Would you choose Pixel 3a or Galaxy S9, if both at the same price?

Hi. Hoping to get some suggestions for a phone upgrade.

If assuming that new local stock of both the Pixel 3a and Galaxy S9 can be had for $650 each, which one would you choose and why?

Also if anyone knows about how their camera and battery life compares.

Many thanks

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    Google Pixel 3a
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    Samsung Galaxy S9


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    The difference that the 3a (+/- XL) compared to other “budget” phones is in where cost cutting measures were implemented. Whereas other manufacturers cheap out on camera, display, and build quality, Google has kept these all to a level ~consistent (or equal) with their flagships, but you lose out on performance.
    Conversely, the S9, being a flagship, has all of the benefits associated with a flagship without compromise (beyond being 14 months old). Off the top of my head, the S9 is definitely more powerful than these new budget Pixels, which was one of the key areas of cost-cutting (alongside no IPXX certs).

    Would only go for the Pixel if you desperately wanted the camera or hate Samsung’s UI.

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      Would only go for the Pixel if you desperately wanted the camera or hate Samsung’s UI.

      Or want timely Android OS updates. Another generation or so and the S9 won't receive Android updates. It also takes FOREVER for the telco's to approve Samsung's release of their branded OS updates.

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        You’re right, I forgot about that component of Android.

        As much as people complain about iPhones being rendered unusable, the lack of software updates, specifically security patches, severely harms Android for the basic user. Intermediate-advanced users can get around this with self-patching or custom OS, but that shouldn’t be necessary to keep a phone secure.

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          Samsung has split out security patches from feature/OS updates. There's often security policy updates rolled out monthly as a separate function.

          But everyone wants the latest and greatest features. Apple are much better for this. I also think the issue with iPhone's running slower (and was proven) was blown a bit out of proportion. It was done when the battery was determined to be of bad health (not holding charge properly etc.). It was done to not exacerbate the issues with the battery.

          The issue with fragmentation of Android updates occurs at multiple levels. You have Samsung and other manufacturers hold updates back for older devices, to promote their new devices. New updates from manufacturers then go to the Telco's with their branding on it, who then test and approve the updates. They also have an interest in people taking up the latest models.

          I love both types of devices, but I'm currently running an iPhone XS Max. No regrets, but I'd also love a Samsung S10+.

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    off topic but the Australia Pixel 3A pricing is jokes. Canada is getting $550 with $150 Google Store credit and US is getting $399 with $100 credit.

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      How is it a joke? $399 USD is A$570, plus 10% GST is A$630. It's selling for A$649. That's not a far cry to include logistics bringing it here.

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        Don't bring basic economics into the argument!

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          The US prices include GST, at least their State-legislated version.

          If anything, you'll find it cheaper in brick/mortar stores like Best Buy in the States, in the coming few weeks/months.

          …so nope, we're still getting shafted on the usual "Aussie Tax".

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            @Kangal: The US price doesn't include sales tax which differs per state. Being available cheaper or on offer from particular retailers or specials isn't a true comparison. The RRP is pretty much the same.


              @Hybroid: This is true, another over looked factor is consumer protection laws which are weak in the US vs here. So this ends up coming into play with price also.



            The US prices include GST, at least their State-legislated version.

            Oh no it doesn't


        you missed out on the store credit entirely.


    Thanks for everyone's feedback. The S9 is obviously preferred in this poll.


    Unless you are a vanilla android fanatic, I would not go for Pixel device. I think they are overpriced.