Domino's Vs Pizza Hut, which do you prefer?

I've tried Dominos Traditional vs Pizzahut Deep Pan, and while the Pizzahut ones had a lot more calories and were slightly larger, I think Dominos ones tasted better overall, especially the cheese. Dominos cheese is absolutely amazing compared to the Pizzahut one, which just felt "okay". Going to try Dominos Deep Pan next to see how it compares.

Price wise, they are roughly the same, except that Pizza hut doesn't have the two free topping changes thing that Dominos does, so you get less variety.

Which do you prefer?

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    Pizza Hut

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    Neither, both mass produced crap.

      • for this but wonder how long pizza hut gonna share same fate with eagle boy
      • I would expect so, it must be a very poorly managed company.

        Pizza hit was great 40 years ago - fantastic pizzas with great service in a pretty decent restaurant environment.
        Whatever made them decide "let's be like dominoes instead" seems to me to be one of the dumbest business moves I've heard of

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      We're all mass produced crap

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        I'm unique, well that's what my other half says

        • +1

          As they back out of the room trying not to make eye contact.

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    the same. both taste like a oily doughy mess. that makes u feel like crap right after and have existential crisis while your watching game of thrones

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    It's pretty clear from reading comments on Dominos deals and Pizzahut deals that we generally prefer Dominos.

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    Dominos, but there hasn't been a Pizza Hut close to me for a long time.

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    Depending on whoever has the best coupon offers

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    I agree on neither. If I'm going to commit to that sort of calorie intake I want to get something that tastes really good.

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    Home made all the way. If I can’t do that then my local restaurant with a wood fire

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    Neither…..needs to be a poll option OP…..might be the most popular option LOL

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    Haven't had Pizza Hut in several years, but Domino's is complete garbage. Really dipped in quality past few years, while their prices and delivery has increased substantially.

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    This is like asking if I’d prefer to wipe my butt with sandpaper or steel wool.

    • Steel wool :P

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    Both should be banned from calling their products pizza. That being said, Dominos preservative induced metallic aftertaste is absolutely disgusting. I haven’t been able to detect such aftertaste in Pizza Hut. Well, they have no taste at all, truth be told.

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    I prefer local family owned pizza places.

    • Paying 2x the price is not really an ozbargain thing.

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        Paying 20 bucks for 2 large pizzas that fill you up 4x more than dominoes and taste 10x better isn’t a bargain?

        • Unless they have 4x the amount of calories, I highly doubt that happens.

          • @Question: My local pizzas are about an inch thick, so yeah they likely do have more calories. 3-4 slices of that and I’m done.

            • @Some Human: They may have more calories, but im betting its not 4x the amount. They probably have the calories amount printed on their brochures and stuff, so if you could compare those that would be great.

  • We often have pizza night on Friday and we've mostly gone with Domino's. Pizza hut tastes a bit drier and more cardboardy to me and is somewhat bland and not quite as good as Domino's. Sometimes Domino's can be bad but most of the time it alright and is certainly cheaper and has more choices than Pizza Hut.

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    Dominos tonight was delicious

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    Personally dominos tastes better and has better deals and delivery, pizza hut has a more interesting range though.

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    Mostly Domino’s but I did find that Pizza Hut at Elanora on the Gold Coast was better than the Domino’s in that area so it can be store based I guess.

  • I worked at pizza hut in my junior years. With the shenanigans that went on there, i would never eat a pizza hut pizza. Then again if i worked at dominos I would probably be saying the same thing.

    • ….what sort of shenanigans….? Like food sabotage akin to that guy who put needles in strawberries but instead of needles it's something else and instead of strawberries its their final made pizzas?

      • Opening up a 10kg box of cheese only to find some of it moldy, then told to just remove the mold and use the rest. Finding flies in the ground beef and told not to worry, just remove the fly and use the rest. You get the idea?

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        • Should have sent an anonymous tip to corporate, they would have shut that down fast. Nobody wants a food poisoning case because a store manager wanted to save a few bucks.

          • @Question: Nah, they'd put all the employees lined up and not let them go until one of them spills the beans on the secret…..fair enough if you wanna keep your job I guess….gotta get money somehow right?

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    Both are pretty low quality these days, espeically Pizza Hut.

    They have both changed their business models to focus on offering lowest price pizzas. This is really starting to show as both their quality has deteriorated over the past ten years.

    Pizza Hut used to be the go to pizza restaurant and could charge a premium price for a dine-in experience. They dropped the ball big time and now are reaping the consequences. Just like Kodak in digital camera space. Pizza Hut are now nothing!

  • Dominos but I'm not fussy.

  • Just for fun tried a $3 Coles frozen supreme pizza recently. Sprinkled some oregano on before heating.
    Surprisingly okay. We were shocked.

    • The ones in the cardboard boxes are awful, tastes like cardboard with no cheese.

      The ones that come in the see through plastic wrapping though, are pretty good, lots of nice melted cheese and has some kind of spicy, herb taste to it.

      • I did mean the boxed frozen one. Thus our shock!

        The ones you prefer are on the refrigerated shelves, in or near the deli dept. Usually $5.

        • Maybe they updated the recipe for the boxed ones, I tried them a few times and they had barely any cheese. Did the ones you get have a lot of cheese on them? Comparable to the deli ones?

          • @Question: Cheese was sufficient, not exactly generous. But we didn't consider it under-cheesed. The only minor problem was all toppings were off-centre slightly. Like someone aimed a topping gun and didn't quite bullseye it. I assumed there may have been a calibration issue in the factory.

          • @Question: …and again today, we shared a $3 Coles Democracy pizza.
            Just enough cheese to keep toppings secure.

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    Y’all the question wasn’t what’s your favourite pizza place, it was dominos vs Pizza Hut. Yeah sure I prefer an authentic or wood oven pizza but they’re more expensive and further away. This is comparing like with like. As you’d compare Channel ten and channel 9, you would go WELL ACTUALLY I prefer Netflix.
    That being said, I live near a dine in Pizza Hut but still prefer dominos

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    Making your own is way better, or go to an independent pizza place :)

    • Interestingly I made my own pizza and asked Dominos to cook it in their oven and I have to tell you that it had the Dominos taste 100%, almost like just running it through their oven made it that way.

      • +1

        welcome, to The Twilight Zone

      • Wait how did you get domino's to put I assume a pizza you prepared at home in their ovens? Can they do that? Isn't that like unsafe and against health and safety food standards policy because your home is not exactly regulation food safety standards.

        Did they charge you to do it.

        • The security guard who worked at the shopping centre was a friend of mine, and he was a friend of the Dominos manager as well.. so I gave him two pizzas, one being a home-brand frozen pizza and the other a home-made pizza with gourmet toppings. Both turned out excellent, but with the distinctive Dominos taste… No charge though.

          On another occasion I personally asked if the staff could put buffalo mozarella on my pizza which I pre-cut and placed ina fresh plastic bag food storage bag and they obliged. I would say this is a no-no for most stores but it was late at night, no other customers around to question it etc, I wouldnt have done it if people were looking on.

  • -1

    I will not buy anything from Pizza Hut since they pulled all their advertising from " Sky News ". Apparently the CEO of Pizza Hut doesn't agree with the political comment on that channel. Why bring politics into the pizza shop?

    • Because where and how you advertise does have an impact on your brand. Thought that was common knowledge. Pretty basic tbh mate.

  • I haven't had either in yonks! I only buy from my local pizza place because they support our junior football club. Their pizza is pretty good too.

  • If I am in middle of Sydney the best pizzas are the meat and meat and cheese pizzas from the middle eastern bakeries.. Best pizzas hands down and usually very affordable compared to the expensive italian restaurant pizzas.

    I am telling you now simple meat cheese pizza is the bomb (pun not intended).

    You will know because they usually give you a lemon and option for chilli and normally have a sink in the eating area to wash after you eat using your hands. It is genius.

  • Domino's is shit. Paper thin, no weight, no substance to them. They ALWAYS get your order wrong eg NO BBQ sauce, but they give you BBQ sauce. Sparse (if any) toppings, and they false advertise with people out the front holding $5 pizza placards, only to sting you with a surcharge on public holidays and weekends. I would rather eat one of my own turds than Domino's ever again. Yes they are in my opinion that bad.

    Of the two cheap evils, Pizza Hut is better. Their pizza's have some weight too them, are actually hot, their staff speak English when you're in store (and are very friendly), whereas at Domino's they all speak some other language, at you as they laugh in your direction, and you have no idea if they're insulting or mocking you or what they are saying. I do miss Pizza Hut restaurants with their all you could eat deals.

    End of the day, I know you're all after a bargain, but I'd rather pay $20 for something delicious and substantial that fills me up, hits the spot, and there is some left over to enjoy the next day. To me, that is a bargain. Local pizza restaurants are the only way to go.

    Finally, HOW does Domino's always run out of Hawaiian pizza, clearly they're not made fresh on site but are pre-prepared production jobs heated up on order.

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