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Men's T-Shirts from $2.45, Shirts or Shorts $5.95 (Multiple Styles/Colours/Sizes) @ Rivers (C&C)


Clearance stuff from Rivers starts from $2.45 for Mens t-shirt while stocks last.

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Rivers Australia
Rivers Australia

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  • Someone get Scotty this “Dad bod” shirt https://www.rivers.com.au/shop/men/clothing/pyjamas/slogan-s...

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    Thx OP.

    Got 25 shirts for $100 :-)

  • Would this be found in-store too?

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    Guys, dont forget to use "WELCOMEC" for another $10 off the total order. And Yes it stakes on Sales
    Voucher is Only valid for an order value above 29.99 AUD.

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      thanking you

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      or BIRTHDAY2UA if you are already a member,$10 off 29.99 spend applies.

  • How does sizing run can anyone compare? I wear Saba M/L, Country Rd S/M… Uniqlo L/XL haha

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      Their sizing seems way off. Normally I'm around 102, and typically a L, but at a few stores which just use general sizes I'm M and some I'm XL. Usually I'm L though. Their sizing chart says Small is 101-105. That doesn't sound right. I never buy Small.

      I don't think I can trust this enough to buy, an exchange process is just too much hassle. Anyone else got input about the sizes?

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        Their sizes used to be all over the place, but now they seem a bit more standardised. I am 105 around the chest and I bought some mediums recently that are a bit neat for me but ok. Anywhere else I am usually an L too, except Asia, I am an XL there.

        • 'Neat' meaning tight? Did you mean you bought the mediums from there, or elsewhere?

        • What do you normally buy at Target, L?

          • @Biggles266: Yes, neat as in getting towards a bit tight, but L are too big and sloppy for me, I think M would be right for you. Yes, medium bought from Rivers. I am not familiar with Target clothing.

            • @cannibal: OK, I'm going to go for some M's. I also noticed it says their model is height 188 and wearing M, and I'm 178 and like the fit just a little looser than he's wearing so I think it'll be fine.

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    Thanks OP. Move over K-Mart.

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    I'm not sure that this deal is ethical. A 2$45¢ T-SHIRT. That is TO cheap.

    • Have you tried downtown

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      I'm pretty sure the 8 year old kid in the clothing factory in Bangladesh isn't getting paid any more for a $50 shirt

    • I'm not sure that this deal is ethical.

      And why would you assume the full priced items are also not being made for less than $2.45?

      I mean it's more more than the workers get paid per day still in case you were burying your head in the sand about free trade deals.

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      If something is being sold cheaper than it is made for, that doesn't mean it is unethical. It just means the company selling it to you is probably losing money. And here at OzBargain I don't think we care very much about that. :)

    • While I see your point, what I would add is that selling t shirts for $30, $40, $50+ is what is unethical. As is selling polo shirts for $80, $90 + . Which is what the brand names charge. We can see now what it costs to make them. But then anybody who has been to Asia and bought t shirts for $3 or so or polo shirts for around $4 or $5 knows that. I have only 1 genuine polo shirt that I was given. The rest are copies and people have actually said they like particular ones I wear (colour). I tell them it’s a copy I paid $5 for and they seem quite shocked. Sometimes I just let them think it’s an original $90 version.

    • Ok so we all agee then a 2$45¢ is compleatly ethical. I was wrong.
      In that case if we don't care they may as well be 10¢ shirts. Problm solved.

    • working fine now

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    Thanks OP.

  • looks like its gone up to 9.95 for the shirt I bought during the clearance

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