out of stock Sony Smartband SWR-10 Black - $15 (Was $59) Delivered @ JB Hi-Fi


Low stock, get in quick…

  • A 24/7 wearable device
  • Waterproof
  • A vibrating alert lets you know if a call, message or other notification comes in

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  • +1 vote


    It's a dumbband, save your money

    All it does is vibrate on notifications, there's no screen, no hrm

  • +1 vote



    This would be great if it worked with apple


      It does not even work with a lot of Android phones, such as any with Android 9.
      Does not even work with my Sony phone for some reason :(

      A screenless fitness band would be ok if the software was better.
      And the Sony support is useless. I was unable to be connected to anyone familiar with the product, just an Indian with a script.

  • +5 votes

    They been trying to flog these off for awhile, least the Sony Mp3 players were a decent buy

  • +3 votes

    Life bookmarks
    Catch that special moment. Press the Life Bookmark key on your SmartBand and everything going on at that moment is caught and remembered forever. The image of a moment.


  • +2 votes

    Got one from the previous deal to try it out/compare to the miband, battery life is the main drawback - a couple of days per charge. it's kinda neat for the audio controls but just such a pain to charge it so often.

  • +2 votes

    I got this with the last deal for the sole purpose of vibrate on notification and alarms. I set the band to only vibrate on notices I care about since I can't feel my phone vibrate when it's in my pocket. Also, the silent alarms is good for getting up without waking the wife/baby. Niche application I know, but very useful for me.