expired LOL Surprise Eye Spy under Wraps Doll $15 Delivered @ Dick Smith / Kogan


Most parents with primary school aged girls will know what LOL Surprise dolls are.

Was shopping around for these and by chance found it the cheapest from Dick Smith (Kogan).

LOL Surprise Eye Spy Under Wraps Doll
Dick Smith $15 delivered
Kmart $22 (but hardly any stock anywhere)
Target $27
Big W $27
Ebay dick Smith store $16.80
AliExpress ~$16 (authenticity questionable)
General RRP $29.95

Have previously bought one of these for about $15 from my local $2 shop, but it was a really terrible fake.

Dick Smith have a banner saying they're official partners for this and it's Aussie stock.

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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    Someone gave one of the giant sets of these to one of my kids. It was absolutely appalling the amount of rubbish these create, layers upon layers of plastic wrappers and containers and in the end all it was is a couple of dolls and plastic accessories which have not even been played with again. I cannot believe people pay $100’s for some of these, it’s junk.

    • +9 votes

      I cannot believe people pay $100’s for some of these, it’s junk.

      Oh I can, it's the thought that money can buy love. Which is does in the short term.
      But in reality kids prefer attention, something most working parents don't/can't give.

  • +7 votes

    I'm going to invent a time machine so I can make sure the parents of the guy that invented this garbage never meet.

  • +2 votes

    LOL Surprise! They've fleeced parents' wallets and wrecked the environment!

  • +1 vote

    I’ve always wondered. Is this like the modern date loot box? Sorta kinda?


    Ignore the green warrior comment . For kids imagination coolest toy around at half of RRP . Meaning top price point.

    My girl has a store on the way to filling with 36 LOL dolls :)


    If you haven't got into it yet , after opening one with doll and all the cool accessories you will understand why Mattel and its most famous icon barbie getting there asses kicked by this mob :)