Auspost Says My Package Delivered without Signature

Hello, Auspost claims an express package with contents worth $190 was delivered to the house.

No one received it and upon opening a case with auspost, they informed the seller that the signature is blank.

After a few days they informed the seller that the depot claims that the parcel was delivered and someone signed for it, they just didn't press hard enough on the screen to register a signature.

Auspost refuse to communicate with me and only want to deal with the person who posted the item. Even though the postage was bought with my money

Currently we are awaiting a response from auspost.

Is there anything anyone can think of to help me out? Prior experience perhaps.

The last message the seller sent was that if you can't prove with a signature then the item wasn't delivered.

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    Raise a PayPal claim for a refund, it is up to the seller to get recompense from Auspost or find out where the parcel is.

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    Usually when I get a package whether signature required or not AP sends me an email telling me my package from xxx has been delivered and the date/time. Ask AP to show you the email? or text if you get notification via phone?

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    depot claims that the parcel was delivered and someone signed for it, they just didn't press hard enough on the screen to register a signature.

    BS excuse. They need to prove is was delivered (if it's a signed-for service).

    Auspost refuse to communicate with me and only want to deal with the person who posted the item.

    This is correct approach and they're entitled to it.

    Your claim is with the seller and hopefully you used a site/payment that covers buyers for items that were not received and not some dodgy third party offshore site.


      the one who delivered had to make sure that the signature has been recorded properly. not only signature they do write the name as well.

      as said before raise a pay pal dispute that you didn't receive the item. its seller responsibility to follow up with auspost that who received the item.


        Have a feeling they didn't use Paypal or a potentially legit site to order from hence the concern.. More info would be good OP.


    an express package

    Was this an EP eparcel or EP?

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    The customer of auspost is the sender, not you, so your only transactional ability is with the seller, so you should only be contacting them not auspost. Auspost has no commercial relationship with you.

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    This has happened to me. I had 2 pairs of shoes worth $120 delivered. Auspost said (on their website) that the package was delivered early at 8am. I was home until 10am working on my garage so I would've seen it. The seller also said it was delivered (Auspost telling them it was delivered so nothing they could do). I raised the problem with Auspost which opened a case through the site where I had to specify the products, time etc. and I was left hanging without communication back from them for about 5 days. Then luckily I got a message back from them saying it's on its way. Another 3 more days and got the package and I had to sign for them.

    Hopefully they are just looking for it now and takes them a while to sort their stuff out.

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    Auspost refuse to communicate with me

    Your issue is with the seller, not auspost.

    they informed the seller that the signature is blank.

    What did the seller say?


    Similar thing happened with us, only I gave the front yard another (fourth) look while on the phone with AusPost, found the package was dropped in a very odd spot. (I’m guessing they hid it because it required a signature).
    Told AusPost on the phone no issues - hung up.

    Give it a go it may just save a whole lot of energy.

    Also it may be helpful in diagnosis if you provided some general seller details (dodgy eBay seller, bread & mortar retail, Amazon etc).

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    AU Post recently delivered my item with signature somewhere else, and that to an address that does not exist. Called them up they said follow up with sender.
    Bunch of clowns they are.


    Had the same issue last year, luckily Amazon sent a second parcel for free.


    Australia post dosnt require a signature on express post Mai ,unless you pay extra money for it.
    I have had a signed for mail delivered to wrong address and who ever signed for it didn't even try to sign my name.
    So paying for a signature on delivery dosnt allways help to make sure it get delivered to correct address or person
    Australia post has no data base to check your signature against - anyone can sign for anybody mail…..
    The only time australia post checks anything is when you get your mail delivery to parcel collect at your local post office ,that is when they ask for drivers license. …….


    I hate aupost due to these things too, it happens to me to tracking says item is delivered but then change to not delivered and pick up ready, then came back to me another case no card left and says ready for pick up. They are also very slow in delivering item around easter and Christmas

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    Happened to me so many times as well. I hate AusPost. Recently I ordered an item online ($190) and it was sent to my home address with signature required. I knew I wouldn't be home when it arrived, so wasn't worried as I knew it required a signature and would end up at the Post Office as I was at work.

    Normally I get text messages from AusPost when I have a delivery coming asking to confirm if I will be home or to have it redirected to PO. This time however, I didn't get a message, but an email saying my parcel had been delivered. I came home to no parcel so opened a complaint with AusPost immediately.

    After a few phone calls back and forth, and me providing evidence I was at work all day and no-one else could have signed for it, AusPost found in my favour and organised for a replacement item. Turned out the delivery driver had signed for the parcel and just wrote my name in the signature field (I actually write something else when I sign for parcels so I can prove if it was or wasn't me) and claimed it was delivered.

    Don't know where it went, or what AusPost was going to do about the fact their driver fraudulently signed my name, but it just furthers my disgust at out postal system. I should probably look at signing up for a post box just so my parcels don't keep getting lost or left in the rain! (unfortunately my work does not allow parcels to be delivered there otherwise I would)

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