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SoundPEATS Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds - TrueFree $28.49, TrueFree+ $30.74, Q32 $44.24 + Delivery/Prime @ AMR Direct Amazon AU

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    Purchased the True free+ a couple of days and they have exceeded my expectations. They so much more compact than expected, seem well built and decent sound quality.

    • -6

      I've been holding off on most of these as…let's face it, they look only slightly better than this!


      Are you saying the free+ actually looks like it's a proper IN ear? Not some unsightly growth?

      Edit: these things still charge on micro usb too? Not usb c?

      • I have these as well, doesn't stick out much. And micro USB to keep the price low I think.

      • They don't stick out from the ear a whole lot.
        Yeah, the battery box charges via micro (the buds charge via the box but you'll get multiple charges so don't have to plug in the box every time)

        • If you look at the photos on Amazon they have them facing up so they are reasonably flush. If you wear them like an Apple airpods facing down, then yes they do stick out

      • What's the point of USB type C if you can't fast charge or need usb 3.0 speeds? I reckon it's okay to have micro USB if you're looking for something reasonably priced with relatively decent quality.

        • +3

          It's just less cable to carry for anyone who already on type C mobile

          • @Paladin2015: But more cable to carry around for people who don't have type C devices. :-)

    • comment on the video lag as others have mentioned in the amazon reviews?

      • +1

        I have been using them with youtube and MX player on Android, with youtube, sometimes there is half a second delay, but I haven't had any with the MX Player with videos on my phone.

      • +1

        I haven't noticed any lag with videos on my Nokia 7 plus. Probably dependent on the phone.

      • +5

        there is a lag when watching youtube clips. Other issues are:
        - connection is not always consistent if I'm walking around with my phone in my pocket. But i've had this issue with other bluetooth headphones so not sure if it is due to interference or just the inherent nature of bluetooth.
        - slightly annoying there is no volume control

        That said, I do like them and would buy again at this price. Best part about it is that it turns on and connects automatically when it is taken from its carrier and turns off automatically when put back.

    • +2

      Ive yet to see any wireless earbuds that dont look like you have an acorn in your ear. I think I'll pickup a set of the True free + .

  • +11

    Waiting on a deal for the Truengine dynamic driver ones.

    • Same.

      • Yep

        • Same here, hoping they do a deal soon.

        • Even if they just knocked $5 off I'd pull the money gun trigger

    • Same here. That said, can you actually find any reviews on them? I saw a couple on youtube in french and the amazon listings review show photos of the Q32 not the true engine so I assume people are leaving reviews on the wrong listing.

      • I mean I don't see why it'd be -worse- it'd only be better right?

      • There are reviews on Amazon UK. As you mentioned, the reviews on Amazon Aus are from the other model, likely they repurposed the listing.

        Reviews aren't brilliant, but they seem decent enough, personally I'm keen on the look of them more than anything else.

        Also they seem to be a rebrand of the KNZ Soundflux buds, which also have mixed reviews.

      • Yeah I'm waiting for a deal on those.

  • Why is the price go down so quickly on this thing lol

  • +2

    Paid approx $5 more about a week ago. Dammit!

    That said the buds far exceeded my expectations even at a higher price. Sound quality, build quality and fit are all very good.

  • +3

    Get TrueFree+ or Q32 ???
    I'm not a heavy user.

    • +1

      I'm trying to figure out the same, I mostly use when I'm at the gym or when I commute to work on the train. What do you guys suggest?

      • +1

        me three, anyone care to shed some light?

      • Don't they fall of your ears when you do workout?

        • +1

          This is what I'm worried too, I can't use those Samsung earphone with similar silicon ear tips. They are keep falling off. Will this do the same? hmmm…

        • +1

          I've run with them. Generally ok once I get em in there right.

        • Mine fit very well when working out and running.

    • +1

      Me too

    • +1

      I believe they are the same earphones besides the charging case capacity. I picked the TrueFree+ for the more compact case to carry around in my pocket.

      • That's all I can find from the Q&As too

      • That is correct. Same headphones with different cases.

        I'd go for the TrueFree+ as the case holds more charge and has a lid. I have the cheaper version and the case is a bit odd.

        Headphones themselves are great for the price

    • Just watched some videos, besides the carry case being different, the Q32 have the extra ear tips with the wing tips.

      • +1

        I just saw the note on the right of the Q32 stating: Ear tip wings have been canceled in later batch since received many complaints of it's inconvenient

    • I'd probably say get the +

      Save yourself the extra $14, you'll still get plenty of earbud recharges before needing to recharge the box and it's a little more compact as well. The buds themselves are the same.

      • Is the TrueFree+ case physically much bigger than the cheaper TrueFree case?

        • +2

          Just going by the pics, only slightly bigger than the TrueFree (but for the extra $2 definitely worth it for the extra runtime, and I like the idea of having a lid on it.)

          The Q32 looks to be a fair bit chunkier than the + though (+ box is roughly 75x35x30mm)

          • +1

            @bamzero: I’m so tempted but I’d rarely use them…

  • Probably not a bad idea for mowing the lawn. Hopefully stay in my ears. Thanks OP.

    • Bad idea, just use ear plugs rather than blasting your ears even more to drown out the mower.

    • I use earbuds and then put ear-muffs over the top, makes mowing a lot more enjoyable.

  • So these are just the QCY T1C?

    • Yep

  • thanks got the 35 hour one

  • Do the truefree/truefree+ auto pair?

    It doesn't look like it. However I keep hearing how these are the same as the QCY T1C which apparently auto pairs.

    • With each other or Bluetooth? Either way, yes to both.

  • Can you just use one ear piece, or do both of them have to turn on?


    • You can use as a pair or just one at a time.

      [SINGLE & COUPLE] - Support working together to enjoy stereo sound, or using one earbud only for preference or driving safety. Different from the previous version or other brand, the TrueFree wireless earbuds provide HiFi stereo sound at both music and phone calls.

  • +1

    How long does it take for the case to charge the buds back to full?

    Edit: From a review:

    will fully charge again in about half an hour or so

  • can anyone offer a comparison with other specific models of headphone eg Xiaomi piston, anker soundbuds curve/sport, or the recent Shure 112 Bluetooth deal?

    • It seems to be a rebadged version of QCY T1. Lots more review for the QCY one online than this

  • Ordered the +.
    Thank you OP.

  • Now it's very close to the price when comparing to the QCY on Aliexpress now… I am intrigued by the Truengine dynamic driver ones dont mind to get one when the price is right although I already owned the QCY T1

  • What is the average time of charge times for case and headphones?

  • How do these compare to the Apple Airpods in terms of sound quality? For me, they sound amazing. Do they offer a similar sound or is it less bass-y?
    Also, do they help with isolating the sound so you don't hear background noise?

  • Cheers OP. Missed the last deal. Grabbed a set.

  • These are good value. Unfortunately not dog proof as my right one got chewed up but luckily left one works fine by itself. Using just one is really good for walking or running so your can still hear your surroundings.

    • +4

      Unfortunately not dog proof

      I think there is an untapped market here.

  • Thanks OP. Ordered the TrueFree+ for a Mother's Day pres. Had to add 1kg of coffee beans to get free delivery, but that will give her something to drink while grooving to Careless Whisper 100's of times.

  • Thanks OP, just ordered the +. Since they can be used individually, does anyone know if each earpiece can be paired to different phones? And be used at the same time? If so, it could save me having to get another set for my partner

    • It should work, just pair the left one by itself first to the first phone.

      If you take out the right one first, the left side will pair to the right side for stereo sound.

      That's how it is with my QCY T1C anyway.

      • Cool, thanks for your reply

        • No worries. You need to be a bit patient when pairing just the left one, since it spends about 10s looking for the right earbud to pair with before giving up and pairing with a phone.

          The right one should pair pretty much instantly though.

          • @shiznit: So glad you told me that. I reckon I would've thought it wasn't working and kept trying to do the whole process over and over again before giving up in frustration :/

            • @00broke00: I just time it, it took about 20s to pair the left side.

  • Been using the 35 hour charging case one for a while, at first they kept wiggling in my ear but once i changed ear buds they are much better now. Has anyone got the 55 hour charging one and have the hooked earbuds and comment if they are worth it?

  • Ordered the + , hopefully they are as good as their ratings say.

  • +1

    I got some some of these.

    I think they are shit for making calls, no one can hear me. The microphone is on the ear bud, a long way from mouth.

    I have wired pixel buds, with a microphone on wire, they work fine.

  • +1

    TrueFree+ is out of stock now, TrueFree is $37.99.

    Dang it, just missed out.

    • +1

      'deal of the day' made me think they'd still be there after work, lesson learnt.

      • Before I got in the car to go home, it was still available…
        Oh well.

  • Saw this on the train to work, thinking to grab the third one $44 after work. Right now I am on the train home, and deal has ended. Bad OP, you got my hopes up ;(.

    Please make deals go longer especially weekends, many are at home shopping on their days off.

    • +1

      I am not associated with AMR Direct nor Amazon AU.

  • For next time, which of these models are better for exercising and also for making calls on?

    • +1

      The buds on all 3 are the same, though someone mentioned the Q32 includes a hook type fitting as well. Apart from that it's all about the size of the battery in the storage box.

      I haven't tried but have heard they are not particularly good for calls, need complete silence or the other party will have trouble hearing you.

  • what about the new dual drivers wireless earbuds?
    I wonder if the the sound quality is good


  • Mine arrived yesterday (TrueFree+). Very happy with them, especially for the price. Thanks OP :)

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