PSA: Sri Lanka Bombings - Travel Caution


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    Death toll soars to 290 and over 500 injured:

    Completely and utterly unthinkable tragedy. There are no words to express the grief and anger. Avoid travel to the area.


      Terrible what happened on Easter Sunday. I feel so sorry for those directly affected and also for the others who's livelihood depends on tourism.

      It's an interesting discussion about the real threat level. While there is some good advice on smartraveller, the reality is the government has to post such warnings to cover themselves.

      At street level in Sri Lanka I would expect at least in the short term the situation to be relatively safe, considering all the extra police and military being deployed and extra security checks being carried out at hotels, airports, etc.

      There are even international teams from INTERPOL and FBI assisting with the investigation.

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      I am unsure as to why I am getting downvotes. I was pointing out that they hit churches when they knew they would be busy.

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        poor choice of words perhaps

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          Perhaps. Rereading the initial comment, it does sound like I was encouraging that idea.

          I can certainly say I would never imply that. Especially considering my own mother grew up in Colombo, and even used to go to the St Sebastian's church. I told her about the attack last night and she immediately had to call her family and make sure everyone was okay.


    I am having a two days stopover in Colombo at the end of May on my way to Europe. Wondering what are my options with regards to refund air tickets if decide to cancel.