This was posted 5 years 3 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Crunchy Natural Almonds 750g $9.90 @ Woolworths

  • 100% Australian Grown

  • Source of protein to support muscle growth

  • Source of fiber for healthy digestion

  • Healthy handful of 30g a day, can give yourself 25 days of healthy handfuls.

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  • RRP $11.

  • Good price. Still should be cheaper (~$12-13/kg) at Aldis.

    • How's the freshness at Aldi?

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        There’s been discussions in the past here, overwhelmingly Ozbargain has found Aldi stale and not nice( nuts generally)

        • This is what I suspected based on a purchase some time back but wondered if things had changed. Thanks for confirming.

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            @JJlikes2eat: I have mixed results with the Aldi almonds, and it's a lot of nuts to get through if you end up with a questionable bag.

        • I've bought natural walnuts and roasted almonds at Aldi recently and found they were better and fresher than what I bought at Woolies. Surprised to read that people have found the opposite. My local Aldi just got refurbished, so maybe it's a fresh shipment.

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        I've found them to be pretty good, only once I got a dud batch from a bag that wasn't airtight. I just roasted them

        I Always give the bags a squeeze now to make sure they haven't been punctured.

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          Update: For anyone interested.
          So based on an admittedly pretty lame sample size of just 1 bag each, I am a convert! - Well only if the woolies ones are on special.

          My side by side comparason: the almonds from woolies were a bit smaller but a bit crunchier and a bit sweeter - so another win for woollies nuts ( I previously converted from the Aldi Peanuts also)

          NB: On sale I will definitely stock up on woolies from now on, however, if they are not on special when I run out, then I would just get Aldi's. The difference is not that much between them to justify the higher price. I feel I have previously had almonds as fresh/crunchy from aldi also and obviously have no track record with the woolies ones yet for a decent long term comparison

          • @surfbum1: You do realise not on special woolies is around $14 a kg vs aldi $13 a kg. And each time you eat you probably have 50g max so its only 5c more at most to have something you enjoy more.

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        I've had no trouble with aldi almonds. But wherever you do get them make sure you eat them well within the packet date, or they all stink like plastic. I wish they'd use some kind of waxed paper instead.

    • Aldi trash, this one if you use wish gift card can bring it to around $12.50 per KG.

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    I buy Aldi’s Forresters Dry Roasted Almonds 400g all the time. Freshness is always excellent. Highly recommended.

  • Healthy handful of 30g a day, can give yourself 25 days of healthy handfuls.

    or 5 days of typical handfuls

    • Or 1 day Homer Simpson style

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        Well then you'd eat none. (You know he's a cartoon character, right?) ;-p

        • like trump seems to be.

    • I think 30g is about the DRV. I ate about 200g p/d on a diet and was always fine. 400g to 750g p/d and I got diahroea level sick.
      I guess the plant poisons oxalate and/or salicylates built up over a week or two.

      • 400 to 750g pd?!? That is absolutely… nuts!

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    Guys, I get this stuff from woolies all the time. Combine it with 10% off Wow Cc offer this weekend plus 5% wow gift card and get urself a bargain. Almonds are super better than aldi, coles. Aldi almonds are much flatter and have wrinkles due to dehydration and not so crunchy as woolies. Its a 1000 times higher in quality than the tosh they sell at the middle eastern deli which some !d!0t5 like @jain231 buy. Cheers

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