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Cashrewards 5th B'Day: NordVPN 80%, EnergyAU $150*, WOW Mob $150*, AOL 2%*, Tick'mast $5, CW 5% (InStore DJs 7%, LDCleaners 20%)


Hi all. Our 5th birthday celebrations kick off today and run for the entire month of May. Here's just a small taste of things to come. Check back daily as we'll have some super deals right through. And don't forget to check out our Visa In-Store Card Linked offers for some super savings while shopping in-store at your favourite outlets.

I must apologise in advance as I likely won't be able to respond to comments. You've probably noticed I've been a little quiet lately, and that's because I'm currently O/S on a well deserved vacation. But please know someone from the team will help if need be. Ensure you read the terms for each store before purchasing as some have very specific guidelines. Thank you as always for the incredible support. Enjoy :)

Note: On March 12 we upgraded our Refer-a-Friend program. If you added a code prior to this date to OzB's randomiser, you'll need to re-enter your new code available here. The old one will no longer work. Also, ensure you download our Mobile App. There's been a number of enhancements made recently that we're sure you'll enjoy.

All end times are 11:59pm AEST on the dates specified.

Online Cashback Increases:

Appliances Online up to 2% (was up to 1%) ends May 2
Blue Nile 6% (was 3.5%) ends May 3
Calvin Klein 10% (was 7%) ends May 3
Catch.com.au up to 6% (was up to 2.8%) ends May 4
Charles and Keith 10% (was 4.9%) ends May 7

Chemist Warehouse 5% (was 1%) ends May 1
Dan Murphy's up to 7% beer/cider/spirits (was up to 2.4%) ends May 2
Energy Australia up to $150 (was up to $112) ends May 2
Lacoste 20% (was 4.2%) ends May 2
Millers 9.5% (was 5.25%) ends May 7

Myer 8% (was 2.8%) ends May 2
NET-A-PORTER up to 8% (was up to 4.2%) ends May 2
NordVPN 80% (was 25%) ends May 2
Ticketmaster $5.00 (was $0.20) ends May 1
Tommy Hilfiger 14% (was 7%) ends May 1

Woolworths Mobile $150 (was $50) on Samsung Galaxy S10 512GB plan
UGG 8.4% (was 4.2%) ends May 12
Wrangler 12.6% (was 4.2%) ends May 7
Dell 8.4% (was 2.8%) ends May 2

Visa In-Store Merchants Recently Added:

David Jones 7% (no min spend) Stack with 20% off fashion, shoes, and accessories on May 2
Guess 7.5% (no min spend)
Lawrence Dry Cleaners 20% (no min spend)
Littles Dry Cleaning 10% (no min spend
Star Car Wash 7% ($55 min spend)

Lorna Jane 7% ($20 min spend)
UNIQLO 5% ($100 min spend)
Bonditony's Burger 2% ($25 min spend)
Castlery 5.5% ($200 min spend)
French Connection 4% ($10 min spend)

Jo Mercer 4.2% ($10 min spend)
Jurlique 5% ($10 min spend)
Naturalizer 7% ($100 min spend)
New Balance 5% ($100 min spend)
Noni B 5.5% ($10 min spend)

Novo Shoes 7% ($60 min spend)
Tony Bianco 7% ($10 min spend
Top Juice 5% ($12 min spend)
W. Lane 5.6% ($10 min send
Yogahive 14% ($20 min spend)

Full list of 44 Visa In-Store merchants here (Sony, Chat That, Forever New etc). Please ensure you link your card, check for participating stores, and activate the offer before purchasing.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4389)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • +16

    Happy Birthday Cashrewards!

  • +3

    Happy birthday! Damn I wish that Nord VPN bonus had been around when I renewed a couple of months back - though even the 25% would have been nice if I'd taken the time to look…

  • +2

    For nordvpn, can we buy the 3 year plan and get 80% cash back? Ie. $23.66usd after cashback?

    • +1

      I don't see why not, Shopback was/is doing 75% cashback.

    • Sounds like an awesome deal
      Is Nord any good though?
      I have expressvpn but i'm going to look into changing at this price.

      • +1

        My nord plan recently expired and looked at nord vs express comparisons. Express is just a tiny bit quicker apart from that nord is “better”.

      • +2


        Not sure if the reviews are transparent though.

      • +1

        From everything I've been hearing NordVPN is pretty good, unless you want to setup a DNS on your PS4 for US Netflix.. in that case ExpressVPN is the way to go.. so waiting for a good deal for them to appear. Don't think NordVPN support setting up a DNS on the PS4 from what I read on their website recently but would be fine for the mobile or laptop i guess. Also I have no idea how well there servers work for Netflix.

    • +1

      Just purchased 3 years mainly for Netflix, thanks!

      • Are you able to watch US Netflix through NordVPN?

        • +2

          Yeah US Netflix was working fine, only issue I had with NordVPN were the speeds. Was getting 5/1, a huge decrease from 100/40. Tried to troubleshoot several things but still had issues. Probably was just my case so YMMV. Just stuck with Torguard.

        • I havent tried it, but the have a blog post with instructions for the various Netflix countries which they say is updated when required.

      • Did you get the cash back amount so that the total cost was 23.66usd?

        • +1

          Mine didn't include cashback for the GST portion of it, but the rest was tracked.

          I think worked out to be around $50 AUD?

    • Unfortunately it's for new accounts only, which is slightly annoying but expected…
      "Cashback is eligible for new NordVPN customers only."

  • +2

    Great deals! Happy Birthday Cashrewards
    Enjoy your holiday TA!

    • Thank you :)

  • +10

    AOL 2%*
    Can this be used in conjunction with my 600mins free dial up CD promo? ;)

  • Wish Myer had in store cash back… there are items in store that are not available on their website.

    Exciting month ahead - congrats TA!

  • +6

    Aliexpress 20%?

  • Is visa in store 7 percent cash back offer for David jones applies on Apple Ipad well?

    • +24

      Andrew here Founder of Cashrewards and long time OzBargainer. Stepping in here with TA on holiday, his first in nearly 3 years, hard to get him away from OzB!! The David Jones in-store cashback is available on every purchase from every store. There are no product exclusions. Simply link your Visa card to your Cashrewards account (Mastercard is coming soon). Importantly you must also ACTIVATE on CR the David Jones in-store cashback offer before you make your in-store purchase. Any other queries let me know.

      • +1

        Question for in-store cashback offers in general: do you have to use the card itself instead of Google/Samsung/Apple Pay etc? I ask because while they are the same card, the virtual cards stored in those mobile wallets have a different card number.

        • Virtual card via wallet will definitely work.

      • +1

        A note to say the obvious, TA does a stellar job of customer service via PMs, and answering questions in threads. We all hope he enjoys his holiday, and his bonus (wink wink).

        • Also do you have to activate before each purchase when using a linked card, and how long does the activation last?

          • @GaryG: Umm, ask TA when he gets back lol.

          • @GaryG: You only need to link your card once but you do need to activate before each purchase. Activation generally lasts for 30 days but each offer may have a different activation expiry. You will be notified after activation of the specific activation expiry date for the store you have activated.

            • @ahc99: Thanks. I guess you need to get use to remembering to do that. Though at this stage there is only one store on the list that I have ever shopped at before and I look forward to that list growing.

  • NordVPN any good guys? I'm using IPVanish atm.

    • NOrd is one of the best for Netflix

      • so i will get 80% off on a 3 year plan? so 80% off of $107.55


        • Also need to add gst, and that's USD

          • +1

            @frogduck: what happens if you choose US instead of Australia to dodge the gst? will that work or not?

          • @frogduck: Why would you pay GST?

            • @spy: its one of the options there to choose your country, near the total amount with discounts and other stuff.

              • @angelkulit025: Why would you use AU, just to pay GST?

                • @spy: that is why i am raising the question if it will work or not or will our order be cancelled because of that.

                  • @angelkulit025: Would be great if @ahc99 can confirm this. Thanks.

                    • @miruki: If the question is around do you get cashback on GST, we are told you do not. Sorry.

                      • @ahc99: actually, my question was if we get 80% off of $107.55.Thanks.

                      • @ahc99: The original question was "what happens if you choose US instead of Australia to dodge the gst? will that work or not?"

                        I.e. they're asking if you select US, and thus don't pay GST at all, is cashback still valid? I'm interested as well.

                        • @josetann: and if Nord VPN will function fully if you choose US as your base country not Australia?

                • @spy: Not sure if it makes a difference, I just chose Australia for the country.

          • @frogduck: i think it works out to be around AUD $168 - 80% = $33 over 3 years or $11/year
            Hope CR picks up my purchase

            • +1

              @pdtang: Accord to CR - I am getting back AUD $118.56 on a purchase of USD $107.55, eta 4/8/2019

      • Really? I seem to always get the proxy detected message when connecting to a US server for Netflix. Am I supposed to do something special?

  • Anyone had success with Energy Australia? Am Melb metro with AGL on a 'saver' plan that I've finally got the better half to look for better options.

    • +2

      I just moved back to EA from Origin. Worked out I could save on both supply and rates if I went for their 'no frills' option. There's no way of telling unless you run the numbers.

      • +1

        thanks kindly my friend :)

      • Blighst - do you get cashback with that plan? I want to go on that same plan but when I click on Energy Australia through CR it only offers me one plan to choose from? If I look at the other plans available No Frills is one of them but not sure if I still get Cashback if I select that one?

        • No I don't believe so, the extension said the offer was enabled, but haven't got any cashback notification (and the website's ts&cs suggest that you have to choose the plans that are on the cashback link).

          But maybe mine didn't track. I never buy a deal if the cashback makes the deal as aside from tracking maybe not working, it takes a while to actually get the money. I see it more as a bonus.

          • @blighst: I PM Andrew and he just replied. We should get the cashback on any plan we choose, just as long as we clicked via CR first.

            "You can sign up to a different plan from the link specified above and still earn cashback" - Andrew CR.

            So hopefully all good!

            • @CrocDundee: Yeah but the plan is not strictly from the link - it's by clicking through another link.

              But if it definitely works, let me know and I'll submit a dispute, this was maybe 2 weeks ago when I switched.

              • @blighst: I see! I might need to clarify before signing up then..

                • @CrocDundee: Yeah so when I click through the CR link, I see 2 plans, then at the bottom I can click "See all our plans" where I can see the cheaper no frills one which I'm on.

                  • @blighst: Yeah that is exactly the plan I want to go on as well but can only access it if I click on 'See all our plans' as well.. Waiting to hear back from Andrew to clarify…

                  • @blighst: Just got confirmation that if you followed that method we have been discussing you should still get the Cash Back (whatever it was when you signed up the other week?). Andrew (CR rep) confirmed this with me via email and said it will take up to 3 days for it to be tracked and confirmed. I presume it's been longer than 3 days for you? If so, I'd contact CR to follow up on your order.

    • Do you have solar?

  • Nord VPN link to the page is down

  • How to get $150 Energy Australia? I clicked on link and it says only $50 credit on first bill

    Care to share?

    • +2

      The $50 credit is an offer from Energy Australia and this is dependant on your postcode and may differ from state to state etc.
      The $150 is Cashback from Cashrewards. Cashback is eligible when you sign up to an electricity and gas plan via the Cashrewards branded EnergyAustralia landing page. Electricity is $100 Cashback and Gas is $50 Cashback.

      • +1

        So should read up to then

        • +2

          I believe you've read it incorrectly, as they appear to be two separate offers. Energy Australia is offering $50 per service on new sign-ups (gas/electricity), and CashRewards is offering $150 cash back in addition to that.

      • Is there any time limitation term for staying with Energy Australia to be eligible for cash rewards?

        • Please read the complete terms here https://www.cashrewards.com.au/energyaustralia and if you follow accordingly there should be no issue with receiving cashback.

          • +1

            @ahc99: It says up to 180 days for energy Australia to confirm.. checked their rates, it's more expensive than my current retailer, so need to calculate whether it's worth staying up to 6mths vs cashback and joining credits total to $250

            • @DarthLord: This Term is confusing as it says ''cashback may take up to 180 days for energy Australia to confirm'' I ll be thankful if the Store representative can clarify.

              • +1

                @HashmiQureshi: If it says up to, you can bet yourself it'll be almost spot on 180 days. All my previous purchases pretty much approve on the day specified

  • -3


  • Any Sony Store offers coming soon?

  • sorry I have not heard about cashrewards before, sounds great though.

    Question, how long does it take for cashrewards to credit you the cashback money?

    • +1

      Usually a couple of months

    • +1

      In the case of Virgin Australia, the cash back takes about eight months. Some businesses are exactly 90 days (Supercheap Auto, for example).

      • +2

        ouch… no deal for me personally, too long.

        • +2

          Yeah I’d rather not get cash back for stuff I’d buy anyway

        • +1

          If you use it to purchase things you were going to anyway after 3 months there's always money rolling in ;) it's just the initial waiting time before your first cashback

          • @Soluble: True. For the moment (possibly only a few more months) I am a poor student. So you know, ill go without, it is what it is.

            • +1

              @Misha Bakunin: The key thing is to use a cashback service on places where you already were going to purchase. Lots of great stores - almost any time I do online shopping (except eBay since they removed it - which I now put through velocity). Cashback never makes a deal, just means some money for nothing.

      • In the case of travel bookings cashback is not approved until 1 - 3 months after the flight or hotel stay etc. They check the fights, hotels etc are not cancelled before paying out.

  • For the in-store offers, is there a time limit between activating a stores offer and actually shopping?

    • +1

      I had the same question and just clicked "Activate Offer" and it shows 30 days.

    • Once you've activated the offer on CR you can shop in-store immediately and the offer will remain active until the time specified once activated.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong but the Samsung s10 512gb model does not receive the 5g free upgrade like the 128gb model when it comes available, correct?

    • i wasnt aware of any model of the s10 getting 5G except for the actual 5G model that isnt out yet in aus

    • Only for telstra contracts.

      • Ok thanks

  • +7

    Come on double Amazon Cashback 🤞

  • Where is the eBay deal like the other mob?

  • What about Etsy? Ive been monitoring a couple of items but CR is too low :(

  • 0% for Coles atm. Waiting for an update!

    • Unfortunately there was a major outage with the Coles website and we are awaiting confirmation that the issue is rectified and hopefully we can turn cashback back on later this afternoon.

    • Fyi Coles is now back live on CR

      • Good timing, cheers!

  • Why does it take up to 180 days for Energy Australia to confirm? Does this mean that I'll have to stay with Energy Australia for a minimum 180days before I can get cash back at cashrewards? Can someone confirm?

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