What Brand of 1.5v Rechargeable Batteries Do You Use for Windows Mixed Reality Headsets Here in Australia and from Where ?

So recently picked up a Windows Mixed Reality Headset Samsung HMD Odyssey+. Problem is apparently all these WMR Controllers require 1.5v batteries to work properly I read. I would ideally buy 1.5v rechargeable batteries, rather then buying new batteries every second day.The few links I found via Google search are all in Amazon US, not here in Australia. So I thought I would ask the bargain gurus in here, what 1.5v rechargeable batteries do you guys use here in Australia and where you buy them from that you can kindly recommend me ?




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    Legit and very OzBargain answer, Eneloop Pro.

    I know they can be had cheaper, but I wanted them then and there so I picked mine up from Jaycar.

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      Like most rechargeables, they put out 1.2v. Almost everything that "requires" 1.5v will work with nimh outputting 1.2v, but there are exceptions. Of all the devices I've owned that took AA or AAA, only two gave me problems. One was a blood pressure monitor, the other a cheap wireless keyboard/mouse combo from OfficeWorks. Both would work with a fresh off the charger nimh (when output is around 1.4v), but would stop shortly after (when it dropped to it's normal ~1.2v output).

      Op, have you tried normal rechargeables?


        Aren't the Eneloop Pro rechargeable ones 1.2v ? I am looking for 1.5v. If I am mistaken, please direct me to the correct link.


          So what if they are 1.2v, they work, I'm using them in my Lenovo WMR Headset.

          All AA rechargeables will be 1.2v, so either buy rechargeables or keep buying new batteries.

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    The ikea LADDAs. By all accounts, they're rebadged eneloop pros and they're much cheaper, something like 8 bucks for a 4 pack.

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      make sure they say made in japan on the pack. some discussion here on some made in china packs showing up


        Again aren't they 1.2V and not 1.5v? If I am mistaken, please direct me to the correct link.


          You won't be able to find 1.5v rechargeable batteries, it's just the nature of rechargeable AA batteries. Majority of electronic stuff that uses batteries will be able to use the 1.2v rechargeable versions of 1.5v non-rechargeable batteries just fine. Even 1.5v batteries slowly go down towards 1.2v and beyond as they're used up. Just make sure that you get the right size battery(AA or AAA if it's 1.5v)

          Given that you can't control the voltage of said battery, what you can do is decide what capacity and quality of rechargeable batteries you want, and eneloop pros(or LADDAs) are considered pretty good on that front.


    google suggests just regular AA 1.2v batteries would suffice.

    go the ikea LADDAs


    I use these https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-rechargeable-battery-aa-...
    Low Self Discharge. Capacity is spot on. They are worth it to me as I just get 10 at a time when I place an order for other parts.



    Contrary to others, various indications read that headsets demanding of voltage, but you will still be doing plenty of recharging!

    I saw your thread the other night, thinking that you might eventually receive some useful information, but unsurprised that you haven't. Apology for some milling around of strident ain'ts, OzBargain threads sometimes chockers with those. Just a hobbyfarm-sized quantity of those here.

    Listen to this as you click a few other links. A few…

    This is not a complete list, but will point you in the right direction. You will need to decide on seller and quantity, and buying one of a few specific types as relates charging.

    Another higher-voltage rechargeable AA option exists, but those batteries (NiZn, Nickel-Zinc) really not worth the hassle.

    Lithium -

    This first one, I will just briefly mention, as may be more complicated for you than wished. It has been my pick for some multicell use for years now, and is the business for extremely low weight w/alkaline voltage. Even allowing for the very low capacity, more akin to AAA batteries, for the AA size.
    Still, Soshine (only experience is with that brand) make perfectly reasonable LiFePo4 -LithiumIronPhosphate(very safe chemistry) 14500 (that's the AA-size) 3.2V batteries. Voltage-halved in multicell use, with these.
    Batteries require Lithium-capable charger, with specific LiFePo4, mode. Common now and even good these have that.
    Above more relevant to hiking a crapload of stuff and looking to minimise the sheer weight of all combined, but still an option for you if keen and up for very regular battery swap and recharge for those controllers of yours.

    Other Lithium -

    Capacity higher, charges via USB. Voltage just over 1.5V and drops just very slightly under load. Three current listings you can have a look at:

    Batteries, specific charger sold with. No experience with these, but capacity difference will make for at least some extra juice in practical use -
    https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32796149010.html (currently a price mistake on that page)

    Other-branded option for both of those types mentioned -

    Best to recharge all of the above, well before they hit their low voltage cut-off protection. Like all lithium batteries, they will survive for many more cycles, if you do that.

    A couple of other brands around in the US market, but suspect re-wraps and likely won't readily ship here anyway.

    Originally reviewed as being fairly ordinary (including the original charger), Kentli Lithium around for several years, and improved, Etinesan branding for at least a few, ZNTER more recent. Some relationship in manufacturing between all three of those, maybe. Definite in case of Kentli brand, and Etinesan.

    Regardless, remember to bump thread with experience of whichever batteries you choose! :)


      Looking at the same info. These lipo take 2 months to ship, and cost about 40-50 for 4.

      You can get these https://www.bunnings.com.au/varta-aa-alkaline-batteries-30-p...

      30 sets of alkalines for the same price.

      But do alkalines last as long? They have more voltage drop than charges.


        I would ideally buy 1.5v rechargeable batteries, rather then buying new batteries every second day.

        Initial impression was of OP just generally keen for a rechargeable option.

        Aside that, the Varta alkaline batteries from Bunnings are cheap and are good performers. I've had a couple of cells leak, but only older ones and after exposure to high temperatures. Much less risky to use than Duracell Ultra left too long at any temperature and in any device.


    I thank you all for your valuable kind suggestions and advises. I eventually picked up a pack of Kentli 4 battery with charger from ebay. And it works fine with Samsung HMD Odyssey +.

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    Weird question maybe, I bought a Samsung Odyssey+ which I'm super chuffed with. Problem is it eats disposable batteries like corn flakes so I'm looking to get some rechargeables.

    Already got Eneloops coming out of my ears but at 1.2 volts they pretty much instantly trigger the "low battery" warning in the controllers and turn off the rumble, which sucks.

    I've been looking at NiZn and Li-Ion rechargeable AAs but I can only seem to get them from shifty seeming eBay stores or at a big markup from Amazon. Not keen on buying random batteries and burning my house down.

    So I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with these and any favourites they would recommend?


    The Loops brother.

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