expired [PC] GOG - Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GOTY - $18.69 @ CD Keys


Seems to be a few good deals at CD Keys at the moment.

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GOTY @ $18.69. Redeemed through GOG not steam which may deter some people:

Rise of the Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration (Steam) @ $11.19:

Dragon Ball Fighter Z (Steam) @ $18.69:

Fallout 4 GOTY (Steam) @ $15.89:

Some other decent prices too!

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    Damn wasted $2 on the humble bundle deal.

    nice find

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    Better off spending the extra $2.25 and getting it from the Humble store. They are legit authorised resellers.


      I respect the hustle so as long as it is legal I am down.

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        ..until you login one day and your game is revoked.

        Has happened twice to me last year so I no longer use kinguin or g2a etc.


          Oh wow what happens do they send you an email?

          I have a few games from there mostly cod and some assassin's creed

          Do they let you know that they have revoked it or is it silent and zero notice just gone

          So many games I probably wouldn't be able to notice unless they told me which is bad


          Did Steam give any notice when they took away your games or just a silent revoke/deletion?

          So far I think my games have been intact and not revoked but anything can happen.

          Please respond zeggie.

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      I guess it really comes down to the person. Tbh kinguin and g2a always look super dodgy but I've never had a problem with CDKeys in the years I've used them. Haven't paid more than $55 for a new release for ages

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        The difference is literally the price you pay.

        Honestly to acquire that many cd keys they probably either struck a deal or are working at a loss.

        I don't think theft is at play here with that much quantity of keys or developers would have reported it.

        My hunch is that it is a charitable business just looking like a criminal organisation on purpose (or at least from our perspective).

        If I can find more anecdotes or evidence of theft then I will acknowledge and believe it but for now it has mostly if not all been word of mouth.