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AC800S or B525 with 500GB Unrestricted 4G Speed: $80/Month (24mths) @ Optus


Looks like Optus are upping their mobile broadband game and giving an option to replace their now discontinued Home Wireless Broadband and Vividwireless products.

Note that the CIS mentions the sim is locked to the provided modem and that data share looks to have been semi removed from it’s usual place in the document so proceed with caution if that’s your selling point.

I for one am interested in this given I won’t have NBN here for a long time and this is speed unrestricted unlike my current 12/1 Vividwireless service.

Edit: you can also get this month-to-month with no purchase of the modem necessary. I went in store and asked for the 500GB month to month with no modem.

Edit 2:

It's been brought to our attention that there's some confusion surrounding the BYO devices that can be used with our new M2M and 24M Optus Wireless Broadband plans.

$80.00 Optus Wireless Broadband
$60.00 Optus Wireless Broadband

List of eligible devices

Huawei E5786 Router
Huawei B315 Modem
Huawei B593v2 Modem
Huawei B593 Modem
Huawei B525 Modem
Huawei E5186 Modem
Optus Netgear AC800S 4G Plus Wi-Fi Modem

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  • I'm expecting more and more deals like this when 5G arrives, they need something to do with all that bandwidth.

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      5g works on very high frequencies so don’t expect the same coverage as with 4g , also tower spacing is an issue, towers need to be closer together than with 4g.

      once again it will be post code that determines the service you get and when.

      • In the country side, is spacing still an issue? In other words, does 5G still require closer tower spacing even in open space? I thought it's mainly an issue of building walls etc.

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          It will be less of an issue than in the city but will still require more than 4g.
          As a general rule, the higher the frequency, the better quality data, less coverage, poorer penetration through buildings.

          Think of it as the difference between AM and FM radio. Fm has better quality (higher frequency) but AM has better penetration and coverage distance (lower frequency)

          • @sharkfan12: Given the wide spectrum of bands used for 5G there should be some improvements, even for existing rural installations, between 3GHz transmission and improved beamforming protocols.

            Unfortunately that's built around rapid and intelligent antenna manipulation, so the benefits can fluctuate wildly depending on the number of users per cell and their regular use cases.

      • They just need enough to fill up towers with a lot of unused capacity, I wouldn't be surprised to see it done on a cell by cell basis. "home" internet is free money for 5G operators in areas with excess capacity.

      • A common misconception. Actually, 5G happily works on ALL the same frequencies that 4G does AND also works on higher mmWave frequencies too.

        • 5g is a combination of lower frequencies and higher frequencies so it's actually true that you may be able to get it fine in many places, however you may not have the true fast speeds, depending on how many frequencies you are actually getting.
          The higher frequencies do have less pentration and quite often less range per kw (which can be fine if they use more power, but there are usually limits to what they are allowed to use).

    • whens 5g being rolled out?

      really i wouldn't be getting nbn if thats the case… i get 20-40mbit on my 117gb phone plan and if i upgrade to iphone xs ig et another 200gb for basically $20 withstanding the phone cost.

      • It's being rolled out right now around the world, Telstra already has several 5G sites and will begin full scale rollout in 2019 and 2020. Don't expect to be able to use it though, mainstream consumer devices are scheduled for 2020.

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    So basically if you login into your account your greeted with a big message saying what's happening and what will happen if you don't do anything.

    Which is stuck on same pricing and same 12MBps down speed.

    Therefore probably makes sense to get the AC800 modem for much faster speeds, or just use your existing B525 modem and get better speeds

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    the locked to modem is not true, the issue is they use a different apn compared to mobile broadband sim, and the modem takes care of that, if you are happy to manage the apn it connects to you can use in other modems.

    next year when i get nbn seems i’m getting coax due to the foxtel cable in the street, so will be open to wireless instead if faster ….

    • Are you sure? Do you know what the APN is for BYO modems?

    • I tested this last week and it's not true. Won't work in a non-approved device.


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    Damn I only just got a phone with B28

  • Or $60 per month with 200gb (no bundling discount needed).

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      $60 200gb 24 months contract, with a free Tab S4 ….

      • How? :d

        • +5

          By ordering it.

          Free 12 months Netflix too. Hell of a deal.


          • @BradH13: That's crazy - if you sell the tablet (you can purchase them for around $700) and factor in the cost of the netflix subscription, you're basically being given free money.

            720 (cost of subscription) - 167.88 (netflix) - 650 (selling the tablet) = + $98.88

            EDIT: Ah - my ethnauism got the better of myself. It's 24 months, not 12.

            • @Tyrx: Wouldn't that be 1440? 24 month plan?

              edit: yep just saw your edit haha

              • @Matt P: still pretty good though;

                1440 (cost of subscription) - 167.88 (netflix) - 650 (selling the tablet) = $25.92 per month

            • @Tyrx: Not a bad deal still.

            • @Tyrx:

              if you sell the tablet

              You can't do that unfortunately.

              I just got off an online Chat with an Optus CSR and they said that Optus continues to be the ultimate owner of the Tablet for the duration of the contract.

              If you want to sell the Tablet during that time, you need to pay it out first.

              You also have an option to upgrade it for a newer model after 12 months for a one off payment of $99 but you must return the tablet you have and it must be in working order.

          • @BradH13: Thanks for the link mate.

            Dunno what to do myself, at least with the broadband modems if you want to get out you just pay the cost of the modem.

            • @adrianhughes1998: Will the SIM provided with this plan work just fine in my existing Huawei B525 modem or is it locked somehow to only be used in the Tablet.

              If I can put it in the mobile broadband modem I already own outright, this is a CRACKER of a deal!

              • +1

                @ginmi: Definitely would like to know too,

              • +1

                @ginmi: @ginmi should work fine

                • @JamesRodriguez87: Yep. Confirmed officially by the Optus CSR.

                  "As long as the device you have supports Optus frequencies, your SIM should work"

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                    @ginmi: I have signed up for the same deal a little while ago. It works in my Optus home wireless broadband modem and when I signed up I even told the person that I was planning on selling the tablet. She didn’t say there’s a problem with it. As long as you stick with the plan and don’t cancel half way (even if you do, just pay out the remaining cost they were gonna cover for the rest of your contract as I was told). I don’t see any issue with selling it.

                    • @jezza p:

                      I don’t see any issue with selling it

                      The CSR specifically told me that neither Optus nor Samsung will honour any warranty claims from anyone other than the person named on the contract. Changing the name on the contract requires paying out the remaining balance on the device in order to take full ownership.

                      She said that Samsung provides one year of warranty and Optus provides an extra one year on top of that (so that it aligns with the contract term).

                      She may have been telling me fibs but if not, anyone you on-sell the Tablet to will not be able to access warranty service.

              • +1

                @ginmi: If you're still wondering, I spoke to my local Optus store last night.

                The SIM will work in the tablet, the older model Huawei E5186 modem from (my) previous connection, and the new Huawei model in the above links.

                The manager of my store said I can even sell the tablet. Obviously if you cancel the contract early, you may need to pay out the difference owing on it, but otherwise I can't see any issues.

                • @stygian:

                  The manager of my store said I can even sell the tablet

                  Yes, you can absolutely sell the Tablet but only after you paid it out.

                  That's what the online CSR told me. Optus don't care what you do with it once you take "full ownership".

                  "Full Ownership" occurs on either:

                  1. The 24 months come to an end; or
                  2. You pay out any balance outstanding on the device. The plan itself doesn't technically have any exit fees/penalties.
                  • +2

                    @ginmi: So, how are they to know if I've sold it without paying out the full cost of the tablet, or the plan? As long as they get payment monthly for the usage, they're happy.

                    How's it differ if I drop it in the first month, it breaks, and I'm tablet-less for the remainder of the 24mth contract? Surely my loss, right?

                  • +2


                    Yes, you can absolutely sell the Tablet but only after you paid it out.

                    No, you can sell it before you pay it out. They don't have to know what you've done with it. If you want to cancel your service after that, THEN you pay it out.

                    • -4

                      @unco: This is starting to go in circles :)

                      Yes, you CAN sell the Tablet. Nobody can stop you.


                      Warranty will be voided unless the device is paid out first. The person who bought it off you will not be able to claim warranty service from either Optus or Samsung.

                      (Again, this is what Optus CSR told me. Whether this is true or not IRL remains to be seen).

                      If you wanted to sell that on eBay for example, I believe they have a rule which states that if something is sold as "brand new", a warranty must be provided.

              • @ginmi: I use a netgear nighthawk m1 with amazing results.

          • @BradH13: Where does it say free 12 month netflex? Or is it expired now?

          • @BradH13: How did you get the free netflix/Spotify thrown in? Can't see this deal online and person in store said it was not available…

            • @edwink: That deal expired new years eve…

              Not sure how you missed that. Literally the comment above.

      • which plan is this?

      • & DATA sharing.

    • 60$ per month and 250gb here

      Using spintel

      • +1

        That's using Spintel's equivalent of Optus Home Wireless/Vividwireless which is speed restricted to 12/1mbps.

      • As already mentioned, it's a totally different product.

        It's basically a crippled mobile broadband plan, similar to the existing Vivid Wireless ones.

        Apples & Oranges.

  • Is that $70 a month with bundling?

  • +2

    I just asked CS and they said data sharing is still available on these plans.

  • Shame about the 24 month contract. Would love to get this whilst waiting for NBN. Is there any way around this?

    • You can pay $240 upfront for the modem and the plan cost is the same month to month.

      I do wonder if you got your own modem if an optus store could sign you up without the $240 though…

      • If you know how to get it from Taobao, that is what i have done with previous Tab S4 offer, the modem is around $100.

      • Thanks stirlo

        • you can probably find the older style modems which will work ~50-100 on eBay and scumtree.

      • has to be optus modem as how it does the APN config, removes issues about people using own modem, not working properly and then trying to get support ….

        I've been through this "can I get just the SIM" previously with them.

        • I bought a Chinese version of Huawei modem - did not need any configuration, inserted the sim then working ………….

      • Or you can get AC810s (which is better model than AC800s) for about $70-80 on Ebay (used modem). It can work flawlessly.

  • -1

    How will telstra react

    • They won't.

    • +5

      they will post some 5G speeds… (while standing next to the 5G receiver)… lol

      • +1

        ….in a faraday caged the lab, with the 5G antenna directly connected via fibre to the speedtest.net server next to it. Wow, its sooooo fast!

    • +2

      When I asked them about matching the Optus deal for a 12.9inch iPad Pro 2018 512GB with 200GB data for $105/mth they told me I was paying extra for their better network. I asked them where that better network was when it totally blacked out several times this year. Crickets…

  • Hows mobile data fare for latency in online games?

    • I also want to know this.

    • +2

      Im on Optus mobile via a usb dongle (no antenna) basically out in the bush on the edge of coverage, and get a pretty consistent ~50ms ping playing Overwatch and ~60ms ping playing BLOPS

      • Same on Telstra 4g in Melbourne via an iPhone 6s with Overwatch on ps4. I do notice some lag spikes to 150ms now and then though.

        (I know its not totally indicative of Optus but thought I'd throw in some experiences)

    • Will obviously differ from location to location but I'm in Kensington (Vic) and usually get anywhere from 20ms - 45ms with speeds from 25Mbps - 90 Mbps even during peak hours. This is with my Optus 200gb Data sim inside a Nighthawk M1 (soft-bridged to a Asus AC88U Router).

    • Definitely usable but not as good as cable, NBN or even ADSL2+ to some extent

    • I'm on Optus as well with a TP-Link 4g modem router. I often get between 15-45ms. Download speeds typically sit at about 25mbps and uploads between 5 and 20mbps. I've not really found the latency too bad for online gaming.

    • I’m on the Telstra $199 unlimited data plan because I can’t get nbn. I live under a 4GX tower. Speeds very rarely drop under 5 megabytes a second, usually much much faster. Ping is what I’d consider rubbish for shooters, usually ~50-150ms, I get absolutely steam rolled playing Battlefield or similar. That being said other games are completely playable, Forza Horizon 4 plays great and I’ve been playing Monster Hunter World for the last 2 weeks and it plays just as well as a wired connection. Also in the 3 months I’ve been on the plan my internet which is shared in the house by USB to Cat adaptor with an iPhone plugged into a router with tethering enabled hasn’t dropped out even once.

    • As others have mentioned, depends on location and equipment. My experience with all 3 of the major telcos has been terrible.

      If I'm lucky and stand in just the right part of the house, I'll get a fluctuating speed of up to about 19Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload, but on average I'll get about 4 Mbps down and 1-2 Mbps up (though that beats my ADSL speeds of 2 Mbps down and 700Kbps up).

      I find the slower ADSL speed is more reliable and stable for gaming.

      Damn living in the sticks! (16 Km as the crow flies from Perth city).

    • Depends on your area. I'm in a shoddy area with 2 bars of reception on the ac800s docked into smart cradle (4 gigabit Ethernet ports) and I get 240mbps downstream during off peak and 120mbps downstream during peak. My ping in games varies depending on the game, but usually I'm at 32ms ping in fortnite and 25ms ping in most other games.

      But again, this will depend on your area, nearby towers and their 4g bands, and the saturation of the network. I've seen some on the ac800s modem get 330mbps downstream+ with 15ms ping.

  • Sorry, not too sharp this morning. There is a discussion about a tab S4 as well. I didn't see this in the offer. Can someone explain where this comes in. Thanks in advance!

    • Tab s4 is available on the $60 200gb 24 month plan.

  • How many ip's can these devices support?

  • I've never gotten more than 15Mbit/s on my mobile 4g. If I do it again, I'd spend a little more and got with telstra.

  • Not bad. Just not sure if I want to pay for another modem upfront again after vivid wireless.

    • Hmmm this maybe the best option if I have to give up my unlimited plan. Optus indicated that they would grandfather it but it doesn't stop them from crippling the speed.

      • +1

        Yeah that's what I'm wondering. Stick with my Vivid unlimited plan and see what they migrate us over to in April? Or jump over to this now..

        • There is no harm in waiting. Speed is always going to be variable

        • I'd have to check but maybe it can be unlocked using software. Then it would be a case of swapping sims?

          Or does this modem tech work differently to mobile modems and it based on connecting to the Device number

  • +1

    Bummer… pulled the trigger on 3 x 200gb 12m plans (pooled) couple of months ago

  • +3

    NBN is a typical joke now.

    • No, it's not like you can get say 280/48 to Optus (burwood, Vic) speedtest server on Telstra 4G. Oh wait I just did.

      • NBN is still rolling out,think about 5G network in 18months.

      • I often wonder why the telcos don’t promote mobile as faster than the NBN. Has the government prevented them from doing so?

        • +2

          IMO, that's why huawei has been blocked from 5G network rolling out. Their participation can only make 5G cheaper and NBN looks even dumber.

          • @tightasian: I heard they want to actually tax the 5G networks and put restrictions on them because it’s going to render them NBN pretty much obsolete

            • +1

              @Count Shagula: Don't consider NBN at current speed level. Technological advancements will improve it significantly. It is really good future proof when it is all fibre. FTC etc are crap. With new upgrades 1gbps on optical is currently achieved which is more reliable than wireless or mobile.

              • @Enjj0y: why are the comments that are completely wrong being upvoted yet your comment (smartest one) hasn't been upvoted.

            • @Count Shagula: The NBN is being limited by the governments unwillingness to write off any costs of the network. They are hell bent on it making a profit so that it stays off the budget books. When in reality they would be able to get far more benefit out of the network by taking on some of the costs and allowing companies to be able to make decent products and differing price points for it. Opening up affordable gigabit plans etc. Unfortunately that isn't going to happen anytime soon, if ever. Which means the NBN will continue to be a bust and mobile networks will continue to look like better options.

              • @dwhes: Of course, the best solution to anything is to force other people to pay for it.

        • +1

          Because they know how easy it is to overload and don't want that

    • +3

      It's been a joke since the Libs took over.

  • +2

    This is a terrible deal. No one get it.
    Or you will congest my 4g towers…
    stick to NBN.

    • Optus doesn't use band 28 for wireless broadband (does for mobile broadband), so just congests other bands

      • Homewireless used 2300hz.
        Are they uncapping the speed on that band or are they allowing the modem to now connect all available bands?

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