or toxic substances within.

Visit our Website for more information, pictures and videos or to book click here.

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  • Personally I really do not understand how people get off on smashing things..


      A lot of people say that, each to their own. Most people that say that have a different opinion once they have given it a go.

    • +6 votes

      Personally i really do not understand how people could maintain their mental health while living in Wollongong unless they took time out now and again to smash things.

  • I read about this on reddit and some people say it can impact the mind. If you use smashing things as a method of calming down, "What stops you from doing it at home" kind of thing was the argument. Vert interesting read imo.

    • +1 vote

      Nothing stops people doing it at home, generally people don't just have random things at home to smash and don't wan't to clean up the mess.

      Its kind of like Flip Out and these trampoline parks, I have a trampoline at home, we go out and pay to jump somewhere else?

  • Personally this would increase my stress, at the waste being created, as distinct from say being recycled or reused. Wouldn't do anything to reduce stress.


      Everything that can be recycled is recycled. All metal items like appliances are recycled at scrap metal merchants once they have been destroyed.

      Crockery like plates and mugs cannot be recycled. We purchase most of our breakables off charities that have excess stock, if we didn't purchase them they would only be sending them to land fill because they simply cannot sell them due to the high volume they receive.

      Trust me, if I can recycle it, I do as it lowers my costs because sending to landfill is not cheap.

  • Think of it as a therapy session!

    No don't there is no evidence that it works for controlling anger. In fact it's pretty much the opposite of what works.

    You could think of it as fun exercise .

  • One person in a room at a time… What's the point of that? Where's the fun… We were considering it but that's a serious deal breaker..

    • Surely out of caution for flying debris and potential of friendly fire.

      • Sure,but boring… Partner and I can't break some.stuff together and have a laugh.. doesn't seem very exciting when 6ou put it like that..


      We now allow two people in a room but only with one weapon.

  • Anyone considering this deal should look at the Groupon deal and use CR or SB for better savings.

    • -3 votes

      Yes we are on Groupon, but I can assure you that purchasing through the link above is a better deal, you receive more breakables then going through Groupon.

      • That's a bit shady, never has it been mentioned that by getting a deal you get less breakables, so by using this Deal rather than paying full price are we also getting less breakables? 🤔

  • Sounds good, I've always wanted to check it out. If only i lived a little closer.

  • No where it specify the length of time spent - just 'x' sessions?
    Bookings appear to be 15 minutes apart so my guess is only 15 minutes?

    • +1 vote

      You get 10 minutes in the room. Some people say 10 minutes isn’t long but when you’re in the room swinging a bat and smashing an appliance it can seem like a long time. About 80% of our customer exit the room before their 10 minutes is up.

  • I think therapy would be money better spent. This is ridiculous.

  • Can you play heavy metal music on loud speakers while I smash stuff ?