Agoda - 12% off Hotel Bookings with AU MasterCard


Return of the Return the Mack!

An extension to my last post as the offer has been extended!
An easy saving of 12% on already extremely competitive Hotel rates
No code or voucher required
Just use the Agoda Portal and pay with eligible Australian MasterCard's on Pre-Paid (Pay Now) Hotel Bookings
to enjoy an easy saving of 12%!
I use my Citibank Debit MasterCard and it works a treat!

***Please double check for the -12% discount before selecting 'Book Now' as it will only appear if the appropriate booking and card has been applied
**The use of an incognito browser has been known to offer better hotel rates at times and might be worth checking out

Book Period - 22 April to 30 June 2019
Stay Period - 22 April to 31 December 2019
But this deal appears to be ongoing beyond these dates - will confirm after June 30
Destinations - Worldwide
Devices - Website Landing Page Only ( - Not applicable to Agoda App

Note: The T&Cs mention that some eligible Credit Cards and Commercial Cards are also included in this promotion but does not specify which specific ones are suitable, feel free to comment below on which cards work for you.

Happy Travels!

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    Awesome, got to book stays in shanghai and Taipei. Agoda has always been great for me.


    stack with 10% cashback @ Shopback or 8% cashback @ Cashrewards?


    Where do we get the discount? It doesnt seem to show and ive already filled in all the details except to submit payment. Thanks

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    Be weary when using Agoda discount codes.

    I recently did a large booking with Agoda and noticed each discount method would lead to you a different link with different prices that in no way reflected the claimed saving. In the end the cheapest rate for me was actually through trivago linking me to the agoda booking with no discount or cash back. The AMEX $30 offer, cash rewards 12% off (at the time), shopback 6% off, Agoda's own rewards program were all more expensive than the trivago link. And I did use incognito mode for each search, even tried mixing location up via VPN.

    Also Agoda seem to have a permanent automatic promo code that applies to all bookings called "24HOURSALE", this promo code doesn't appear on shopback or cashrewards so I contacted cashrewards who informed me that cash back would be unlikely to be eligible with that promo code automatically applying. I'm not sure this would really be the case as it means a cash back claim from agoda could never be successful in which case cash rewards surely wouldn't keep the store active. But just be warned that it could be an issue.


    This week I used the long running MasterCard Expedia 11% deal to book a holiday. I used all the websites and Expedia was $100 cheaper than Agoda before the discount on most places I looked at. So shop around.


    Couldn't get this to work… Went all the way through to payment page with mastercard details filled in.


    Thanks. Saved me $20 on a $193 purchase. Used a Mastercard credit card.

    Stacked with Cashrewards too (received about $5)


    This worked! You need to add your MasterCard as a payment method to your Agoda account first. Once it's added, go to the landing page and search for properties that are "promo-eligible". Try cashrewards too. Hope it works for you.
    Thanks OP. Saved $40+ on my stay. Please add to the description that you need to add the Mastercard to "Payment Methods" first.