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[Refurbished] LG Microwaves $71 - $191 Delivered @ GraysOnline eBay


Out Of Stock.. ignore last 2 remaining cheaper elsewhere

see main link for all available -

Dont buy: LG NeoChef 23L Smart Inverter Microwave Oven 1000W (MS2336DB)
& LG MS2596OS NeoChef, 25L Smart Inverter Microwave Oven
can buy at the good guys for $134 & $179

OzB favourite LG MS4266OBS NeoChef, 42L Smart Inverter Microwave Oven $103 9 Available


Item may show marks/scratches/dents or imperfections. Accessories may vary from standard. Item may not be in original box or may have carton damaged.
Returns/refunds based on marks/scratches/dents or imperfections will not be accepted
This item is classified as Grade 1 (please refer to below Grading info)

Items in this category may show minor marks, scratches, dents or imperfections on the casing and / or the fascia.

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  • That's a great price on the 42L, mine is awesome.

    But considering these come with a 10 year warranty from factory but only 12 months from Grays, I'm not sure if buying refurbished is worth it.

    • Totally agreed, and the fact that these are refurbs tells you these do break. I've read a few reviews stating the same

    • if using as just a spare dont mind refurb save bit dollars ok, but yeah 10 year warranty is something to consider, this convention oven is good buy $161 LG - MJ3966ABS - NeoChef 39L Smart Inverter Convection Oven

    • To be clear, this is the warranty from the LG website:

      Warranty Period
      2 Years Parts and Labour + 8 Years on Magnetron (Parts Only)

      Not quite "10 year warranty" on all parts, but still. Something to consider.

      • The 8 year warranty is almost useless.

        I have a 10 year on my LG washer direct drive motor. The labour cost for these would approach the cost of a new microwave or washer.

  • I will never touch ANYTHING from graysonline…had very bad experiences from them ranging from electronic goods to a car.

    Just go to their facebook page and read reviews. I have no idea how they are still in business.

    • hit & miss had no issues so far, worst case get refunded

      • yeah I managed to get money back through Paypal all three times I have raised a dispute but they are the worst when it comes to dealing with issues. Even their token phonecall - "if you cancel the paypal dispute our team will refund you within 24 hrs"….lucky I read reviews about that call and refused to cancel it, if you do cancel your dispute they just dont refund you and at that point you're screwed.

    • Agree. They will also insist on trying to repair the item first before issuing the refund. 2 things I had "repaired" came back just as faulty and only then got a refund. Never again. I'm sure these microwaves probably come with bonus food smell

    • I've been lucky so far, all the items I've bought from graysonline have worked perfectly so I've never had to contact them for service.

  • Just checked out the smallest one. $151.16 . At good guys new its $134

  • got one thanks OP!:)

    one white still avail :)

  • Thanks OP. Bought the Stainless Steel 42L for $95. Hope it lasts though.

  • "Unfortunately, during the dispatch process this item has been lost in our warehouse. A refund is in the process of being completed and funds will be transferred back to you via your original payment method." Are they being serious?! Lmao never again.

  • I received mine on Monday (MS4266OBS). The platter was loose inside the microwave, so there seems to be a fair bit of internal scratching and some dents into the door while it was being shipped.
    I'm not sure how to check if its safe to operate. It seems to work though, should ask them to replace it (and will they even, as I understand it is Grays not LG)?

    • I received mine yesterday. The platter was loose too, and there's a small dent on the inside of the metal screen on the door. It's totally intact though, so it's safe to use. There are also some scuff marks on the top. I'm happy with mine as long as it keeps on working!

  • I tested it and it works so didnt need to send it back, they gave a small discount on the price in the end.

  • Mine had the same internal screen dent (seems fine)

    But I also had a broken dish holder/frame, the plastic brown thing with wheels under the dish

    Emailed them heard nothing yet…

    How did others get in touch with them?

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