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HR is always on your side, make sure you share all your secrets with HR, they only help you and no one else. They are the number 1 angels…
18/02/2024 - 23:32
rent this and buy the house
17/02/2024 - 22:49
someone purchased land which was previously an underground Aquarium!
17/02/2024 - 11:20
if only they 'expunge' credit history inquiries every year - no such luck one simple sign up with telco or siging up with energy company…
17/02/2024 - 11:17
age discrimination, many ministers will not be eligible including the PM not good enough to drive but good enough to govern the country -…
17/02/2024 - 11:13
not as good as KamKuats who has wifi6.5 and Bluetooth 5.75
16/02/2024 - 14:45
Beijing cucumbers taste better
14/02/2024 - 17:53
rather hard to have an essential worker who makes no withdrawal forever and ever.
10/02/2024 - 22:43
we used to have to pay 5 cents each whenever we buy a prepaid pack. Those were the days, they are now 3 cents!
10/02/2024 - 22:02
only the horses ones are left all the good ones like Metallica and Elbert Pumpernickel all gone!
10/02/2024 - 22:00
not Sydney but people with foreign driving experience not of western origin. It is well known in many emerging economies or developing…
10/02/2024 - 13:01
no, it is simply a photo album for keeps to put it on Insta.
10/02/2024 - 13:00
ok in this context I meant oncoming traffic as in cars going about their business moving on a straight trajectory. And BTW as you are…
10/02/2024 - 12:58
You cannot blame oncoming traffic who actually have the right of way , you as a merging traffic has to wait for your opportunity to safely…
09/02/2024 - 22:51
This is correct, no matter whether you show your signals intention or not, the oncoming traffic always has the right of way. Having said…
09/02/2024 - 22:47
so hybrid servicing is $99? not including dealer's voucher for 35% off the first 16 services
07/02/2024 - 20:52
most likely to arrive in early June in time for winter.
05/02/2024 - 21:58
Wont be long before peeps will be 'eating grass'
04/02/2024 - 08:03
Omg lose all my points to zero unless I claim $50 out of pocket by end of February! I need to redeem or lose the loot!
04/02/2024 - 08:00
this was always 5.50 then it went to $6 when no one was watching.. and then it was jacked up to $7 riding along the cost of living…
03/02/2024 - 19:48
It’s not free - rubbish pass
03/02/2024 - 08:15