expired 25% off All Performance Upgrade Globes and Free Shipping @ Power Bulbs


Hi .. I work for this company in fact I founded Powerbulbs in 1999 . We run lots of promos perhaps you've seen them before on Ozbargain but I think this is the best we have done to date for Australia . Its just as we come into the lighting season as the dark nights ar heading in . We ship free if the value of the order qualifies and yes it takes a while for the orders to get to Australia because we are in the UK but generally orders will get to you between 5 - 9 days depending where in Australia you live but the savings re pretty good to so if you consider this the deal may work for you if the delivery time is not as important as price . Haapy to hear your feedback on how we can improve and make the shopping experience better for all … Thanks

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Power Bulbs
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    Been buying exclusively from Powerbulbs for a number of years now for both our cars, as well as my parents and inlaws.
    Never had a problem with them, the bulbs are genuine, pricing is excellent, shipping times and packaging have been great.
    Had one warranty claim on a single bulb and that went smoothly.

    Highly recommend these guys.

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    RRP: $78.78 AUD
    Reduced to: $43.32
    APR25 code makes it: $32.49 + free delivery AND…

    Free sidelight bulbs with every purchase: Each twin pack of WhiteVision Ultra headlight bulbs comes with a free matching set of Philips WhiteVision Ultra W5W sidelights

    This sounds too good to be true!…

    Edit: Ok, seems like the included freebie w5w bulbs are standard from Philips in the box anyway and the 'heavily discounted' price isn't far from £19.99 ($36 AUD) on Amazon UK. Still good price including delivery to here I guess.

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    Welcome to OzB.
    I’ve bought many times from PowerBulbs and it’s always been great.

    There have been 25% off deals in the past how about a 30% :P


    Big fan of Powerbulbs, been purchasing from them for many years. Thanks John and keep up the great prices !


    Thanks John and the PB team - managed to save $10 for three sets of bulbs over Amazon AU and score some W5W LED bulbs to match. ($100 post-coupon on PB vs $110 post CashRewards on AmazonAU with Prime)