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Flaxmere Men's Longline Jacket $60 (Was $179.98) + $10 Shipping / Free C&C @ Kathmandu


Just happened to be wandering through the Rocks in Sydney and noticed clearance sale. Grabbed one of these and then checked and available online in all colours and sizes.. Some other good items as well including the ladies version of this.

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    Hold the front page! Sale at Kathmandu!


    Does anyone find their sizing smaller than most other places. 111cm Max chest for an XL?!


    Are any of there clothes any good seriously? I'm always under the impression their clothes are way overpriced and crappy quality.


      Only buy them when they are on sale and they are worth it.


      they're good at 50+% discount price, like this.
      better yet if you a member and could combine with $20 birthday voucher.
      Last week I nabbed a children jacket for $19.98 using the voucher, from the $119.98 RRP.. that's a whooping 83% off


        I am member but never received $20 voucher on birthday?

        Are you sure it's for birthday?

        Member Deals
        All year round, members get up to 20% off all full-priced gear.

        Member Rewards
        Earn points with every purchase and get a $20 voucher for every $500 you spend.*


          Hmm.. i got $20 voucher twice this year.
          The first one was because I haven’t bought anything from them for years. The second one definitely was a birthday present from them.
          They explicitly mentioned it


    Back in my stalking days I'd have been all over this.

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    60 bux for a polyester jacket, me thinks not!


    I just looked into store today. Those ones looks like old jackets with faded colors. It's not the same style as last year or so which they made very good and fancy like jackets.

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    Buy from their eBay store for $58.20 with code PLACE. Free delivery if you have eBay Plus.


    I like how they don’t show inside the jacket because it’s a Polyester ripoff made by the same folks who make the device you’re reading this message on.