Scholl Orthaheel Shock Absorber Medium $32.99 + Shipping (Free Shipping over $50) @ Chemist Warehouse


These are reduced from $49.99.

Great for people who are on their feet all day, or people who just want to walk comfortably. These fit into my boots perfectly (I'm a size 9) but you can cut them along pre-scored lines (around the front edge) to fit your size. For some reason Medium don't appear in a search on Chemist Warehouse when you type Scholl. Medium and Small only appear when you type "Orthaheel". The Large, however, appear when you type Scholl, which is weird.

I only discovered them in store by accident when I picked up a prescription. I bought three in store, then bought another ten online using Shopback, which was 6% on the day (the next day they had 10% off, grrr). Well, it's now at 4%, I think, but better than 1% or nothing.

These are the full length style which I think would be more comfortable, although I haven't tried the half-length version. I wouldn't buy the gel-based ones as they seem too squidgy and don't appear as stable. I think it would feel like walking on jelly babies. Again, I haven't tried them, so I can't say for sure.

I first tried Scholl insoles when one pair was sold at my local Amcal store on clearance for $20 a couple of months ago. It was the Workwear version, which is thinner than the Shock Absorbers but using the latter have been even better. I LOVE them and now I wouldn't wear shoes without them. My posture feels better, too. I used to be in a lot of pain after even a short walk. Holidaying in Europe, a few years back, was a nightmare (but still worth it). These would've made a huge difference.

Anyway, they just feel amazing. But I've read that they aren't suitable for shoes that are tight, or not flexible, particluarly shoes that aren't malleable across the top, otherwise, they could squash your feet a bit. I wear them with leather Hush Puppies. I find that all I had to do was loosen the laces just a touch, not much at all. So, I'd say these would be great for laced shoes or sneakers which have a tiny bit of give.

Thanks to @AncientWisdom for letting me know that these are also available on Ebay. No Mediums and only one pair left in Large, though. Small

Happy walking!

tl;dr Cheap, great quality insoles that feel like heaven!

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