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[eBook] Free Children's Book: Follow The Breadcrumbs (Was $3.99) @ iTunes & Amazon


Also available on Amazon AU and Amazon US.

Grab a free copy of this fun imaginative story for the iPad or iPhone just in time to entertain the kids in the last weekend of the holidays. With a theme song, sound effects and pop up text, your little ones will love this Australian made story.

How can having a big imagination get you into big trouble?

In his second adventure, we head with Willy Nilly on one of his many bike rides down to the local lake so he can feed the ducks. It is there, that Willy has a big idea: why not build a pond in his backyard? That way he can lure some ducks up to visit from the local lake so he doesn’t have to ride all the way down there to visit.

But his plan backfires dramatically when all the local wildlife turn up in his backyard. How will he feed them all? And how will he clean up the mess?

Find out more about Willy Nilly's other adventures and grab your free kindle copy at http://www.willynillyadventures.com.au

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