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AC800S or B525 with 500GB Unrestricted 4G Speed: $80/Month (24mths) @ Optus


Looks like Optus are upping their mobile broadband game and giving an option to replace their now discontinued Home Wireless Broadband and Vividwireless products.

Note that the CIS mentions the sim is locked to the provided modem and that data share looks to have been semi removed from it’s usual place in the document so proceed with caution if that’s your selling point.

I for one am interested in this given I won’t have NBN here for a long time and this is speed unrestricted unlike my current 12/1 Vividwireless service.

Edit: you can also get this month-to-month with no purchase of the modem necessary. I went in store and asked for the 500GB month to month with no modem.

Edit 2:

It's been brought to our attention that there's some confusion surrounding the BYO devices that can be used with our new M2M and 24M Optus Wireless Broadband plans.

$80.00 Optus Wireless Broadband
$60.00 Optus Wireless Broadband

List of eligible devices

Huawei E5786 Router
Huawei B315 Modem
Huawei B593v2 Modem
Huawei B593 Modem
Huawei B525 Modem
Huawei E5186 Modem
Optus Netgear AC800S 4G Plus Wi-Fi Modem

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      • Just read the new specifications.

        FDD: 2100/1800/850/2600/700 MHz
        TDD: 2300 MHz

        Looks like it is all optus bands. not just 'wireless 2300hz' as previous.

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    DO NOT GET THE AC800s. IT IS A FAULTY PRODUCT. I've gone through a few all with the same rebooting issue. Here's 6 pages worth of other people having the same issue:

    Optus refuses to acknowledge the issue and continues to sell the product despite it being utter crap (especially as a replacement for home internet as the range is terrible too).

    • +1

      I've had my ac800s for two years now, runs with no problems and I get 240mbps downstream off peak

      • I also have this modem and haven't had any problems with it either.

        Stays on 24/7 at home so don't know if that's good or bad for it.

      • Agree the speeds are great when it works (comparable to my phone). But There's something definitely something wrong with it for alot of people. Some are saying limiting it to certain bands (defeats the purpose of a cat9 device) helps the issue so perhaps the tower you are near doesn't transmit certain bands or you have a good firmware version (I found it got considerably worse when I updated the firmware). Who knows. Just thought people should be aware of the risk

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      Ive returned 2 of these modems because of restarting and am on my 3rd one which also restarts but not as often as the other 2.

      • +1

        Ridiculous that Optus aren't doing anything about it. Surely when you see so many people handing them back with the same issue a red flag will get raised? Nope. They are knowingly ignoring it

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      Five minutes with Putty (the computer program) to lock out B3 fixed the issue on my dad's modem…

      He now gets 60-70mbps down reliably…

      • But we shouldn't have to resort to this. Most people (myself included) don't have the time or tech knowledge to do this. And it's effectively bringing a Cat9 device down to a Cat6 device - we paid for a Cat9 device and expect it to work (not have to do a workaround). Poor form Optus

      • how did you do this? could you point us to an online guide? sharing is caring.

  • Wish Telstra would come out with something like this.

  • ISP modems are usually shit because the ISP loses money if you use it and the better it works the more money they lose.

    Telstra even offers good modems that it's gimped by forcing users to run Telstra firmware that remove features. Just the private sector being absolutely shit at everything again.

  • I'm pretty happy with unlimited ADSL2+ where I am, sync speeds regularly 15-16Mbit down so it is bearable enough. I was on Vivid wireless when i first moved here and counting my GBs quickly reminded me of the bad old days. Would be better with 500gb but streaming services really flog the data allowances these days (the bittorrent of 2018, I guess).

    However, if you can data pool these plans with your mobile plan/s, that would be insane! you could basically be a 24/7 mobile hotspot. :)

  • Is there anywhere that states it's an unrestricted speed? I'm on the same as mentioned by OP, but can't see anywhere that it states unrestricted speed.

    Tried to speak with "Craig" the online rep from Optus, who told me I'll be getting the same speed as I'm currently getting, which is a locked 12mbps.

    • +1

      'home wireless' is restricted. 'mobile broadband' is not restricted. This is a mobile broadband deal, i get 220-240mbps downstream off peak and 120mbps downstream during peak.

      • Thanks for clarifying. Spoke to my local Optus store, this new deal overwrites the old 'Home Wireless', version which is fantastic.

  • OK, people need to understand there is a difference between "WIRELESS broadband" and ""MOBILE broadband" in the optus offerings.

    They connect to different APNs, and also the bands used are different e.g MOBILE can use band 28, WIRELESS doesn't, hence they provide a modem that is configured for the right APN and also limited to the bands Opus uses for "WIRELESS broadband".

  • It's 24 months contract. I am on vividwireless but might get NBN soon. Was interested but not with the contract.

    • +1

      You do have the option of going month to month. You just have to pay $240 for the modem.

  • Ok, so I can't get NBN in my area and thinking of pulling the trigger on this. What's the difference in speeds between the two modems?

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    At work, we're sick of waiting for the NBN to arrive so we recently got a Cat6 B525 4G Modem/Router. Here is the Speedtest performance in the office with 10-15 devices connected.

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    I’ve 3 different services with optus.
    Don’t go for this plan, If you need data just get the one of the Tablet plans and you can have 200GB data which you can use even on your phone or you can buy a same huwai modem for $50 and use as your home wifi, you also can get a tab4 and 1 year netflix.
    If you need 500GB just buy the same model modem online for about $50-100 and use that plan $80 month to month as you have to pay same cost.

    • Which Huawei modem would you recommend for thr 200gb plan

      • +1

        Optus 4g or even Vivid wireless modems all works with optus data simcards, I’ve bought all of this models from facebook market and gumtree and I confirm all works fine. I can see prices from $20-100

        I currently using a vivid wireless modem which I bough for $50 on gumtree plus 1 month free connection and never had any problem even I play playstation with Lan cable and my ping is around 30

    • If you need 500GB just buy the same model modem online for about $50-100 and use that plan $80 month to month as you have to pay same cost.

      You mean theres an option to get the tab4 with the 500GB for $80pm?

      • Not yet unfortunately. At the moment it looks like the biggest deal they have for the tab s4 is $60 for 200gb with free netflix for a year.

  • +1

    Been with Optus for about 6 months until moving to a house with Cable. If you have a really bad ADSL and have coverage, I would say it's a really good alternative. Speed is usually not an issue, make sure to have a decent modem though - Cat6-9 at least.
    Compared to wired internet connection the latency is less stable (about 10ms jitter) and generally a bit higher (30ms to For online games, it's wasn't a big issue for me, or at least nothing I noticed while playing Siege.

    Biggest issues is that you don't get public IP and placed behind Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT). Which breaks certain workflows. If you are used to SSH/RDP into your home PC, torrent (upload) or run a webserver, this won't allow you to directly connect to these services.

    • What modem do you have?

    • I can't stress enough how important it is to test your coverage. Not only generally inside the house, but specifically where you going to place the modem. If you have Optus mobile, you can test it easily. Be aware that most of the high end mobile phones have much better internal modems that are capable reaching higher speeds, so you probably won't get that speed with a 4g modem. Don't commit to a 24 months package before making sure you have proper coverage.

  • I'm on the 200gb plan and bought myself a b525. Speeds are terrible and constantly drop out. Ranging from 1mb to 25mb at best off peak. I'm in flemington Vic. Am I better off trying a different router?

    • i think they use 2100 or 2300mhz for the wireless broadband so placement of the modem in the house can make a difference in relation to where the tower is …… you can get free utilities on android for you phone to check tower location and signal strength

      if they used band 28 700 mhz there would be less issues.

      • Op is not on wireless and should get all mobile bands available to their modem.
        Wireless caps at 12/1.

  • This is great and potentially a game changer…NBN is still a few months away and so I would have been all over this.
    Unfortunately, Optus does not have 4G coverage near my area.

    Hope Telstra follows suit.

  • Does anyone know what the phone line port on the back of the B525 for? For an actual phone for VOIP?

  • Very interested in this deal.
    As one device is Cat 6 and the other Cat 9, would I receive equal speeds on either device (at the same location) or is Cat 9 a no-brainer that will always provide more bandwidth?

  • +8

    Gonna go in-store and talk to Optus if a month-to-month sim only plan is available with the 500gb. Will let you guys know

  • Ive been on the $70 for 200GB Optus month to month plan for about 6 months. The first 3 months were really good speed wise hitting 80 to 130Mbps but the last 3 months have really slowed down to 10 to 20Mbps, might be from congestion and so many new people singing up to Optus.
    Its still way better than the miserable ADSL2+ I was getting, but not sure if I would sign to a 24 month plan with Optus.

    • Same thing happens every time I swap to a new provider. First few months are always lightning speed, then its slow from there on.
      Might be a 'coincidence' but seems like they're giving priority to new users to show-off their speeds.

      • I've been with Optus for around 2 years and mine just keeps getting faster… Now around 150-200mbps most of the time, 100 at lowest. Was around 25-50mbps when I took out my plan.

        All basically just the luck of the draw.

  • +4

    Just confirmed on chat. 24 month contract can be cancelled at any time and payout the $192 fee for the modem. I was asking specifically about the 500GB/Huawei 525 offer.

    No other ETCs payable

    • Yep that's inline with the TC's:

      'If you need to cancel your plan there are no plan cancellation fees, simply pay out the remaining full cost of your device which will include paying the monthly credit value that Optus was going to cover.'

      • Does this mean it's always $192 or it goes down monthly?

  • How do these modems compare to HUAWEI E5186 (old Optus bundled HWB modem)

    I've got a data only 4G Optus sim but speeds are only peaking around 16 Mbps with this modem

    • +1

      It's all about location, me telstra on cat9 is 30mbps max, optus is 200mbps.

    • +1

      E5186 is cat6 is basically the same as b525.
      Ac800s is cat 9 and theoretically have faster speeds as it aggregates more bands.
      Ac800s will have less wifi range.

      • appreciate the responses guys - looks like I'll stick with the E5186 as there is little value in replacing it currently

  • Can someone explain the difference between the 2 modems.

    • +1

      B525 = better range if you're using it as a home wifi solution but is less portable and slower max theoretic speed because it is Cat6 rather than Cat9 (aggregates only 2 bands instead of 3). Each band allows 150mb/s so Cat 6 = 300mb/s whereas Cat 9 = 450mb/s - but of course, real life speeds vary and rarely hit the maximum. Expect around 25% of these speeds.

      AC800S = more portable and faster as it is Cat9. Poor range so you have to take it with you wherever you go in the house. I have had many issues with this modem (others here have said it's perfect) but I would highly recommend AGAINST it as it was constantly restarting (I tried 3 devices). Others on forums have same issue.

      • Thanks,

        Probably look at the B525 as il probably replace it with my current Vivid

      • Not many people know this but the latest software update for the AC800s modem enables support for the telstra netgear aircard smart cradle. I have been using this dock for the last year or so, better wireless range due to the dual antennas and the 4 gigabit ports made it a much better choice for me than the B525.

        I haven't had any issues with using mine in the dock, this is probably because the dock has a little fan to keep the modem cool. That being said, I never had issues with running the modem without the dock though.

  • I'm confused now.

    I'm with Vividwireless now on their $89 unlimited shaped to 12/1MBps. I am looking for better speeds and to not be shaped though.

    Is it better for me to go for the 24mnth Tab S4 200GB, or should I get the AC800S? Will the AC800/Huawei B525 be shaped down to 12MBps only?

    • According the the specifications all bands are available. So you should not be limited to 12/1.
      But what did Optus say when you asked them?

    • They are marketed differently. "Home Wireless" is marketed as 12/1, "Mobile Broadband" is not limited to 12/1. Im using the AC800s modem with the mobile broadband plans and I get 240mbps downstream offpeak and 120mbps during peak.

      • True but problem is that whatever section you go to it still lists the same modems for sale on plans (for Home Wireless and Mobile Broadband)

        Unless I'm missing an option somewhere.

        • +1

          Looks like they have somewhat merged it. It does not say 12/1 so legally they can't restrict the speed, all it says is speed variable on the optus network. I also noticed that there is no longer any data pooling mentioned on these plans…

          • @DangerNoodle: Thanks, I did try it with a cheap Optus SIM and on I'm getting 15MB down but on modem only 9/10MB down.

            Think its cos I live in a villa and crap reception so not doing too much better than Vivid previously.

            So not sure whether speed worth it or not. Might have to look into Vodafone cos at least I get good speeds with them (I do have band 28 phone too)

          • @DangerNoodle: in the checkout page it shows up as "Wireless Broadband"
            while if I choose the 200GB data sim play it shows up as "Mobile Broadband".
            I'm a bit skeptical whether it will be restricted now..hmmm

            • @kasimmm: It wont be restricted. Scroll down on the page to the terms and condition, it does not mention a restricted speed. Legally they have to disclose restricted speeds.

    • +1

      your old vividwireless modem should work with any optus sim.
      better off getting tablet unless you get the AC800s which is reported to have problems.

      • I'm in the same boat, i'm thinking about doing the tablet deal.

        However, my concern would be if i put this sim into the Vivid modem would i be restricted to 12/1?

        • +4

          No you wouldn't be, the modem doesn't do the speed restriction, the Vivid Wireless sim is what's restricted.

          Source: I've put an Optus sim in my Vivid modem and can get >12mbps.
          Note: Your speeds would still be dependent on your location and tower congestion.

          • @unco: nice. which vividwireless modem is that? have they changed? because maybe 2 years ago, i tried that. it wouldnt recognise the optus sim. Nor did it recognise a virgin sim.

            Maybe the modem is different now? or did you have to do some sort of unlock?

  • I have the Netgear Nighthawk M1 that I use in the house instead of fixed line with an Optus sim. Someone suggested I would get better peak time speeds with the AC800S as it's made for Optus where as the Nighthawk is made for Telstra so Optus sims can't utilise its multi band feature. However, I had the AC800S for a couple of weeks and the signal kept on dropping multiple times per day. Stay away!

    • +1

      Nice mate what kind of speeds you getting with the Nighthawk if I may ask

      • I'm getting up to 50 Mbps in Rozelle. It averages between 15-50 Mbps where as on ADSL I was getting 1-10 Mbps

        • Ouch.
          I get those speeds on a cat 6 modem.
          ADSL I was getting 1-3.5mbps
          It really shows you location matters.

          • @dasher86: Im getting 130mbps throught nighthawk m1. LTE B7. Turned off wifi on nighthawk and have it running through google wifi mesh network connected to patch panel and hardwired to 10 devices. Location of the nighthawk can make a huge difference in speeds.

            • @Shanp: Curious, Optus or Telstra?

              • @dasher86: Optus. Samsunung S4 tab plan. $50 a month as i have a mobile with them too.

                • @Shanp: Thanks, I'm considering getting a new modem but can't decide between ac800s or nighthawk. Nighthawk doesn't have b40 so I was curious on performance.

                  • +1

                    @dasher86: I have recently read of an international hong kong model of the M1 that provides access to b40 2300mhs. Maybe an option for you.

  • I'm with vivid at the moment as it's the only real option I have, so this deal is a decent alternative.

    however, the CGNAT is a real pain point for me as I like to atleast run a VPN server on my router in order to access a range of LAN servicesnwhen I'm away from home.

    Vivid atleast allow this with your public IP.. I'm going to be seriously low on options soon…

  • Just read that there's no actual way to limit the data usage and anything over your limit is charged at an insane $10/GB.

    Coming from the vivid unlimited plan, that sounds like daylight robbery unless someone knows how to prevent that?

    • +1

      Turn off modem once you get usage alert.

      • There could be a delay though and you might not be able to turn it off fast enough.

    • +1

      I'm using the vividwireless modem with the 200gb optus plan and I use the modem stats to track my usage. There's a traffic counter that doesn't get reset even after a reboot. I poll it every 5min and ingest it into splunk on my home server. Bit of an overkill but you could just take a reading of the counter at the start of the month and track it every now and then.
      The optus data usage alert has a few hour delay on it.

      • Just out of curiosity, what speeds are you getting on that modem?

        • max 20-25Mbps
          although ive put the simcard in my samsung s8 and i dont get any faster, so it doesnt seem to be limited by the modem.

          • @elcap: Thanks for that. Gonna sign up to an optus month to month sim today too.

    • I'm using a 4G usb modem connected to a router with custom firmware on it. The router automatically limits the speed of the internet to dial-up speeds when it hits 199GB and when it hits 199.9GB the internet is shut off automatically (I'm on the 200GB plan from a previous deal).

  • +1

    Just a quick update.
    I chat with a CS rep minutes ago and this is what he mentioned:

    "It is the Wireless broadband now and we do not have any speed caps for it.
    We do not have mobile broadband service with the modems now.
    The data is not shareable with other service.
    It is the replacement for the home wireless broadband service.

    The wireless broadband there will be no speed cap as home wireless broadband service.
    It completely depends on the coverage at the area you use the service.
    It works similar as the mobile broadband service."

    • just beware, different CS rep has different comments.

    • Mobile Broadband absolutely is shareable with normal phone plans. I'm doing it right now and have been doing for months. Wireless broadband is different so be careful what you're signing up to.

      I've completely replaced my ADSL with mobile broadband and couldn't be happier. From 1 Mbps to 15-50 Mbps depending on the time of day.

      • I'm on the current 200gb mobile broadband plans, like you are, and these ones do data pool and will continue to data pool.

        However, I looked into the new 200gb and 500gb plan consumer info sheets on the sign up page for the modems, they are no longer considered 'mobile broadband' and no longer mention 'data pool'. The new plans have been renamed to 'wireless broadband', but dont have the restricted speed of the old home wireless setup, but they no longer offer data pool =( I was looking forward to sharing 500gb.

  • 24month plan? I only want to use this while waiting for NBN.

    • There are month to month sim data plans.

    • I considered this, but then I've got 240mbit downstream during off peak and 120mbt downstream during peak, so now i dont even bother considering nbn. Gaming has decent latency, havent complained of lag in games yet.

  • +1

    is this deal live? I went to an Optus store and they were not able to process it in their system, and walked away empty handed.

    • Not surprising, Optus staff are actually retarded.

  • I have used this minth to month 500gb data. with my own modem, thus i dont have to buy modem from optu.

    My own modem is this type MF920V 4G WIFI Modem.

    speed 19mbps ping 19ms.

    overall happy with the speed

    • +1

      Hey, I might be blind - but how did you just get the sim only, month to month? Is it still ~$80?

      • yes. month to month 500gb

      • +4

        I just went in to my Optus store this morning and asked for the 500GB month to month with no modem, all signed up in 10 mins.

        I got shown on their screen, $80pm, no contract, 1 month minimum.
        Activated on the spot and ready to go as soon as I put it in my modem at home.

        • Talk to the CS yesterday and she told me, must buy the modem even month to month contract to get 500GB. I am using $70 month to month 100+100GB in Huawei E5573.

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