expired Sabbat E12 Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Earphones US$51.29/ AU$73, Sabbat X12 Pro TWS Earphones US$38.76/ AU$55.2, Shipped +More @GearVita


1. Sabbat E12 Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Earphones - US$51.29/ AU$73, Shipped

Coupon Code: STE12AU
Earphone battery capacity 60mAh, charge box battery capacity: 750mAh, enables you to enjoy 6 hours music/ talking time.
Balanced and good sound quality, especially, it has good performance on bass.
Pleasant and excellent fit.
The video review of Sabbat E12 can be found here
Also there is a review article of Sabbat E12

2. Sabbat X12 Pro Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Earphones - US$38.76/ AU$55.28, Shipped

Coupon Code: AnX12Pro
Another one model of brand Sabbat. It comes with the similar function with the Sabbat E12, but the sound quality is a little bit weaker than E12. It's an affordable pick.

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    So many of these Bluetooth headphones that prob sound good but would be a bold move to wear in public


    the Sabbat E12s are all the rage right now. Great sound and bass. Check out some reviews on YouTube.


    Anyone know a brand/model of this style of Bluetooth buds that does NOT have the silicone tips? They never seal well in my ears across multiple brands and sizes over the years, which gives me the worst bass response and they all sound crap unless I hold my finger on them pushing them in to seal it. I need the hard ones, or hard with old school fluffy covers.

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    @gearvita can you please confirm whether this is the wireless charging case version? The description appears to suggest it is, but I need confirmation prior to purchasing.


    FML. I paid $76 bucks just a week ago for the X12 Pro. Been hearing good reviews all over the net. I'll report back once i test em. WHYWHYWHYWHY.

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    I have received mine from GearVita. Got it yesterday. Impressed with how fast it arrived.

    None of the silicone tip fit perfectly so I will get some memory foam tips. Using the silicone tip that fit the best, the earbuds sounds pretty good. Overall very happy. Very light and charging case is wireless and comes with USB-C which is great.

    Stable connection to iPhone or Samsung tablet. Does not disconnect even at more than 10m away from phone. Slight lag on some YouTube videos. No lag on Optus sports though.