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30% off Apple Hardware in-Store Only (Limited Stock) @ Myer


Stock would be very limited so call before going

Came across this, myer clearing out Apple Hardware products, I assume it means phones/laptops/pads etc are 30% off as this iphone xr 128 at $909.30 (out of stock online) is 30% off from $1299

Available at
Perth City, Sydney City, Adelaide City, Melbourne City, Chadstone, Werribee, Doncaster, Southland, Maroochydore, Indooroopilly, Brisbane City, Bondi, Parramatta, Mackay, Toowoomba, Fountain Gate, Chatswood, North Lakes, Robina, Tea Tree Plaza, Pacific Fair, Carindale, Marion, Highpoint, Hobart City, Macquarie, Belconnen, Garden City, Geelong, Shellharbour, Karrinyup, Cairns, Dubbo, Miranda, Charlestown, Carousel, Warringah, Blacktown, Canberra City, Chermside, Morley, Townsville, Ballarat Mt Gravatt, Wagga, Liverpool, Penrith, Launceston, Eastgarden, Bankstown, Joondalup, Knox City, Frankston, Northland, Albury, Eastland, Hornsby, Roselands, Bendigo, Erina

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    Thanks OP, in the market to buy either a MacBook Air or Pro.

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      Just call before you go may be no stock

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        Usually they can reserve and sell stock from another store location and take payment at the spot for you to collect later.

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    saw some real old stuff. chadstone apple had being mostly cleared out.

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    No stock anywhere for iPhones by the look of it

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    Thanks OP, looking for a Macbook 12 or Air, will check out Highpoint and the Bourke St today.

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    All the good stuff is probably long gone I imagine?

    • likely thats why call before going

    • yes

  • Westfield Parramatta store had official Apple accessories for 50% off as well. Unsure if store-specific as they're rearranging their store currently.

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    Adelaide was mainly very old stock at RRP.

    • Yes, ex-demos and old stocks like Series 1 stainless steel watches marked at $600 before discount.

    • This is the reason their electronics business didn't do so well (same thing happened to Dick Smith) old stock at RRP, high inventory costs and junk sitting on the shelves.

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    The Easter egg hunt begins!

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    Good luck finding anything worth it.
    I saw a 2014 iMac in the Sydney City store last week and it was still $2.5k. Ridiculous.

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      This will be a collector's edition soon and quadruple in value. Buy it now and keep boxed for 10yrs

  • Well there was nothing left anywhere when it was 15% off for the last few weeks, so if you find anything - very well done!!

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    Just visited the Sydney City Myer, they don't appear to have any current model iPhone or iPad models. A decent amount of iPhone 7 & 8 models and last years iPad Pros. Most current iPhone they had was an ex display iPhone X.

    • what capacity and price for the phones?

    • what about watches and MacBooks?

      • They had 4 or 5 series 1 or 2 watches a week ago, but they were all special editions priced $600-$700.

    • did you say iPad Pro 2018 in Sydney City Myer?

    • 10.5-inch iPad Pro could be good unless they’ve kept price high before discount.

  • Great, going towards industry (jewellery) standard 50% discounts. LOL ;)

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    Found a brand new iPhone X at Bourke St. I think 2 more left …

    • How much is it going for?

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        950 for 64gb space grey

        • It is gone now. Just a 128gb 7+ and 64gb 8+ left

          • @HCH: what were the price of those?

            • @abc: The 8+ was an ex display for $1149 before discount.

              The 7+ was new and I think it was $999 before discount

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    Just visited Brisbane CBD Myer centre. Two watches, a couple of iPad Pro’s, one MacBook Pro 13 inch (128gb, pre USB-C***? I think 2016 model?), one Thunderbolt Display for $999 and a bunch of thunderbolt adaptors. Nothing exciting.

    • New version or old version of the iPad pros?

      • Sorry dude, can't quite recall. I believe two of them were 512GB storage, but that's really it unfortunately!

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      RE: Macbook Pro: Back of box says copyright 2014
      Part No. is MF839X/A which is interwebs say that it is early 2015 model.

    • Any iPhones?

      • Didn't see iPhones :(

    • Do you recall what watches they had in stock?

      • Can't be sure but they looked like 3 series watches.

  • man.. just called a couple of stores and there's nothing in stock

  • Any one found any macbooks in any sydney store?

  • does this apply to apple watches?

    • as far as I know, yes

      but unlikely to find any store with stock :(

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    Myer are getting rid of their non performing product ranges to reduce floor space for more profitable items. The aim being to reduce footprint and thus rent to Max those items they are making money on. Could be the start of the death of that store.

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      Apple doesn't carry a store like Myer. Apple was never a big seller in Myer unlike the likes of JB HI FI and simalair stores. Their is no point for Myer to carry over priced products that don't move well. Carrying lower priced products that sell better is more beneficial for them. Apple will not the death of Myer lol

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        I was speaking to one of the sales reps a while back and apparently Apple wasn’t comfortable with their credit position and withdrew their products. Myer has tried play it off as if they didn’t want to carry their products anymore. He also said that Apple product were a draw for customers and a lot of sales in their entertainment spaces (non-Apple products) come from Apple traffic, especially around product launches.

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          Not happy with their credit position. And there is all you need to know. Myer heading further down the drain. Credit issues or failure to pay for stock in an appropriate time is a sure sign of a business in distress.

          • @Foxxster: and the likelihood of a sales rep being privy to that position? somewhere between non existent and no chance in hell. Sounds more like a Sales rep that is bitter as his also failing area just saw another reason for declines to his area. Really entertainment, apple and electronics I can see all disappearing from them.

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        but all myer does is carry over priced products that don't move well.

      • I miss the 2017 20% off myer eBay macbook sales :(

    • sounds more like it could be they have finally realised what they need to do to survive. Apple doesn't bring people into Myer and worse still the profit margin is non existent.

      • I think people in general don’t go to MYER for electronics. I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up being solely a fashion and homewares shop

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          They used to..

          It was after all a 'department store' under the concept that you could go to one place and purchase almost anything for the house.

          We used to regularly check out electronics and home stuff at Myer/DJs. Often they would price match and of course the service/support was pretty good. That's in the long distant past though.

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            @jason andrade: The ease of online purchasing makes them irrelevant in this space now. Think in the past everyone used to shop at department stores, now it is something you do if desperate for a last minute purchase, a sale item or simply to view it before you go and buy it cheaper online.

            • @gromit: They need to, and are in a fantastic position to, offer an enticing customer experience. The Sydney CBD was great with a special lift to Wonderland, and it is worth the experience for kids clothes, toys, small electronic gadgets etc.

              The problem with Apple however is it's virtually impossible stock all possible combinations of products that didn't need you to order and wait. Even if you looked at just the latest iPad Pro: 2x colours, 2x sizes, four capacities, and with cellular option - that's 2 x 2 x 4 x 2 = 32 different models. IF you could order and wait, why shop at MYER?

              But they don't have the stock (maybe they're squeezed for credit), they don't have the staff in either numbers nor relevant expertise all of the time, and the CBD store is full of large competitors like the similar David Jones (not much better), and techno centric stores like JB Hi-Fi, and of course Apple itself across the street.

              However you slice it, Apple from MYER might be nice, but it's high cost and thin margins. The only things from Apple that offer good margin interestingly are items like AirPods. But of course what usually happens is by the time they got stock, most would've purchased from Apple already.

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    chatswood myer was empty

  • Are these even good prices?

    Ipad mini 4 16gb wifi and cellular for $699 - 30% = $489
    Apple Watch series 3 42mm $750 - 30% = $525

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      Any 16gb iPads is pretty much a rubbish these days, especially with that price!!!

      Maybe good if it's $299? And use for DJI Drone flying… lol

  • Called a local store and they said all iPhone and iPads are sold in all nearby stores :(

    • Would be nice to share your rough location.
      Can save some people calling up in the area

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    Southland empty

  • Werribee is empty except for accessories.

  • Melbourne city have a few stainless steel apple watches (series 3) for $600 and an old style Macbook air 1.8GB 128GB for $1050.

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    Don't think we'll have any chances of getting any newer model of Apple products, as they would have already been cleared by the Myer's stuff weeks ago!… haha

  • If anyone finds a trackpad 2 in Sydney can you pm me nearly all stores I went to have no accessories at all

  • 1999 iPod?

    Was at Sydney City Myer last night all old iPads they are listed at the RRP of the year of release not the present RRP of old model so despite taking 30% off it actually is 30% off the RRP then when it was launched. Many look pretty old even the boxes have turned yellowish despite white because of the humidity over the years of unsold goods

    All still locked inside glass cabinet as if they're real gold.

    • Accessories seem to be 70% off which includes AppleCare

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        You need to be careful with these as I believe AppleCare+ has superseded AppleCare and I'm not sure the boxed (version of) AppleCare does anything anymore.

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    Hey all, I was at MYER Sydney (Pitt St) and thought I’d take some photos if anyone was curious.

    See them here:

    Spoke to the people there who basically said it was a range of stuff up to about 2017/8. So nothing current.

    They also said it was 30% off RRP, so nothing is double discounted just because it’s old (although some ex demo stuff definitely was)

    There were some iPad pros from last gen, Apple Watch series 1-3, iPhone 8/8+, lots of MacBooks inc 2017 128gb MB air, lots of iMacs…

    Hope that’s helpful. Sorry pics aren’t in more detail, I had to run!

    Oh and 70% off accessories like smart covers, MagSafe chargers 85w, 60w from memory and some adapters for vga etc

    • Wish I am in Sydney….
      Need a iPhone 8+

      • Just an FYI, someone was being shown one of the iPhone 8+ models in that shiny red colour. Think that was limited edition?

        • Yes those are the Red Project Blood Clot Edition but like I said before, it is 30% off the RRP back when it was launched, nothing appeared like a good deal esp so many name brands Android can do so much more and costs below the Myer discounted prices.
          IMHO the ugly bezels alone does warrant a 56% reduction in price for that 56% reduction in screen estate plus I believe all only had 1 or 2 gig ram at most and none of the older Apple have the fusion built in the chip Really ancient technology for premium prices, even after discount of the markup up prices

    • If MYER listed the original RRP (before discount), then it may not be a good deal…

  • I went to Myer in Bondi Junction yesterday and they had 70% off accessories. Choose from a brilliant range of VESA mounts, VGA adapters, iPad cases and one lone iPhone 8 case (blue leather)….

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    Called several Brisbane stores this morning. Only Myer Brisbane City has stock of 2 Series 3 Cellular watches, 38 mm. Priced around $384.30

    • That's not bad, Series 3 still works well if you have reasonable eyesight. I got the wife a 40mm Series 4, which shows about the same amount as my 42mm Series 3.

      • Not they are ex-Demo display stock so Apple won’t provide any warranty for them. Nor do you get any type of box.

  • Still got some stock of Apple watch series 3 and 4 at Myer Perth. It seems all local Perth stocks were moved to city store as per store representative.

  • Very low chance of this, but anyone seen any Homepods in stock?

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    70% off at Doncaster but there's only iPhone and iPad cases

  • Myer Belconnen Canberra has 2 Ipads at 60% 0ff - both about $185ea. Mind you the newer is a 2012. both ex demo
    Ipad 3 wifi 16 gb $$185. this is the A1416 which means the better screen and faster chip
    the other is the older Ipad 2 wifi 16gb A1395
    What the hell are they doing with such old stock!!
    all apple accessories 90% off (maybe it was 95) cant remember

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