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Free Plastic Keepcup When Using “Buy 5 Get 1 Free” Code at McDonald’s Kiosk


First post, please don’t be too harsh.

Used my ‘free coffee’ coupon from the McDonald’s App in store at a kiosk and the option came up for the drink plus the new keep cup included.

Used at McDonald’s Midland WA, and the manager honoured the receipt, but took it before I could get a photo. Did get a photo of the instore self service kiosk.

Good luck!

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    Do all McCafes have KeepCups?

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    Just tried at Albion and no keep cup option came up for me.

    • The Warilla comes up but they refused to give it to me.

  • So do I have to buy 5 coffees first to get a free Keep Cup? Doesn't sound like a deal.

    • Taken out of context

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        What's the context then?

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          If you by coffee from Maccas and will claim your free coffee anyway, you can get a free keepcup. If you feel you need you buy 5 coffees that you wouldn't normally do, then the deal is not for you.

  • So 5 babycino's and get a keep cup ?

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    Ha ha ha…

    I thought it said Free ketchup When Using “Buy 5 Get 1 Free” Code at McDonald’s Kiosk in the header

    Made me laugh….

    • Soon coming to OzBargain

  • Finally a decent hack!

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    :( just tried it at a kiosk in NSW… no keep cup as an option with my free coffee. The McDonalds definitely had the cups in stock, as they were on display. Worth a try as I was driving past McDonalds anyway.

  • Well played sir!

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    Just got mine, no worries at Waterloo NSW.
    Just a bit of confusion about whether it was a refill or a brand new cup.

    Bit disappointed it's only plastic though, was hoping for another glass one to add to my collection.

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      Isn’t keepcups meant to reduce plastic, waste etc. so having a collection defeats the whole purpose?

      • I have two glass ones; one at home and one at work.

      • Yes I've had about 5 over 7 years. Original one exploded after falling off the work car.

        Glass and cork one broke after being knocked a few times and the cork had degraded a fair bit over 4 years of top shelf dishwashing.

        Small pink one has holes in the lid but I still use it. Flaps aren't great and will leak a little.

        Big brown and grey one is perfect after 4 years, no degrading at all. Along with the free unsealed youfoodz one I got which isn't keepcup.

        Been meaning to buy the star wars set since TFA but havnt needed to. I've never had one on me when getting a coffee but try to always drink in.

        Also bought two plastic made from corn ones on special that broke within 3 months seemed like a decent idea.

        Def recommend keepcup, I have a few on rotation so I dont have to wash every night.

        • What about the blue one?

          • @Snoutface: Never had a blue, but may get a frank green blue one after a couple more break. $35 tho

            • @abuch47: That's a shame.I really was mainly after info on the blue one. Thanks though

            • @abuch47: The frank green design seems unnecessarily complex and difficult to clean…

              • @klownz: Probably use the dishwasher even if its not dishwasher friendly

    • Did it mark the order down to $0 or what?

      • Yes, order was marked down to $0.

  • Mcdonalds corporate still trying to force customers to use their rubbish kiosks as they knew it was a bad investment for the franchise owners having to fork out so much money for them. Who the hell would use the kiosk when they can use their phone app. Everyone has a smart phone these days.

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      When the mobile reception is crap.

      I am talking about you Telstra at Sydney CBD

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      IMO App is still rubbish, I use kiosk often to avoid frustration with the app

    • I've been to Maccas multiple times with no customers and been told at the counter to order from the kiosk rather than the person telling me. such a waste of time, especially when just for a frozen coke

  • No luck at seven hills. They had the option but it came out in a disposable cup

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      should have told them they got your order wrong

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    am I the only one who reads free ketchup?

    • I read it as ketchup too, and for a moment I thought "where is the bargain in that".

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    So confused on how to do this!
    I really want to keep this darn cup!

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      If you have the "buy 5 get one free" voucher, proceed to the kiosk. Scan (or enter) your promo code, a bunch of keep cup options should pop up. The options should either have "cup and…" or "refill". Select the $14.95 option, it will come to zero. Free cup!

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    Worked at Wollongong


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    You can walk onto any op shop, go to the kitchenware section and more likely than not there'll be unused Keep Cups on sale for a couple of bucks.

    • Good point OP but it hasn't happened in my local area in which theres 5 op shops on one street so looking forward to that.

      • Might be because I'm in a metro area. I see lots of promotional ones presumably corporate giveaways.

    • Can you please provide a link for a KeepCup for a couple of bucks? cheapest I've ever seen them is $15

      • Try your luck at an op shop.

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    Thanks OP for the great hack!

    Worked for me at 2 stores this morning. Was hoping to get different colour cups, but they only had the pink with purple and teal lids, and I wanted to try out if it actually works for different stores also.

    Make sure you choose the Keepcup, not the refill option, so originally $14.95.

    Both stores asked me if I had brought my own cup or use a standard cup, I told them both that I chose to have a keepcup, then they went and got it from their storage.
    One store washed it for me in the dishwasher, the other didn't.

    Anyways, enjoy and thanks again!

  • Mcd's should at least offer a discounted drink when you provide your keepcup.

    • They do in-store

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    Just had to argue for my cup. Manager kept saying it's only a free refill, not the actual cup as well. He finally gave in.

  • 6056 rep.

  • Bastards asked me if I brought my own cup and I said no, then she goes oh it came up as a keep cup and gave me a normal coffee 🤨

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      Told her she'd got your order wrong

  • Thanks! It works for me.
    Need to scan the code before KeepCup options show up.
    Picked the non-refill version of the coffee which original price was $14.95.
    Complete the order with zero amount.
    Was given a normal medium coffee. The staff then check with manager before heading to the back to pickup a blue/lime KeepCup, and pour the made coffee into it.
    Doesn't looks like a usual order to them but they honoured it.

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    Don't use at Morphett Vale, SA. Option worked at the kiosk but they wouldn't honour it even once explained. Manager's a d*ckhead.

  • Warning to others - check the store has stock of the KeepCups before ordering. I ordered and everything was processed but they weren’t even aware of this new cup and don’t have it. I told her you can’t have an item on your kiosk menu if you don’t have it available. Spoke to the manager and she said to leave my name and phone number and she’ll call me when they get it

    • Which store was this so other people know.

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        Perth William St

  • Brookvale only had refills on their kiosk. I didn’t see any stock either so maybe not a regular menu item for them.

  • Anyone know any McDonald's near Epping NSW that this worked at?

  • Worked for me, not a bad cup. Will refill tomorrow at local maccas

    • I even have a receipt to show the free keycup but no go. Poor form Warilla.

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    Just tried scanning my code into the kiosk and no KeepCup options came up. Walked out without a coffee. Maylands WA.

  • I've tried 3 Macca's in Vic (Mill Park, Deer Park, and Delahey); all stores listed Keep Cup refill options, but not the actual Keep Cup option listed here :(

  • Neither stores in Brisbane CBD have the option to choose keep cup, refill only

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    $2 from Target, 4 colours available. https://www.target.com.au/p/travel-cup/61383678

  • i think this has expired. went today and only refill options were available. no free keepcup option

    • I had the same issue today. Bought the Mrs a hot chocolate for nothing!

      • Happy Wife, Happy Life?

  • Bunbury McDonald’s also not showing up.