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LOL Surprise Pets $5.00 Each (RRP $16.00) @ Woolworths


Hi All,

My first post here. Hope its useful.

Spotted LOL Surprise Pets for $5.00 each (Was $16.00 earlier) @ Woolworths while I was in Winston Hills shopping mall earlier this evening. There were about 20+ more pieces left. Not sure if its nation wide deal as I could not spot this on Woolworths online site.


EDIT: This is a Series 3 version.

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  • If you use the app you can view actual store pricing. Mine only shows series 4 at $16.

    • The one I picked is Series 3 - Updated the post.

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    coz I just died!!!!!

    Will be the reaction of a little girl I know.

    • I won't be telling the little girls in my life. They don't need to know.

  • RRP $16

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    This is a much more reasonable price for a LOL
    never understood why these things cost so much
    flimsy little plastic doll
    all marketing

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      I second this, these things are craptacular

    • Agreed x1000.
      Waste of resources.

      But here's some fun.

      1. Buy LOL Doll from Woolworths.
      2. Collect all the soft plastic waste and recycle at your local Coles (Only reason I would set foot in the door, besides nabbing the odd catalogue bargain)
      3. Profit ?
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        The LOL packaging has a huge amount of hard plastics, especially the small balls.

        And it’s not as if soft plastic packaging is truly recycled.

        The reason I do not like these toys as a parent are:
        1. Short lived entertainment (low replay factor - the thrill is in the excitement of opening)
        2. Crap value - when a single sticker is considered one of the items, that shows you how much value you get.
        3. Crap packaging. For such a small ball, finding 5 plastic segments that cannot be reassembled to be reused was overkill. Most of the time in other toys, hard plastics aside from the toy itself are reusable boxes, etc. not the translucent plastic with the strength of Tim tam tray but the ones 1-2mm thick.

        This is the physical product epitome of what the success of watching egg opening videos has turned into - they are banking on the little endorphin hit you get when you open an egg/package - the contents don’t matter just the process.

        To replicate at home, better off buying plastic Easter eggs container on clearance, and put old toys inside.

        • They are actually incredible sand toys for kids. Using 2 halves I can make sand balls and my kids are so happy with them :)

          • @xlamik: Thanks, we were only given 1 so no 2nd half to work with. S

            • @schwinn: I believe toys in plastic ball that consist of 2 halves. At least our one is that form. Not sure about all LOL products .

              • @xlamik: My daughter got given a lol ball, and the ball opens up like a sliced orange with different “segments”. At least those toy balls that open in the middle are softer plastic, the lol balls given to us were thick hard plastic and useless segments.

    • Don't get me started on those hatchimals.. Arrgh

    • Or the eyewatering $49 for the larger ones.

      I've never known any kids toy to be so ridiculously expensive.

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    My 7 year old goes mad for these.

    I loath the environmental cost. Utterly pointless repeated layers or landfill plastics, literally pointless waste.

    As a planet we shouldn’t allow this waste of resources.


    • Thats what I think every time i catch my daughter watching youtube videos of people opening this

    • +2

      Then why do you buy them for her?

      • Could be relatives buying them. I've only ever bought one when they first came out and then realised how awful they are.

        Now my husband's family keeps buying them for every special occasion.

        • for every special occasion

          which is every time they bloody well see them?

  • LOL :)

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    Thank you! Great bargain for those of us who have little people who get so much pleasure out of these toys. Such shit parenting bringing a little joy to our kids….. (eye roll)

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      I’m sure your kids’ joy will continue into adulthood as the planet further degrades and can no longer support them due to the disposable consumer pestilence and shit parenting you exhibit.

      • What do you think the Lego or the PS4 games that you bought are made from?

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          The tears of children that are into shitty gimmicks

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  • This is just crack for kids

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    These are basically Loot Boxes all over again

    • No really. Loot boxes are random. These are mapped to their location within the box. You can target the ones you want/missing for/from your collection

      • What's the trick? My kids are after the ultra rares, is there a way to ensure you get one?

  • Just grabbed three at my local - thanks OP!

  • Just wondering if possible to check which store has these in stock?
    I went to couple of stocks but could not find them, only found new series 4 at $16.

  • Thanks OP, boxes of the series 3 here in Toowoomba. Just be aware that they dont have any special/clearance tags on them - price still states $16, but scan at $5

  • :(
    Not at my local store
    :( :( :(

  • $3.50 now

  • Yes $3.50 now, a crapload available at townhall woolies (Sydney)

    • Goddammit - of course I don't work in the city any more :\

  • During the Ebay card 10% off visited 20 - 25 Woolies always checking for LOL found confetti at $12 was about it .

    Shows the value of one store great price if someone really tried to track this $5 one down .

  • Oops did find some of these at one store $8.60 X 5 , bought them .

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