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Private Internet Access VPN: 3 Years - US $99 (~AU $140.50) @ Private Internet Access


Was hunting for their best price as I needed to replace my old provider and found this. It gives Gizmodo Media Group some level of commission if that bothers you. Comes to $2.75 USD/mo vs their normal offered price of $3.49 USD/mo in a 2 year for $84 deal.

Also comes with the offer of renewing at the same price - "If you subscribe to the three-year plan today, you’ll be able to continue to renew it at the same price for the life of your subscription"

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  • Hmmm this or nord. Tough choice.

    good price.

    • I've used both as I was hunting for which VPN had the best speeds, and PIA was miles faster than Nord
      So normal internet speeds are >90mbps on Aussie Broadband
      When connected to VPN (both to Melbourne as example), I would get 30mbps if lucky on Nord, and 50-70mbps on PIA

    • Agreed, PIA much better.

    • FWIW, I bought 3 years of Nord for gaming, only to find that I was regularly getting packet loss in games regardless of which of their servers I connected to. With PIA I don't get any packet loss, and it's always stable.

    • Another +1 for PIA. So much faster than Nord

    • Definitely this, way faster than NordVPN.
      I just cancelled my NordVPN and signed up again for PIA. NordVPN is just too slow. Tried different servers and settings, didn't make much of a difference.

      • did you get Nord through Shop back? if so how did you cancel? I signed up and now thinking about going to PIA instead

        • Yes I went through Shopback. There's a 2.5 month approval period for cashback to ensure that people don't cancel or refund, so my claim will just get voided.
          Cancellation was easy, did it through live-chat and got my refund in 3 days.

    • Using PIA right now.

      Trialed Nord. Nord is a joke. Its speeds are poor.

      But there are other considerations. PIA is based in the US, a Five eyes country.

      • PIA has been taken to court by FBI and was successful. Keeps no logs.

        • I'd still rather they be unable to be taken to court by the FBI in the first place.

          There's a reason why people are selective about countries VPNs are hosted in. If all you have to do is not keep logs and you are safe from any court orders, no one would care what country a VPN is hosted in.

    • Nord isn't based in a five eyes country and has a lot more options if you want to use a proxy.

      I also find them to be more reliable and faster than PIA.

      Out of all VPN's PIA spends the most on advertising, so if you want to compare, use something like thatoneprivacysite to remove bias and possibility of someone being paid to make them look better.

      • It seems mileage varies a lot with Nord.

        I should mention, a third very popular option is Torguard. Also not based in a Five eyes country.

        Last time I checked they were $40 USD a year. Might still be.

  • me also need one but still looking hows IP vanish

  • May I know when does the deal expire?

    • The page I found it on indicated it was already supposed to have expired. Don't know if they forgot or just let it run longer.

    • There is always some deal floating around somewhere, it tends to cycle around platforms.

  • Thanks OP - Windscribe blows.

    • What's wrong with windscribe? Should I switch?

      • Depends on what you are after. Windscribe has constant dropouts and slow speeds for me. Been using it (on and off) for ages. I got this deal and it's about 90% of my usual speed on speedtest and it doesn't give me any grief at all.

        I have a lifetime sub with windscribe but I might use it for the windflix at some point. I haven't used that yet but it might come in handy.

        • I've never had any problems with dropouts and I get pretty much 99% of my usual speed on
          I have it on all the time with no problems. Do you use the openvpn protocol or IKEv2 protocol?

          • @Mibo: If it's working fine for you, then there's no need to change it. For me I get 10 Mbps or less. Not even broadband.

      • It's very slow.

  • Works with Netflix?

  • Isn’t this the same price as on their website ?

    • +5 votes

      They have cookies that track where you were referred from, if you open it in incognito it will be the default price.

  • Seems pretty expensive compared to some of the previous deals?-

    • +3 votes

      Prices were recently raised, this is the best I could find currently.

    • They allow up to 10 devices now so prices have risen.

    • So glad I got on the 5 year deal, they've lifted their game a lot over the past few years as well.

      • I'm surprised you say that. Over the past two years I've noticed more connection issues, and some shady things happened earlier when they got bought by another company without informing their users, then deleting posts on their forums mentioning it or asking what was going on.

      • In the email they sent last year it mentioned existing customers the price won't change come renewal time. But if you cancel, then resubscribe you'll pay the higher price.

  • PIA has recently raised their subscription prices. Given the quality/speed, this deal is real good.

  • I just moved house and dont have internet connection at home, but there is a public wifi nearby.
    Can i run all my android phone traffic through this vpn somehow (app+rom updates and backups to the cloud)?
    Is it doable and would it be secure?

    • its a 5 eyes located vpn - they have to keep logs in the states but of course they say they don't…

      we of course now live under the draconian liberal 'Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Bill 2018'

      'Far from being a 'national security measure' this bill will have the unintended consequence of diminishing the online safety, security and privacy of every single Australian' senator Steele.

      strange how everyone forgets who introduced the unfettered legal power to force a wide range of 'companies’ associated with the digital sector to integrate spyware in devices and apps without the consent or knowledge of their customers.'

      The anzac's didn't fight for this crap

  • Might be good to wait till Nov during Black Friday.. Last time it was $70.40USD for 5 YEARS.

  • I'm on a dream with PIA at $60 / 2 years. T
    Just had my renewal.

    I seem to lose less than 10% speeds when on PIA, so while happy with them.

  • I've been using PIA VPN for 4 years now and its awesome.Easy to set up and easy to use.
    Bugger…… I just renewed my 2 year subscription on Good Friday cost me AU $122 for 2 years so this is great value

  • I’ve been with PIA since 2015, with a recurring bill of $31.95 US a year. Any reason why the price hikes wouldn’t affect me? I don’t remember locking in to a fixed price but it seems that way.

  • Darn Good price, just recently renewed for 1 year for $88AUD

  • Do they have chrome extension?
    Can't seem find any detail.
    Nord advertise alot and speeds seem slower recently

  • A bit expensive now, will wait until a kick ass deal comes along again, mine expired yesterday.

  • Does anyone know if this stacks? Current sub expires November. From memory, I think it doesn't but can't be sure.

    • If you buy this, then email them, they will merge the two accounts so that you get the total number of 'days' that you paid for

      That's what they did for me - had 80 days left, found a ripper deal for a 3 year subscription, bought the 3 year, emailed them, and they sorted me out.

  • I just auto renewed a couple weeks ago for $39 USD per year. Always miss out on the good PIA deals

    • Their website says 1 Year is now $71 USD - so I’m guessing we’re locked into the old price? That’s a hefty jump!

  • Whoa, when did they increase their usual prices? 1 Year is now $71 USD. Wasn’t it like $36 USD?

    Mine auto-renewed in October for ~$48 AUD, so I’m guessing I was locked into the old price? Unless it was increased recently?

    • They sent an email last year that existing customers stay on the same price when they renew. But if you cancel, then resubscribe, you'll pay the new prices.

  • I'd be hesitant about going with a VPN based out of a five eyes nation. Air VPN and Mullvad are two other good alternatives. There is a good spreadsheet someone out together on the VPN subreddit which compares a heap of them over numerous criteria such as location, encryption methods, price, data logging etc.

  • Wow, what an expensive price for PIA. Are you sure this isn't a mistake?

  • PIA doesn't support split-tunnelling, not without requiring OpenVPN.

  • How's this compared to windscribe?

  • 5 Eyes

    "The CTO of PIA is Mark Karpeles, a convicted criminal involved in the infamous Mt. Gox collapse and Bitcoin heist."

    Jeez is that true?

    • I've looked him up. He's one of the dodgiest people on the planet.

      • Sounds like he is now also one of the RICHEST dodgiest people on the planet too. Could be a billionaire if he can cash out enough of those bitcoins some allege he has hidden away.

      • The kind of bloke that would sell you out in a heartbeat to get a sentence reduction or other deal perhaps?

    • Honestly he's the kind of guy I would trust to provide a service that protects your identity on the internet.

  • How's this compare to TorGuard?

    • In short, it's easier to use but torguard is more robust with features.

      • Thanks robust is what I'd rather

        • Something I should also mention, sites and services are getting better at combatting VPNs. They know when you're using some VPNs, and PIA is on the blacklist. You will be blocked from accessing such content if you use a known VPN on their DB.

          I can't say whether Torguard or Nord are also blacklisted, but PIA definitely is in some places.

          I thought I could get around some geoblocking where basic free news clips are exclusive to US residences, but I can't access them. Other sites and services also block PIA.

  • great vpn have been using this for years now

  • How does this compare to ExpressVPN?

  • PIA have recently added a Perth server.
    Been with them for about 4 years now and no complaints - although I have not tried anyone else.

    Although it was only $35au per year from memory via a 2 year sub deal, so price has jumped…

  • I loves PIAs service, but their accounts/support department has been a nightmare.

    • Have a yearly renewal account with them for ~6 years.
    • Buy a 5 year deal, where their PIA rep was saying email them and they can combine accounts.
    • Support tells me my old account is too old to merge/transfer the remaining credit to my new account. (WTF)
    • In march, old account renews its yearly subscription, even though I asked them to close it when I purchased my new account
    • They told me they cant refund the 1 year fee, but that they now CAN merge my accounts (WTF)
    • Next day receive a refund with no explanation.
    • Receive another email asking me if I want to merge accounts still, even though I had been refunded (WTF)

    The above actions happened with over 20 emails in the chain due to their lack of English comprehension and was extremely frustrating. Their VPN speeds though are fantastic.

    • To add to this, I was after a service the enables me to access certain European content. However, I seem to have hit Geolocation issues, which I understand PIA do not support. (My fault here)
      Could be their IP's in Europe are not updated…. not sure, don't have the technical understanding to investigate further.

      I bought 3years deal yesterday, just requested a refund today.

      Anyone recommend an alternative.

  • I'm about to sign up, anyone after a referral?

    "Referrers and referees receive 30 days free."

    If so PM me.
    Reviews from you folks have been good, I haven't read any reasons not to sign up.

    • FYI, referral codes sent don't seem to lead to the $2.75 /Mo 3 year deals. Rather they only allow $3.49 / Mo 2 years deal.

  • My current subscription ends September, 2019. 135 days from now. I used the above link. Paid for 3 years and it added the 135 days on top of the 3 years :)

    Subscribed since: April 29, 2019 02:12 (Three Years payment)

    Your subscription renews in: 1231 days

    Payment method: Paypal

    Next billing: April 29, 2022, September 11, 2022 - (135 days free granted) - $99.00

  • Still using the previous 2 year deal ending in August, I'd subscribe again for the previous deal but not with the new pricing.

    Great VPN Though! no hiccups and fast speeds!

  • Good for gaming? Can anyone share the experience?

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