FREE Subscription SMS Message every morning it rains. Australia Wide

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Well… It was a typical warm day in Perth. None of us check the weather when it feels ~25° right? We sat there drenched at lunchtime after walking in the rain with no jackets, umbrellas like a bunch of stooges. If only there was something to remind us…

But you say "Why not watch the news, read the paper, download yet another app, check the internet?"

💡 SMS's have a 94% open rate. We could lock ourselves in for life (unless you unsubcribe to something for free?!?). So we ripped some data from the Australian Bureau of Meterolgy, hooked up some APIs and yardy yardy yarda no more being a stooge. It shoots us an SMS anytime in the morning if there is a >19% of rain, simple.

Our mum's taught us sharing is caring, so we made it available for all you Aussies FREE* of charge.

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    Try looking up. Works wonders.


    This is going to be cost you a lot if its $0.10 and many people sign up.


    Try anything once!

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    It shoots us an SMS anytime in the morning if there is a >19% of rain

    So it will be wrong up to 81% of the time…

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    yardy yardy yarda

    I’m sorry, but what is this? Are you trying to say “yada yada yada”?

    Also, as a Melburnian, I’m gonna get texts more days than not. I just always have an umbrella and sunglasses. Chances are you’ll need both.


    Signed up; thanks OP!

    Now I can get wet somewhere else but not in the streets


    Just asking though, how does one unsubscribe?

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    i guess i can now brick over my lovely big window


    *This project costs us ~AUD$0.10 per sms. We simply ask that you share this by any means possible via social media, family, friends and/or make a donation to

    OP, if you have Android, you can use a separate API to send the SMS for free using your existing phone plan. No need to bear the 10c SMS cost. The sender will be your number though.


    I also offer a service which sends you a SMS message when it is night time.

    I would also offer one for when it is day time but science has no way of proving when it is day.

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    Hi guys, I'm one of the devs, love your feedback here. Yes an unsubscribe link is coming, we're not selling numbers I can assure you. We need to create a terms and conditions page still as well as privacy policy. It's still in alpha and we haven't advertised it anywhere other than our own social media for a bit of a test and was a bit surprised to see it on here already. It's a bit of a fun Friday afternoon project we've now spent two Friday arvos on. We stuck a nice round figure for the SMS cost on there, it's a touch under 10c. Yes we could use a raspberry pi with a SIM stuck in a 4G dongle with unlimited SMS but the reliability is questionable, it won't come from 'RAINZ' which is what we want and it will probably violate most consumer service providers ToS sending bulk SMS.

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