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Free Belong Mobile SIM Card Delivered (Telstra Network)


Follow the deal link to order a FREE Belong Mobile SIM. While you fill in the form, remember to enter a referral code in the Promo code section (get a referral code from OzBargain's randomiser below). When you activate the SIM, you will get a FREE $20 credit to use on any mobile plans (e.g. free 2 months on 1GB plan).

I can also confirm that you can transfer your number from Boost or Telstra to Belong directly.

Traditionally, you had to buy a SIM starter pack to get the $20 referral but with this method, it will cost you nothing.

For everyone's piece of mind, I sent a support request regarding referral credit and this is the reply I got


20/03/2019 22:01

Hi. Greetings from Belong Mobile! We received your request for assistance about the billing of your account. Let me help you. Upon checking, your account has a remaining credit of $10. The $20 referral credit has been applied already, and $10 of it was deducted today for your service from today until 19 April 2019. I assure you that your account is up to date, and for the next invoice the remaining $10 credit will be utilized. Hopefully, this clarifies your confusion. Regards, John @ Belong Mobile


How do I cancel my mobile service?

Referral Links

Referral: random (790)

Referrer will receive $20 credit. Referee will receive $20 off 1st payment.

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  • +15 votes

    This is good! Don’t forget to use referral.

  • Got one, thank you.

  • This will get Ozbargained

    • Think Belong will be happy to increase their customer base by a few thousand overnight.

      • +15 votes

        Yes, I'm sure those few thousand will be "new" customers and not existing customers referring themselves for free credit.

  • This has been around for a long time but I guess no one posted it until now!

  • How do I add myself to random referral list?

  • Just activated my belong sim (that I previously bought from an officeworks special), my port from Telstra was almost instant, <1 minute. Used a referral code for the bonus $20. I live in a low-coverage area where Optus and Voda networks are literally unusable so I was forced onto Telstra. Belong reception is equal to Telstra and 4G speeds feel the same on browsing, but Belong scored like 5-10MBps slower downspeed on the speedtest (but upload speed was actually 5MBps higher). All my family are now on Belong (I was the last to move over) and we couldn't be happier!!

    Although I recommend activating the sim online through a browser rather than the app as it seems that lots of people report problems with the app on the store- although we've had no such issues yet

  • Is belong site currently being dosgained?

  • Can you set up a Belong account without having received the SIM number?

  • I can also confirm that you can transfer your number from Boost or Telstra to Belong directly.

    I assume you tested it personally yourself with a direct port from Telstra/Boost to Belong. Is that correct?

    Just want to be sure :)

  • -2 votes

    Stay away from belong people

    • Hmm why?

      This comment and its current status confuses me.

      Usually a vague comment like this gets negged because either:

      • People disagree
      • It lacks useful info

      In this case, I feel it lacks useful info, but it's getting pos'd which is making me think many people here are anti-belong…?

      • which is making me think many people here are anti-belong…?

        You can almost say they don't belong

        I'll see myself out.

    • no i wont. you stay away

  • Good luck to people who want to cancel their monthly plan, I've had a really bad experience with them and had to contact TIO to cancel and refund a month payment after I had already canceled it.

    • Porting out the number doesn't stop Belong? Belong will continue to charge for a mobile number that it does not provide service for? Fee for no service is a criminal offence, just ask AMP.

    • I had a bad experience with them as well. Although I tried to cancel on time their support system is not phone based. You have to lodge a support request online and they make sure they drag you along until they bill you for the following month.

    • Just a simple support request.
      "Please cancel this service"
      It closes usually within 1business day
      (We're you porting?)

      • No not porting. Activated $40 sim card on the 14th Feb and their billing cycle is from the 20th of each month. Tried to cancel straight away and was billed $40 and they cancelled service today. So despite activating SIM I had to pay $40 extra for the next billing cycle which belong would not cancel.

        • Belong conditions say 'If you’re on a month to month plan and you cancel it after activation but before your first monthly bill you’ll be charged one month’s plan charge' www.belong.com.au/customer-terms?section=general-terms#suspe...

          This looks like what you describe & Belong has charged you correctly on cancellation in Feb. So you got charged $40 but the account wasn't actually closed then? You kept it open instead? & then you got charged another $40 again today because you forgot to cancel in time or did they promise they would cancel in time? Sorry details are a bit confusing.

          Why would they not cancel?

          • @rachel33: My argument is if I buy $40 sim card for belong I have a right to only use it for 30 days and terminate without further charges.

            • @jamba: I think you misunderstood their billing system.

              You activated a $40/month plan on 14th Feb, they used the $40 credit and activated you right away, but the month doesn't start until 20th Feb.

              That $40 is paid for the month from 20th Feb to 19th March. You got the first 15GB of data and 14th to 19th Feb free of charge.

              You said your service is cancelled today. Chances are, they cancelled your service last night and did not charge your credit card or paypal anything.

              • @Trung: I had to pay an overdue amount of $40

                • @jamba: Hmm.. that sucks. Then it seems they didn't action your cancel request on time.

                  Right after you put in the request to cancel, the system would/should have sent you an email. If the timestamp of this email is on or before the 18th of March, that should give you enough reason to argue that you did place a request to cancel in time according to their instructions and therefore should not have to pay for month between 20th March and 19th April.

                  Hope all goes well.

            • @jamba:

              My argument is if I buy $40 sim card for belong I have a right to only use it for 30 days and terminate without further charges.

              Thats fair. but nothing in conditions say you can't do that

              So what went wrong? Did you cancel on time? Just asking cos I am cancelling visiting friends plan in April & worried about extra charges. ta

        • can you share about porting out and cancel thing? port out on 12th before 20th and cancel the account?

      • Yup. Just put in a support request to cancel my service and it was done the next business day. Much easier than I thought.

    • +1 to similar, absolutely non existent service. I tried to downgrade my plan to $10+$5/mnth from $40/mnth, it confirmed and in the end i got charged $45/mnth for the next bill instead. this plan doesnt even exist.

      as someone has said below - they will draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag this out. I attached by bill and asked them to check why this is the case. and they're still asking me if i changed or i wanted to change to $15/mnth. got tired after two attempts. In the end i just opened a dispute with PAypal and got refunded the $30.

      Belong is cheap and works but if you need support - good luck

  • Site was a bit slow for me, but got one each for the wife and I, thanks. I have no need for it currently, but will keep for a rainy day.

  • Today (20th) might not be a good day to activate. That is because it is a billing cycle day. Last time I did it, I found it charged $10 and within a few more days, another $10. So basically within 10 days, already got charged twice. Though I do get 2x the data, it wasn't 2 months worth of expiry.

  • perfect! all the sims i have are on the optus network, need a sim on a different network to to unlock my alcatel modem, hoping just sticking it in will be enough for it to prompt for the unlock code.

  • Can we order now and activate some months later?

  • So I've been with belong for a few months now I switch between the plans and build my data up as it doesn't expire its really good,
    So some months its just $10 a month if I have a big data month I switch up a plan.
    Only problem is the SIM card doesn't work overseas and eSim support (Apple Watch Support)

    • Cheaper using $40 starter packs and gift the data to you main number

      • how is $40 cheaper than $10 a month?
        No point in building up a load of data if I'm not going to use it.

        • Set up a $40 SIM on $40plan.
          Buy it on special for $15 or less
          Gift data.
          You should see 30gb within 7days of activation

  • This has always been free

  • Gave up when I was funnelled into CAPTCHA hell. Detest that tool with a passion.


  • very tempted to switch, but no overseas roaming seems to kill it. What to do when going on a trip abroad and need to use OTP for internet banking / credit card OTP

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