Tier1 Branded 65" TV that's good value

hey guys,

was looking for a NU8000 65" that's under 1500 or an equivalent model (missed out ordering the ebay/clearance)

is the cheapo 75" worth sacrificing PQ for the size?
will be gaming and watching movies/sports I have a projector setup.

prefer to stick with tier1 brands…


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    Hisense P7


    How old is your projector?
    You can consider replacing your projector with a 4K one.

    You can fetch a faux-4K projector for under $2K now and enjoy the screen real estate, update from your current setup.
    I have the BenQ W1800 and it is fantastic. I game on it as well.

    Disclaimer: Please check the throw distance on the replacement projector as the distance required for the same size screen may be longer.



    Also would like to know as I M trying to get 65" TV but unsure which one provides best user experience in term of UI and smart TV functionality. PQ of course is important as well.

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