Toyota RAV4 (2019) Discussion Thread

Just wondering if anyone else is looking forward to the new 2019 - RAV4?

Looks to be a very solid release and easily the best iteration of the RAV4 to date - especially the hybrid options.

With the impending release / availability later this month? thought there may be others in the same boat or at the very least interested.

I am aware that there is not much information of the Australian variants (model names / badges, pricing etc.) as of yet - but I really do hope we get an equivalent of the XSE (North America).

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    I recently bought the '19 Corolla Hybrid, and if the Rav 4 Hybrid is even near as good (I imagine it will be much better), it's going to be an amazing vehicle.

    • I wonder why this has been negged?
      OP posted this thread over 30 minutes ago, and no-one else has responded at all. Maybe there isn't much interest.

      The comment from Pegaxs seems pretty positive to me.

      • Fans of the current model rav?

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          Nah, it's the butt-hurt neg army. They follow me around and wait till they find I have a neutral or negative comment and then pile negs on in some vain attempt to make themselves feel better about teaching me some lesson that I am not aware of (ie: I'm not happy with you and if you dont know why, I'm certainly not going to tell you.), or as a band-aid over their butt hurt, in the hope that I actually care about fake internet points.

          Happens every few weeks, almost like clockwork. A random, benign comment will suddenly go to -3 for no reason.

          Anyway, I don't care. I think the Rav 4 Hybrid will be a pretty good vehicle. Toyota have gotten pretty good at the whole hybrid thing now and it's a great stop gap solution to making the huge jump to pure EV. The new Corolla has a small premium to pay to get on the hybrid bandwagon, I think the Rav 4 will be similar. So the pay off rate will only be 2~3 years of average driving, compared to the 12+ years of going from ICE to EV.

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    Can we have an IP check between OP and Spackbace please? :D

  • Ah can't wait to give you some info ;)

    Hybrid AWD - awesome! Propshaft can disconnect automatically, meaning it drives in FWD, resulting in FWD fuel economy. Only kicks power back when it detects it needs to.

    Will be popular that's for sure

    • And I have heard that we will be following the USA and the new rage of cars being released from Toyota this year will finally come with Android Auto and Apple Car Play… Is this right?

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        Can neither confirm or deny…

        If they do, it will be retrospective and free to those who buy a RAV4 on day 1

        • Yeah, I read that (while looking into Toyota Link Lick balls) that they are starting to roll it out in the USA. This will be a great boon for Toyota who will finally get on the infotainment train.

          I know plenty of people who have turned off buying a Toyota based on there being no Car Play or Android Auto.

          Did I mention how much Toyota Link sucks big, furry round ones?

          Android Auto to Toyota (USA)

          While CarPlay support has since spread to other Toyota and Lexus models in the North American lineup, including the new Corolla hatch

          There better be a (fropanity) software update coming to Aus…

        • no Android auto is a dealbreaker but if it can be done retrospectively then im on board

        • @Spackbace was that in relation to Android Auto or Apple Car Play?

          I remember reading in another thread that Car Play in particular was going to be available fingers crossed

      • No Android Auto unfortunately. :(

        • No, not “yet”… Android Auto and CarPlay are slowly making their way into Toyota vehicles. But at least they are coming to the party it seems…

      • hope they have Carplay/Android Auto. Deal breaker otherwise.

    • Will there be the usual nav software update rip off?


      Is this like a haldex system or different?

      • Not sure tbh

      • There's 3 systems:
        1. Haldex-style where there is a clutch-pack between front and back, with default being 100/0 front/rear and max being 50/50. Front and rear diffs are open but it uses the TC to brake free-spinning wheels to shunt power to the opposite side (cheap alternative to real torque-vectoring). This is on the standard AWD models. Engaging the off-road driving modes engages the center diff more agressiveley to the point that its actually useful.
        2. Haldex-style as above but with a clutch-pack either side of the rear diff, giving it true torque vectoring in the rear. This is on the off-road marketed special editions.
        3. The hybrid set-up is actually 100% FWD driven by the motor (no tail shaft), however there are electric motors at the front and rear which can kick in at low speed, hence being marketed as AWD (whilst the batteries have charge anyway).

    • The hybrid models do NOT have a propshaft.
      The engine only powers the front wheels. The rears are exclusively powered by an electric motor at low speed when required.
      Would not recommend if you plan taking off-road at all.

      • Argh I've asked for the other comments to be deleted :/

        Driveline disconnect is a function of the petrol AWD, which is only in the top of the range Edge model.

        Sorry :/

    • This sounds like Mercedes' 4matic technology. FWD until necessary.

      • Ignorance is bliss. All reactive AWD systems on the market are like that. Merc did not invent this.
        Also, name a Merc that has a e-AWD system - right the Merc EQ, but the e-AWD system was found on the Lexus NX over six years ago.

  • hello,
    Can someone provide info about pricing such as starting price

  • Do you think it looks similar to the Forester?

    • Looks absolutely nothing like the Forester. The 2019 Rav 4 (not out yet in Aus) has been designed to look like an American pickup truck.

  • I've been looking at this since it launched in the US late last year.
    Keen on the 2.5L 8-speed torque converter AWD models.
    Brand new chassis, engine, gearbox, increased ground clearance and selectable off-road modes.
    This should make it a competent family soft-roader (plenty of Youtube vids to back this up).

    I've previously been looking at the new Forester but I hate CVT's and Boxer's - whilst they have their pro's - have more cons (worst being the extreme difficulty in accessing the engine for maintenance which translates to higher servicing costs).

    I also like the 2.5L AWD CX-5 (best driving dynamics and most premium feel), but Mazda has an obsession with sacrificing rear passenger and boot space for exterior looks. So no deal due to the likelihood of kidlets arriving in the future.

    Not keen on the remaining competition as they use low-capacity turbo engines (bad for responsiveness and off-roading) and/or DCT transmissions (jerky low speed driving) and/or poor ground clearance and/or no spare tyre.


      DO you know what brand the 8spd gearbox is? Or is it in-house?

      • Sorry, I'm not sure. However it is very likely that it is the same one found in the new 3.5L Camry and existing Kluger.

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    Wait for the new Subaru outback turbo due later this year. Then test drive both cars and see the difference. Subaru AWD is proven. I’ve always had Toyota’s and since moving to Subaru I find it hard to go back to Toyota.

    • The turbo will be a much dearer car, though definitely the pick if you have the cash.

      Toyota's in recent time have been bland white good on wheels. Not true today. So I personally wouldn't base much on you're prior experience.

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        I review new cars, so talking from experience. Regardless of specs etc, it all comes down to personal preference. I just recommend the prospective purchaser try all vehicles before committing. Toyota did recently introduce direct injection into their motors, something other car makers have been doing for a long time. The new Rav looks promising, but be weary it’s not yet proven.

        • True, though looking at the specific power of the latest Subaru engines you wouldn't think they had direct injection lol. Latest revision of their 2.5L which just came out still missing 10% relative to rivals. You'd think it was 2009.

          Agreed, though it has been out in the US since late 2018, and a lot of the components carry over from the existing new Camry. So the risk is minimal IMO.

        • I review new cars, so talking from experience.

          Really… I would like to read some of your reviews. Or do you do them on YouTube? Can you please please do and AMA about working in automotive journalism? Who do you write for? Online or print media?

        • I agree about trying other cars. I have a RAV4 and though it has been reliable per engine sake, but quite bland to drive and had issues with shockers and tyre wear.

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      2 totally different markets

      That is a 2.4T designed for power and torque, whereas the new RAV4 will target the hybrid primarily with people more focused on economy.

      No one wants powerful cars like that these days, they'd rather look at low cost of ownership.

      Hybrid sales account for the majority of our current models when compared to the petrol equivalent. Hybrid pre-orders on new RAV4 account for 66%.


      2.4T Outback sounds like a dream come true for me (as a current Outback owner)… but a lovely turbocharged engine with a CVT? No thanks. Or are they adding a conventional auto?


        Most likely the Aus spec will be a high torque CVT 8 speed. Interestingly the CVT pairs well with the high power. Instead of waiting for changes in the gears, the CVT matches to the optimum revs of the engine, whereby the ‘gears’ change and the engine keeps in the power band.

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          I completely understand the principle. I've even driven a Subaru w/CVT before, I just think that a sporty engine deserves to feel sporty, and no matter how you spin it, a CVT will never feel right in a sporty car.

  • Went into Toyota today as I was in the area so thought I'd pop in and have a look.

    Sales person was very helpful and even gave me some ballpark figures.

    He did confirm there is no XSE (two tone and blue stitching interior) equivalent for Australia.

    Also mentioned the most likely difference between 2WD and AWD would be around 4k

    Which did get me thinking if AWD is worth it in a hybrid - with no intention of going off road.

    • Yeah because awd also gets the 2.5L, 2wd gets a 2L

      AWD hybrid can tow 1.5T, same as the petrol model


        They will likely release a GX, GXL and Cruiser, like the current set up. Some models will have the petrol or hybrid option along with 2WD/AWD. The hybrid AWD will likely run a disconnected system, different to the AWD petrol versions.

        North America have a different market to Australia. Whilist they may be made in the same factory, each region will have a different spec and is typically determined by the region subsidiary (ie: Toyota Australia/ Toyota North America).

        There are plenty examples of this when comparing the ‘current’ model released in Australia/North America/Europe, let alone what’s released in Japan.

        In the absence of official data, I wouldn’t be assuming anything, personally.

        • 'Likely?' Why bother replying to an employee stating that?

          I know models, engines and indicative pricing. I have a brochure on my desk and we've driven the cars.

          The comment you're replying to was a statement. Not a question or a guestimate, it's a statement.

          Now do you have anything decent to add, or just more speculation?

        • Why speculate when the info was given to the press by Toyota back in early Feb?

          We already know there will be 11 models, divided among 3 power-trains (2.0L FWD CVT/6-spd manual, 2.5L AWD 8-spd auto & 2.5L AWD CVT hybrid) and 4 trim grades (GX, GXL, Cruiser & Edge). 6 of these models will be the hybrid.

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            @Viper8: That is not official information and speculation until such time it is available.

          • @Viper8: Don't waste your time 😂 remember he's supposedly test driven the new models yet thinks they have the old-school digital clock still… Yet he's supposedly sat in the cars.

            The good thing about the internet is you can pretend to be whoever you want, including being an automotive reviewer 😂