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If anyone has an Aldi one they want to get rid of I'd happily buy it. Can't find them at the moment
15/09/2019 - 08:20
Would it be possible to run games at 1080p for bigger/intensive games (say GTAV, Battlefield etc) but for something less intensive (e.g....
14/08/2019 - 09:28
Agreed. Also, we could bring the deaths per 100k to (near) nil if we reduced the speed limit to 5km/hr. See? Speed kills they'll say.
12/08/2019 - 14:30
Just keep in mind that one is an EDT not parfum so there's less of the good stuff - doesn't last as long
12/08/2019 - 09:23
True. But that's how most bargains work. It wasn't in the freebies section after all - you spend some money and get something in return....
09/08/2019 - 14:54
Ah well. Can't really complain. It's freeeeeeee
09/08/2019 - 14:22
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02/08/2019 - 21:00
They're really, really picky. Some might even say snobbish. The average punter can't taste chocolate and hints of Jerusalem artichoke...
02/08/2019 - 18:37
It's like mouthwash for fresh breath
02/08/2019 - 14:56
Run your fingers over your car paint after a wash. Is it silky smooth or can you feel a little bit of grit/bumps? If the latter, these are...
26/07/2019 - 09:25
What about those UGG Express shops I see. Do you know about their quality at all (where they're made and whether it's as Aussie as they...
23/07/2019 - 12:04
Aldi hasn't poked me yet. But their pork belly is great with proper preparation. This is what I do: - dry the skin as much as possible by...
18/07/2019 - 15:13
Won't the upside down speakers invert the audio? Do you have to stand on your head to hear the sound?
08/07/2019 - 13:42
Well, you technically could, but I don't advise it. 1) you could ruin the holes and not be able to use them as spikes later on 2) you'll...
04/07/2019 - 09:16
Do NOT use spikes as your everyday shoes (even with the spikes removed). Get a proper pair of sneakers.
28/06/2019 - 12:33
Case re-opened. I think you failed maths. $36 vs $35 = $1/kg less on this deal. Still cheaper than the lowest I could find online. Have you...
11/06/2019 - 16:07
Well I don't really have to prove anything but I will for fun. Like-for-like, dry-aged, grass fed, quality steak elsewhere will cost (some...
11/06/2019 - 15:25
Please find me a $21/kg dry aged AND grass fed T-Bone from Coles and I will snap them up quick smart. FYI, I'm seeing $24 online for Coles...
11/06/2019 - 15:06
$35/kg isn't that bad for quality steak. Check out the prices of grass fed steaks in Colesworth. Having said that, I'd want to pick up from...
11/06/2019 - 11:21
Purchased a pair. Will see how they go on leather. Goal is to protect the seats on daily drives commuting and take it off to enjoy on...
08/05/2019 - 09:41
Anyone know if these are made different to the $20 specials they used to be from Kmart/BigW etc years ago? Great for $20 but for $49 - it's...
03/04/2019 - 10:49
Normally I'd agree with you but this one says shipping "On or before Thu. 28 Feb." Aliexpress will take a couple of months. Some people...
25/02/2019 - 14:21
Nothing. They're the same thing
21/02/2019 - 10:33
Over/under price depends on what you're getting. If these aren't all natural or are just filler oils then you might as well buy some...
20/02/2019 - 10:09
Do you wear business shoes at all? Vegan leather shoes are terrible quality (and overpriced). Can't justify going to non-leather...
18/02/2019 - 15:48
No chance of my wallet imprint in pants. Too poor to have a fat stack
13/02/2019 - 13:33
What is better about BFV than BF1? I'm still playing BF1 but am considering V - to me looks pretty similar just new guns, new maps, more...
11/02/2019 - 13:31