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I'm after a modem that has a SIM card slot which I will use the 4g data as my wireless broadband internet at home. My only concern is whether as I got an Optus Sim that it is locked and hence my options are limited. Have you guys got any recommendations?

My current situation is this: I recently purchased a tablet with the intention to use as a hotspot for other devices. However, I always need to cast my tablet via Chromecast to my tv which is connected through wifi and hence cuts out my mobile data. How can I work my way around this? Is the only way to get a modem?



    I just purchased a netgear lb2120 and have used it with my optus sim card.
    It does a brilliant job. I have plugged it into my existing wifi router and get 30/10 around the whole house.

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    Hey if you're close to Livo I can give you an Optus Huawei 4G Modem. It's pretty much this model.


    "got an Optus Sim that it is locked"

    The only time I can think of an Optus sim being locked is…
    Do you mean you have the old Optus Home Broadband plan where the speed is 12/1 and it is locked to that particular modem?
    In this case, you need a new plan with a new sim…


      No I only signed up to Optus two weeks ago. I'm not actually sure whether it's locked or not but asking whether Optus does lock their sims on particular items so I can only get a modem through Optus themselves rather than elsewhere.

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    I've done the same thing.. Picked up a Galaxy Tab S4 on the $60/month 200Gb plan.
    The SIM has never been in the tablet.
    It went straight into a Huawei E5186 (Optus Home Wireless Broadband Modem) picked up off Gumtree for $25.
    My Speeds max out at 100/8, 30/8 in peak hours.

    Your other alternative is to sign up for the Exetel Wireless Broadband plan on a Month to Month contract where you'll score a new Huawei B525 for $139 total.


    For my inlaws I got a second hand Huawei B325 off gumtree for $50 - Vivid Modem. They use their “tablet” sim in it without issue.

    Gets a good speed for them.


      Old Vivid modems are B315, the B525 and E5186 are superior as they have Carrier Aggregation capability which can significantly increase throughput at the same location.
      But otherwise, this is another option.. there's plenty of Vivid modems on Gumtree.


      I'm currently keeping my Vivid modem going with the Optus 500GB sim, getting a constant 50/20 speed off peak and 30/15 speed on peak so I'm quite happy for now, ymmv depending on congestion in your area though.

      I've had it peak at 60/30 speeds every now and then.

      I downloaded LTE-watch for Huawei devices and switched between bands to find the best one. In the end I toggled it to 'LTE-advanced' from the drop down menu which is giving me the best speeds in my area.


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