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BenQ ZOWIE XL2430 24" 144hz 1ms Gaming Monitor $349 + Postage or Free Click and Collect @ Mwave


RRP $449. What do you guys think? Worth it in 2019 for 1080p gaming? I’m very close to purchasing 2 of these depending on replies. :)

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    "I don't know if this is a bargain so I shall post it on OB."

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      I know it’s a bargain, just wondering opinions of its relevance in 2019 as it’s an old monitor :)

      • Save your money and go for a 144hz 1440p 27 inch ips panel screen its the gold standard and the sweet spot sure its more money but look at it like an investment

        • Could you link to a good one? Haven't been able to find an affordable one :(

          • @Zazer: Depends on what your looking for and your budget and also your pc specs

            E.g if you don't have a top of the line video card 1080 or above you probably want to stick with 1080p (1920x1080) not 1440p (2560x1440) if that's the case and your video card isn't good look for a 1080p monitor ips panel at 144hz 24 inch

            If you have a good card / pc then look for 1440p ips panel at 144hz 27 inch as long as the monitor has these specs they will all be very similar i personally prefer Asus when it comes to monitors but other companies like benq are reputable as well

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      It is clearly a "bargain" (RRP $499 down to $349)… I think he asking the OB community for advice if it is a good product as apposed to bargain!

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      $375.06 · Amazon AU Free delivery
      $429.00 · Scorptec
      $316.00 · JW Computers In store, refurbished
      $449.00 · PC Case Gear
      $429.00 · Computer Alliance

      Quick and dirty google.

      Lowest price but not hugely cheap.

      I would suggest this one:


      If price is an issue. I get the feeling they aint shifting much 24s.

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        6ms response time on this one though so I don't know how comparable they are

        • Yeah it’s a deal breaker for me

          • @indiosborne: I use a 1ms 144hz monitor at home, and have a 5ms 144hz monitor set up at a mates house for when we game. I play csgo with NBN ping (about 10ms at both places I play) and cannot notice the difference between the two. I picked up the 5ms monitor for $100 used and it was easily worth the savings compared to my one which I bought new for about $400. Hope that info might help

  • Don't know about spending $350 on a 24 inch. At this price point I'd be looking much bigger but might just be because I love larger screens.

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      I think for most people, 24 inch is the sweet spot for 1080p monitors. Just my 2 cents you may find otherwise

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      Yeah I don’t doubt that bigger screens have a lot more options and are a better value now days, but for competitive games (I play league) I can’t handle playing on a bigger screen

      • I guess I'm just biased because I've always liked bigger screens (I play on a 32 inch 1440p monitor) and like to feel more immersed.

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          Yeah no doubt, love playing car games and open world type games on a big curved screen :)

    • I prefer 24" when playing competitive shooters

  • TN Panel.. Which is fine if you're going to be looking at it from a limited view angle. Explains the price and high refresh rate. Like that external mouse wheel OSD control.

  • I have a Acer TN 24inch 1080p Gsync 144gz monitor and it fits me fine. Not everyone needs a 27 1440p or bigger. It all depends what you need for your desk area.
    Also that screen doesn't have Gsync/Freesync, something you might want to consider if getting a high refresh monitor for gaming.

  • Lol doesn't need a super good monitor. That's more for fps

  • Do yourself a favour and get this: https://www.ebay.com.au/p/AOC-Q3279VWFD8-32-IPS-LED-Gaming-M...

    32", IPS, 75HZ, 1440P for $280 right now…

    If you aren't a pro this monitor will absolutely not make any difference to your PUBG, CS or whatever you play but it will be so much better for everything else.

    • I can handle 27” but not 32” for lol, too much looking around.

  • As an update I bought 2 of these, hopefully this info was helpful to others too.

  • Good for console FPS gaming. Don’t think I would go near it for Pc gaming if that’s your thing

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    I have the 2411 for 5 years now, bought it for 449$ back then.
    I think this one is very similar to that.
    for this price, it is standard nowadays nothing special.
    gotta love ppl thinks high hz rate is only for games.

    tbh I think there are more benefits in daily reading browsing, scrolling, moving the mouse, moving the window. feels way snappier than 60hz.

    I would still go for 144hz even if I never ever game for the rest of my life, everything feels so responsive.

    this is a good TN dont get me wrong. with color adjusted and ICC profile applied, I highly doubt ppl can tell it is TN panel, coz I have a crappy IPS side by side for more than 3 years now, and i do a lot of photography work, it is amazingly good for a TN(about as good as a trash IPS, which is good enough).

    but for that price, i would not go for it. the looking is outdated, the menu button is horrible, the bezel is huge. you might just keep saving till any 1440p100hz around 500$ comes up.

    for 24"1080p and this kinda price(350), I think you have to be serious about FPS gaming(very serious, coz ppl run 1080p max for competitively or even 900p in some case, so forget about 1440p)

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