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Bose QC35 II Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling Wireless Black $358 Delivered @ VideoPro eBay


Not the cheapest but for those who missed out, and are keen on buying, not a bad time to purchase
Waranty included

The best from Bose. Now with the Google Assistant built in. QuietComfort wireless headphones II are engineered with world-class noise cancellation. And now they're even better. With the Google Assistant built in, you can play music, receive texts and get answers without glancing at your phone. QC35 IIs have the Google Assistant built right into the headphones. That means you can play music, receive texts, manage your daily tasks and get answers—all with your voice. Just press and hold the Action button, and start a conversation with your Assistant. And the QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II still feature our world-class noise cancelling technology that blocks noise and lets you lose yourself in your music. NO GOOGLE? NO PROBLEM. If you're not a Google user, don't worry. You can use the Action button to adjust your level of noise cancellation between three settings.

Product Features
Acoustic Noise Cancelling
Up to 20 hours of wireless listening per charge, and 40 hours when wired
Premium materials make them lightweight and comfortable for all-day listening
In the Box
QC®35 II headphones
Audio cable for wired connection
USB cable
Carrying case

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  • +6

    Depends how desperate you are for them, but I'd personally wait for the next Amazon deal + CR.

    • I Would give the same advice here. Willing to wait to get something under $300.

    • +4


    • It is worth every cent

    • A complete home cinema costs the same.

      Well webster dictionary defines a home cinema as:
      "An entertainment system for the home that usually consists of a large television with video components (such as a DVD player and VCR) and an audio system offering surround sound"

      Please, by all means point us at OZB in the direction of such an amazing deal as a complete home cinema for $368AUD. Of course, including the TV. We would be very glad to have such an amazing bargain within our hands.

      • -2

        I think his point is it's a lot of money for mediocre sound with impressive noise cancelling for the average person that might travel one or two times a year where these headphones really shine.

        But you could buy $300 55" TV and $168 sound bar which would be many times more value but I wouldn't exactly call it "home cinema"

        • +1

          Unfortunately if you spend 300 on tv, I’ll only have 68 to spend on soundbar.

        • That TV and sound bar would be below mediocre sound quality and below mediocre picture quality. Not sure why you would cross shop premium headphones and the cheapest of cheap TVs.

    • Please provide deal to get complete home cinema for $368. Also please explain how a home cinema compared to Bluetooth headphones.

      • -2

        Please explain why you need to ask the same question after its already been asked 3 times?

      • +2

        I think Whoknowshimself is talking about the home theatre system not home cinema.[just the wrong choice of word?]

        Yes,it can be have for $355 delivered

  • JB=$360 2 months ago.

    • it was $340 at least at my local store.

      • +2

        i preferred $360

  • Stupid question. These are good for iphone also? Just talks about google all the time.


    • They have two versions of them, one for Android phones and one for Apple phones. Not sure why.

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