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Sony MDR-Z7M2 High End Closed Headphones $584.55 Delivered @ Addicted to Audio


I use this with the WM1A.

Improved sound quality with technology inherited from the Signature Series MDR-Z1R’s
Newly developed 70mm driver unit, aluminium-coated Liquid Crystal Polymer diaphragms, bigger magnets and a Fibonacci-patterned grill
Superb sound quality with a three-dimensional, spatial sound experience that delivers wide spacious sound from 4 Hz to 100kHz
Ear pads made of very thick low repulsion urethane foam reducing pressure and providing long-wear comfort

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2019.

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Addicted To Audio
Addicted To Audio

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  • How would you describe the sound-stage of these headphones?

    • +1

      it's like the guy is licking ur ear. so i've heard

      • +1

        It's like being female and meeting Joe Biden!

  • Had to look them up to make sure these were the same headphones I was thinking of. This seems like a great deal

  • -3

    Waiting for 75% off which I missed

    • But that never happened, orders cancelled

    • +3

      Interesting.. you are waiting for something that you missed.
      In an introspective/retrospective way, we are all waiting for something we missed.

      • I think that affirms existentialism in a fundamental way. Thank you for sharing.

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