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Buy One Get One Free New Yorker Pizza @ Domino's Pizza


This deal is back.


*Not valid with any other coupon or offer. Valid until 27/04/2019. 10% surcharge applies on Sundays. 15% surcharge applies on public holidays. Valid at selected stores only. Surcharges apply for half ‘n’ half pizzas. Minimum delivery order $22. Prices include GST. The average adult daily energy intake is 8700kJ. See below for full T&Cs.

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  • Dunno if your expiry date “tomorrow” means midnight tonight but my coupon from the dominos app said it expires tonight, not tomorrow?

    edit: oh, it Is a different code. Mine’s 480723

  • I almost ordered this. But at the last minute I just changed it to a normal pepperoni pizza so I'd be slightly less fat after eating it. It was a struggle.

  • nice one thanks, just placed an order …

  • I'm new to these. How does two of them compare to 3 traditional large pizzas?

  • dont be fooled. these are horrible pizzas

    • I've never had them but I haven't found anyone who has liked these. All say they are not anything like New York Pizzas.

      • they are like larger version 'more the better' of value range pizzas. so yeh if you like value range they are good

      • I liked the dough/base. They just weren’t worth the price compared to the $5 value pizzas (which have apparently gone up?)

    • Yeah… bought 2 pizzas tonight and would rate them as 2/10.. pretty disgusting..

  • Thanks OP, dinner sorted

  • Are New Yorkers too poor to have cheap pizzas with almost no toppings? I can understand good pizzas may have no toppings but this is Domino's

  • Also the big cheese just like $5 simple cheese for me maybe just bigger?

  • Not valid at any of my stores (NSW) :(.

  • Not valid in Brisbane city :(

  • When it says valid until 27/4/19 does that mean it ends at midnight tonight?

  • Big and bland pizzas. No thanks.

  • Tastes nothing like a pizza in new York. It just tastes like a bigger dominos pizza that's expensive. It's just a hype. May as well just get a gourmet pizza from somewhere else.

  • Are these actually a lot bigger than standard pizza and cheaper in price?

    • i think the idea of the larger pizzas is rather than buying smaller ones, with larger ones you get less edge crust and hence pizza with no cheese, not so much lots more pizza / kg per $.
      if you are not crust person, the larger ones make more sense if you generally regard dominos was being in your taste profile. if happy eating crust stick with smaller ones so you can get bigger variety and more portion control.

  • 1 week lunch sorted.

  • Am I the only one who likes these NY pizzas ?

  • Guys for pete sake dont get this stuff. The medical expenses by eating this out weigh the bargain. As a first hand victim I am telling you. I used to have dominos daily and my arteries got hardened now with heavy plaque. Use this money to buy fruits and vegetables and fill your stomachs up. Nowadays only hugely obese ppl go to the pizza shop bcoz they know they cant shift it no matter how much exercise they do. Aboriginal parents are feeding thier massive number of kids with this with dole as they cant bother to cook. Avoid like the plague.

    • I used to have dominos daily

      Well bud I think I can pinpoint exactly where you went wrong.

      Im glad you've broken the habit and are on a healthier path though. Keep going.

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