[Resolved] How to get Belong Mobile Referral Code and Corresponding Phone Number?

I was wondering how I would go about finding out the referral code and contact mobile number of the referrer for Belong Mobile's $20 refer a friend promo.
I ordered a free Belong sim via this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/445538 and used a randomly generated code via the OzBargain generator for Belong Mobile.
Unfortunately there appears to be a 'technical error' whereby they did accept the referral code on initial sign up but the $20 credit has now disappeared from my account. I have logged a Service Request querying this issue and they have acknowledged the 'technical error' and asked me to provide the original referral code and that person's mobile number.
I have NFI what the code was (randomly generated and then entered) and definitely no way of knowing who's mobile number is attached to the code.

Any bright ideas from the OzB community on how I can work around this????


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