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KitchenAid ARTISAN Stand Mixer KSM160PSACU $649 + $200 Store Credit (C&C/Redemption) + Free 3 Piece Pasta Roller @ The Good Guys


G'day OzBargainers!

Looking at the KitchenAid Classic deal previously posted by RonT, it got me googling to jog the memory of the differences and benefits of choosing the Artisan over the Classic. Deals aside, RonT's deal would have trumped it if not for the added promo and store credit available on the Artisan plus the added attachment. The Artisan and the added credit/attachment, I believe is as good as if not the better deal, especially if you have use for the attachments.

We currently own an Artisan of our own. The MIL's previous mixer gave up the ghost so we were looking at replacing hers as a mother's day gift/birthday present with the classic in RonT's deal. We have use for a mincer AND the pasta roller (we already own the other pasta maker attachment) so these deals work in our favour. The plan is to get her the Artisan model with the 3 piece pasta roller, then use the store credit to purchase the better stainless/metal Kitchenaid mincer attachment with a few dollars of store credit to spare. Now we'll only have to share attachments and not the whole mixer! (they're heavy and a pain to cart anywhere!)

Comparing models, the Artisan has its added benefits alone.

  • Larger bowl - 4.8L vs 4.3L
  • 2 bowls - 4.8L AND 2.8L
  • Larger/stronger motor (for tougher mixes, thick doughs, etc)
  • Splash guard

Those things aside, it's only available in SILVER as outlined in the mother's day store credit redemption (as with the white only in RonT's deal). Otherwise, the colours are all $699 and you then only qualify for the click & collect credit.

Package deal consists of:

So taking into account ticketed prices, effectively $247 for the mixer and you can keep or sell the attachment (the next most recent price with a quick search showed the pasta roller set privately for around $140-150 mark, best OzB price of $173). If you're in the market for other items (other KitchenAid attachments?) the store credit is usable $$$ in my eyes.

See terms. The click and collect store credit is valid for 14 days after email voucher is received. The mothers day promo credit is valid until 26/07/19 so do take these into consideration when making your purchase.

EDIT As pointed out by alanslho, the attachment promo ends on the 12/05/19 so be sure to align all of your dates to maximise your return.

Kudos to the previous posted deals by RonT & Lastchancetosee:

My biggest post yet, the formatting took forever on my phone.

Hopefully this deal can help others. đź‘Ť

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  • Good deal. I bought this (the KSM160) last week for $550 delivered with Pasta rollers through Peter of Kensingtons ebay sale. Couldn't be happier with it.

    • They're a great mixer. I personally don't have experience with others but I've used ours to make the pasta (penne, rigatoni, etc) and it does so without breaking a sweat. I'll be looking forward to moving the salami/sausage making into the kitchen and giving it a good run for its money.

      My only other knowledge comes from the mother, MIL and wife who can't praise it enough. They've come from cheaper mixers in the past. We were the first to buy one and it's always praised on how well it beats, fluffs, mixes, etc whenever it gets brought out. It's not so much that other mixers could do a similar task, it's actually the finished quality it outputs of kneaded doughs and beaten egg whites and all that stuff.

      Definitely a goodun and a worthy browny point earner purchase that was! Haha

  • Like like.

  • Thanks OP. Doesn’t seem to say you cannot combine the two credits and use together?

    • I phoned up their customer service line and the store credit definitely stacks for individual claims. As for credit use, I couldn't see anything that said otherwise either so I know I'll be pushing the point when it comes time to claim in store.

      I'm probably lucky in that I need a couple of others items that will exceed $200 too though, so it might just need a bit of a juggle in what I end up purchasing if they play hard ball and say they can't be claimed together.

  • Thanks OP! Nice work!

  • Full ticket price = RRP? Also there might be a risk of not getting the click and this mother’s day credit might not come in time to be used together with the collect credit that will expire in 14 days?

    Mother’s Day T&C’s:

    1. To be eligible to receive the bonus, eligible products must be purchased at full ticket price.

    2. Valid Claims will be issued The Good Guys Store Credit (“Bonus”) via email no later than 26/06/19.


    • Fair points. Deal expires on the 15th of this month. You could always wait until then to minimise the gap between vouchers. I'm sure you could always part pay up front (pay by?) with one voucher then complete payment with the 2nd voucher later on if it became an issue for a single purchase. Just some thoughts but fair pickup. đź‘Ť

      • Cool. Btw, the bonus attachment offer finishes on 12th May.

        • So many dates misaligned pretty silly. They don't make it very inviting to engage in their deals with them all over the place like that.

          Anyhow, thanks for the info, I'll add it to the OP.

  • Can we combine with MAY10 code?

    • My thoughts exactly. I just checked the Mothers’ Day T&C’s again. No. 2 states must be purchased at full ticket price. Hmm…

      • Beat me to it.

        With eBay? Potentially. Although some of the terms for 1 or both of the cashbacks, state on ticketed/retail price, so stacking with a discount may void that condition.

        If you'd prefer 10% off instead of store credit it may be more beneficial for some.

        • Yeah, TGG states in no. 1 not valid with any other offer except for C&C :-(

        • Rang TGG hotline and the lady said using MAY10 will not void the Mothers’ Day promo. I said why doesn’t the T&C’s say that and she said because they wouldn’t have known about this VIP sale. She said it is stated in the VIP Sales T&C’s. I couldn’t find that T&C’s. Can anyone?

          • @ozbmm: It’s fairly clear to me from all the advertising and the T&C’s that it’s either
            - use the MAY10 for $64.90 discount
            - pay $649 and receive the $100 Mothers Day store credit

            I also rang TGG, was directed thru to National Promotions and after deliberation, they confirmed the above, its either one or the other. Note: still eligible for c&c $100, and pasta roller.

            Suggest others buying with MAY10 code beware and get clarification from TGG.

            • @Coops1: Thanks Coops1. Gotta love the inconsistency in those call centres.

            • @Coops1: To be honest, they're both good deals. It's only normal they wouldn't let you double dip. The C&C deal is mutual exclusive because it's purely an online deal whereas the mothers day deal can be had in store.

              Anyway, as I said, if you don't have use of the total $200 Store Credit, you're probably better off using the MAY1O code and take the $35 hit to reduce the amount you would have tied into the good guys with. ($100 instead of $200).

              • @db87: Good points. The T&C’s are misleading sometimes. What constitutes an offer? The bonus pasta attachment is also labelled as an offer.

                • @ozbmm: If I had to guess, I'd say the attachment comes from KitchenAid as they are also available from them (as a promo) directly and other retailers.

                  • @db87: Yeah I rang them again to confirm. Only the Mothers’ Day promo and MAY10 code are mutually exclusive. Decision decision!

  • Did the pasta roller attachment appear in anyone’s cart or order? It’s not appearing on my order or receipt.

    • Add to cart, proceed to checkout and it will show as $0.

      Also, as discussed with their phone support, non transferable as it's a promo item and not invoiced as a ticketed item. For anybody thinking of exchanging it for a different attachment. So as per OP, best bet is on sell now/later date and consolidate funds for whatever attachments other items you want from TGG. đź‘Ť

      • Trap for young players! Rang the store and the lady was super helpful and put the roller on backorder for me. Phew…

  • Picked up today. Floor staff had no idea about C&C bonus so I'm leaving it for next week to-do list. I've already processed the mother's day promo credit and yet to get a response - that was emailed on 06/05. I'll update here on the progress of claims next week when I follow up with phone support.

    • The T&C’s said the C&C store credit will be emailed to you within 3 business days after collection of goods.

  • Thank you OP for your detailed post, particularly as you were on your phone. I am so tempted. 2hr 25mins to decide.

    • Haha! What did you end up doing?

      The KitchenAid was well received by the MIL today. đź‘Ś

  • David Jones is selling this model with bonus pasta roller attachment for $579. I just submitted a 30 Day Price Guarantee claim last night and received a $84 store credit via email instantly (120% of price difference) so I think TGG must have their competitors’ prices in their system. I found the email in my junk folder though. 1 month expiry.

    David Jones KSM160 ($579) bonus attachment ends tonight. Not sure about the price.

    30 Day Guarantee Claim form

    Please note, I am not sure if this will affect your Mothers’ Day $100 claim. I checked the T&C’s and it had no mentions of the 30 day guarantee.

    • I've quizzed their phone support a few times and unless some other staff is willing to stumble over a fault and someone gets lucky (in-store), the credit promo, (especially for the mother's day item) clearly states for ticketed price only. So unless the new ticketed price becomes $579, as a price match/standard pricing, then I'd say you'd be void of the promo.

      Kind of puts you in the same position as the MAY10 discount as far as price difference except in this case you'd be short changing yourself $16 (if you don't qualify for the mother's day promo).

      I'll be calling up tomorrow to follow up everything anyway as I'm still yet to receive anything in my emails.

      • @db87 - did you get any word back from TGG today about this?

        • I'm waiting out the 3 days (collected Friday
          ) as the store we collected from said it will process automatically.

          I'd already lodged the mother's day promo claim and I also lodged a claim against the 30 day price guarantee so I'll consolidate the lot come Wednesday and call their phone support.

          • @db87: I collected on Saturday and am still waiting for the C&C store credit email. They don’t dispatch on Tuesdays so hopefully will get it tomorrow as I would like to spend it on an attachment in which the 30% off sale ends then.

            With the 30 day price guarantee, the email should come through instantly. Did you check your junk folder?

            With the Mothers’ Day claim, did you get a confirmation? The rep who manually put it through yesterday said she’d send me an email but I still haven’t got it yet.

            • @ozbmm: Sounds much in the same. Store rep said it'll come in your email but all I got was the electronic receipt email. No mention of credit in it. 🤷‍♂️ I did receive the email almost instantly though.

              I received confirmation of receipt of the mother's day claim. Yet to see any update on the price guarantee email.

              I'll call today then because I was hoping to use it on an attachment also. Is the 30% off advertised or they're just currently cheap prices?

              • @db87: This just in, my click and collect credit just came through. So 3 days is fairly accurate including the weekend. Unless it included Friday, Monday, Tuesday?!

                Now to follow up the other 2.

              • @db87: Advertised 30% off attachments. Sale ends on 15/5.

                Check your TGG account order history. There should be an “order” showing the 30 day price guarantee claim but the credit will come via email.

                With Mothers’ Day one, T&C’s state by 26/6 and even the rep mentioned that.

                • @ozbmm: No order showing the claim in TGG account. Hmm 🤔

                  Yes, I realise the mother's day one is BY the 26/6 but one can hope it comes sooner to be able to combine. Some thing I'll press TGG phone support for.

                  • @db87: The DJ price has gone back up since Monday. Hopefully you did it on Sunday night to get $84 back instantly. Yeah chase TGG up for all the claims. Hopefully won’t void the Mothers’ Day one like you said before. I’m still waiting on the C&C.

                    • @ozbmm: Yeh I did it that night along with a few screenshots. I'm content with however it plays out anyway as I have use for the vouchers whether together ($200) or separate.

                      • @db87: Rang TGG national line again this morning. They had some issues with manual claims so they gave me the Mothers’ Day store credit over the phone ($100 valid from 12/6 - 26/7). I then asked about my C&C one and she gave it over the phone ($100 valid till 30/5) as my attachment was still in backorder. Together with the 30 day price guarantee store credit ($84), I received a total of $284 back in store credit :-)

                        Super happy! Thanks again OP!

                        • @ozbmm: Any chance you can elaborate or even send me an email of who you have dealt with (number, etc) as I've contacted the national line and no luck and as far as saying that no credit will be processed on the mother's day promo UNTIL the 26th, which I found strange as it says the 26th at the LATEST, not AFTER as this phone tech has suggested. He really was no hell at all.

                          Feeling a bit frustrated. I'm wondering if I can maybe just layby whatever items I'm after with the current credit I have, and pay the difference when the others turn up.

                          It sounds like you had a far more successful conversation.

      • If you paid using a gift card (not a store credit) and then try putting through the Mothers’ Day claim, the system will reject because it treats gift cards as store credits. You can ring up and have it put through manually.

  • Has anyone received their C&C store credit yet? It says within 3 business days. Just mind of the right 14-day expiry.

  • If anyone bought the red one ($699), you might be able to claim the price guarantee against the DJ’s one currently on sale for $449.


    Should be able to get $300 back in store credit.