What Pool Cleaner Should I Get?

I have a 35,000 pool and I'm looking at getting a pool cleaner. 0.75hp pump. A rectangle shaped pool. I tried a cheap one from Bunnings and took it back after a couple of days because it would get stuck and not go anywhere.

I'm thinking of getting one of these. Would love your suggestions, experiences or advice.

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    Onga Pool Shark Automatic Pool Cleaner
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    Onga Sandshark Swimming Pool Cleaner
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    Kreepy Krauly The Klever Kleena
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    Pentair Rebel Pool Cleaner


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    italian, 6"2, 23 year old backpacker, 6 pack, that's what my wife uses, and she is pretty happy


    Last season we used a HyClean Kreepy Krauly type cleaner but have thrown it out as it kept getting stuck.
    Just lashed out $850 and bought The Pool Cleaner unit for PoolWerx. It is doing a fantastic job and gets my recommmendation


    Pentair Rebel out of those choices. Or the equivalent by Hayward or Astral. If you want a Kreepy Krawly get the sprinta not the Klever Kleena (didnt think Kreepy were making those anymore)


    Those kleva Kleena/ sand shark / pool shark designs really arent great. The rubber bellows on the bumper split all the time because people think it is a handle to lift it up with. They also move so slowly. It will get stuck as well as it is still depends on the kinetic energy of the hammer action to move it. The rebel design should not get stuck as long as you set the flow valve correctly and your main drain cover isnt too domed. Avoid the zodiac cleaners, they work well for a few months but the materials are too soft and gearboxes start failing and arent cheap to replace.


    I have one of these. Work well & parts are easy to get.



    We have the Zodiac VX50 4WD.
    No good if you get fine silt like dirt as the jet out the back spreads it when it reverses.
    Works well on leaves, millipedes, stones etc


    I'm not a fan of any you suggested. Whilst some Zodiac gear does not have a great reputation, I have a Zodiac MX8 and it is excellent.
    I originally had a Zodiac T3 (which is the kreepy crawly design) and it would always get stuck in corners. Zodiac sent a tech out and couldn't get it to work so after some argument with the tech (she was quite rude for no reason at the time despite my politeness), they replaced it with a MX8.