[AMA] Domino's Store Manager Taking Questions

Store manager of 2 years.
Done the lot, dough boy, delivering, instore and now managing.
Can give an insight to coorporate/franchisee life.
Will give general ideas but not specific figures.
I speak from QLD, but 99% of my answers should go for all AU/NZ.

Boilerplate: these are my views, not the company's.

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  • Can you post the chart that shows how many grams of ingredients per pizza? So we can make better informed choices on 'hacked' pizzas…

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      I'd rather play it safe and not post it, but most stores have it visible to the counter so keep your eye out for 'em. They're long black backgrounded posters.

  • Not sure if it's been asked/answered before- What the percentage of people who use a coupon (excluding those who order the $5 pizzas)?.

    Domino's seem OK value with a coupon by terribly expensive without.

    I have a local pizza place that does a decent Large pizza for $11, all day every day, but I still order Domino's now and then (with coupon of course).

    (Hungry Jacks is very cheap with coupon and expensive without)

  • I always see staff at the counter handling money and the till with their gloves on. I'm assuming they're wearing gloves in the first place because they're handling food? What's the store hygiene policy/procedure in this regard?

  • Are you still able to order pizzas which have been removed off the menu previously by just stating the name of it to the person at the counter? Assuming that the ingredients for it are still available?


      Depends if it's busy and how bothered the staff are. I wouldn't press for it but it's worth giving it a shot.

  • I loved Chef's best pizzas - why were they stopped?

  • How do you get the vegan garlic bread so crispy?

  • What company is the chicken sourced from (steggles? (Halal) i ask as pizza hut is, but are expensive so hoping dominoes are lol.

    Oh and are any other meats too?

  • What is your policy regarding complaints? I couldnt find a Dominos email address before and sent them a Facebook Message, I had ordered a Choc Lava cake and it was basically liquid and messed up the pizza box, car and my clothes (had pictures of it) , and they said to contact the store directly. But I don't like confrontation and I get paranoid about 'special additions' to my pizza, so I let it go.

    Also recently ordered a Chicken Avo pizza, Hubby came home and was told they ran out of Avo, and they didnt let us know/substitute or gave anything else. Was kinda annoyed as Avo is a main ingredient and probably the most expensive! Could I have asked for a partial refund or a free side?

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      Good question.

      The first line of contact is always the store. Don't think it's too confrontational. We make mistakes, we're human, you paid for a product that you didn't get, let's fix that. It's best if there's an issue to call up ASAP or at least same day. From there we can resend the product or make it up to you and give you your item free next time and something extra (feel free to have a say in what else you want). If the store isn't welcoming or the result is unsatisfactory then you go to facebook pages etc. We receive so much training on "keeping the customer" it's not funny. I say mention it the same day because if someone goes "we ordered 2 weeks ago and our pizza had the wrong sauce" we're going to be far more sus. And don't lie, or whine for free stuff, you stick out like a sore thumb. We have access to all your previous orders and details and we make comments everytime someone rings up. I'm sorry if you ring up with a legitimate issue and you're treated somewhat poorly, we have far too many people trying to take advantage of us. One policy to help with this is (in the case of a faulty product) we'll give you your replacement + extra on the condition we take the faulty product back. It's funny how often I go "so we'll take back your vegetarian pizza that had bacon on it back as we get you your replacement" for them to go… uh… don't worry about it…

      Running out of Avo is surprisingly common as it's a fairly rarely used product, but next thing you know they're doing an avo promotion and we get 5x what we were expecting. In the case of a missing item, we'll source more stock ASAP from neighbouring stores, failing that we'll take the products off online ordering and for the orders that slip through we'll make a reasonable judgement or call you for your input depending on how busy it is.

      • Does that mean each store can access all my online history of purchases and codes I used and feedback I've given etc? If yes, is it linked to email or mobile


          Sorry, I'll clarify. At the order taker we can only see previous orders (times, dates, items and final $) we can deduce you're using a coupon if the total seems a little small. We very rarely check the history, only to help us decide if this is someone complaining for free things or whether they're a real customer. No feedback history.

          • @User301387: Just wondering when you say about a replacement and something free when someone complains, can you give examples of what would be reasonable to ask for?

            And also, so if someone was complaining about not enough topping rather than bacon on a vegan one, keeping it and getting a free one next time wouldn't be an option? Just thinking like some others, I would just move all the topping onto half and still be happy to eat it. ;)

      • OK thanks, I didn't complain further about the lava cake as I still ate it shamefully after cleaning up haha. But yeah I was a bit annoyed about the avo and not being contacted about whether I wanted a substitute ingredient.

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      To answer your largest concern. From what I've seen everyone will have a laugh but when it comes to food safety and hygiene the jokes stop. No one would dare tamper with a customer's food. If we get a real pain (e.g screaming over the phone) customer, the worst that happens is someone going to go cry in the fridge. Our only form of revenge is shaking a drink and even that I've only seen twice.

  • I know that it’s a competitor that’s been gone a few years now, but where do you think Eagle Boys went wrong?

  • Just listened to the Reply All episode about Adam Pisces… do you get orders for coke from Adam Pisces that no one comes to collect? Or is this just a North American thing?

  • Is Domino's Pizza Halal?

  • Why is the CEO earning so damn much while the franchises are struggling?


      Well that's the entire franchise/franchisee relationship. Squeeze the franchises as tight as you can to get the most $ until the point where they start to suffocate. Franchisers will always make sure franchisees are only just floating.

  • This is a fantastic topic. Thanks so much. I have a couple of questions:

    1. From what you have said the franchisees are struggling. Has the head office done anything to help out the franchisees or give them more profit?

    2. Have you ever been involved with a store split? Do they work? Does the franchisee ever get back the extra money they spent?


      Franchisee profit is just franchise profit that they're not capitilizing on. I.e little guy money could easily be big guy money, why give the little guy more?

      Not personally, but from what I've heard, it slowly ramps up over 1-3 years but then they're overall in a better position.

  • What happened to the eight meats pizza?

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      We phased out chorizo so it was either rebrand it seven meats or replace chorizo with steak strips, which would've raised the price, on the already most expensive pizza, so they culled it. I miss it too :|

  • What's staff discounts? Or do they just cook and eat unlimited pizzas when they finish their shifts?

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